We Stand with the Unist’ot’en | Aug 28 2015 | The Unist'ot'en camp and community are on high alert. Support the camp.
Black August 2015: Organizing the Community for Justice and Freedom | Aug 25 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | The Driftwood Community Centre and the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence (NEPV) present a Black August film screening and group discussion on fighting for justice.
Watch: Suitably dressed? How women's choices become symbols of belonging or exclusion | Aug 21 2015 | Amira Elghawaby | Prime Minister Stephen Harper famously said women who wear the face veil while taking their citizenship oath should know that it "isn't the way we do things here" in Canada. Amira Elghawaby explores.
Credit: NASA/GSFC/Pat Izzo/flickr
A rallying cry for Black liberation: The legacy of Julian Bond | Aug 20 2015 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Civil rights pioneer Julian Bond died this week at the age of 75. Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan reflect on his contributions to racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.
South African anti-apartheid leader and archbishop Desmond Tutu urged the United
United Church stands up for justice, reaffirms its call to end Israeli occupation | Aug 18 2015 | Sid Shniad | The United Church of Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to a just peace in Israel-Palestine, and its use of the tactic of economic pressure as peaceful resistance.
Photo by George Talusan
Black Lives Matter in Canada too: Inside the movement | Aug 13 2015 | Ashley Splawinski | Why are Black Lives Matter movements occuring in Toronto and who is leading this movement in Canada? Find this out and more about the future of the movement here.
A new grassroots resource for settlers to learn about Canada's colonial present and past | Aug 12 2015 | Scott Neigh | Monique Woroniak and Liz Carlson talk about a new website that supports settlers who are educating ourselves about Canada's deeply colonial reality.
GroundWire | August 3, 2015: Prisoners' Justice Day episode | Aug 4 2015 | GroundWire | On this week's GroundWire: Programmers talk about the importance of Prisoners' Justice Day and why it's important for community radio stations to produce Prisoners' Justice Day Content.
Photo: 5chw4r7z/flickr
Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati is a start for accountability and justice | Jul 30 2015 | Amy Goodman | A stunning indictment has been handed down in Cincinnati, focusing attention again on police killings of people of colour. The thousand people gathered there said clearly, "Black Lives Matter."
Not Rex: Black Lives Matter protest with civil disobedience in support of civil rights | Jul 30 2015 | Humberto DaSilva | Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a highway in Toronto to protest police killings of Black men in Toronto.
Screen Shot: Detainee petition
Detained migrants call for inquest into Abdi Hassan's death | Jul 29 2015 | Megan Devlin | Detained, isolated, restrained… killed? The Somali refugee died in custody on June 11 and the CBSA's lips are sealed.
Photo essay: Black Lives Matter-Toronto | Jul 28 2015 | Jesse McLaren | Photos and chants from yesterday's rally, march and occupation by Black Lives Matter - Toronto.

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Racist hate crime: Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. alan smithee said... Right wing propagandist media and readily available firearms claims more innocent lives. The U.S....
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Offensive against planned Pegida islamophobic demo in Petit Maghreb, Montréal lagatta said... I don't like to respond to my own post, but here is a statement by Québec solidaire on this: http...
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Blackface at Brock U mersh said... Only learned of this yesterday:   Open Letter re: Blackface at Brock University On the night...

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Socialist Worker
Interview: Working against colonialism in Vancouver
Bradley Hughes talked to Scott Clark, a Salish activist in Vancouver, who is the Executive Director of Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement – ALIVE about his work.

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