Naheed Nenshi urges Calgary to speak out against refugee scaremongering | Nov 21 2015 | Penney Kome | Mayor Nenshi urges intercultural conference to speak out against scaremongering over Syrian refugees.
Photo: Dan Taylor-Watt/flickr
The problem isn't Islam, it's ISIS | Nov 20 2015 | Rick Salutin | The point isn't to decide who started it. It's: can you interrupt the cycle, which has nothing essential to do with Islam or religion. It's basically tit for tat.
Photo: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Across Canada, preparations are underway to welcome Syrian refugees | Nov 20 2015 | Alyse Kotyk | Canadian residents prepare for incoming Syrian refugees, gathering housing and resources.
LSPIRG's "I Am Not A Costume" Campaign Pictures
LSPIRG's 'I Am Not A Costume' campaign against cultural appropriation | Nov 20 2015 | Dan Kellar | Mohammad Akbar discusses LSPIRG's "I Am Not A Costume" campaign and the negative reactions to it, from vandalized posters to online harassment. We also discuss safe space and free expression.
How not to treat Muslims after the Paris attacks | Nov 17 2015 | Shenaz Kermalli | Are there people out there who really believe the random Muslim woman in hijab standing in front of them at the checkout line at their local grocery store could be hiding a bomb? Apparently so.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall
Sorry, Brad Wall. Refugees are welcome in Saskatchewan. | Nov 17 2015 | Paul Orlowski | Saskatchewan's premier seems to be a lone wolf crying out in some fear-filled place. Most premiers are expressing the exact opposite.
Image: Twitter/Jean Julien
After the Paris attacks, will hate win again? | Nov 14 2015 | Lizanne Foster | In the recent federal election, the Harper Conservatives used a niqab to fan the flames of hatred, but Canadians overwhelming rejected that attempt to divide citizens from each other.
Stranded or have space for people stranded due to France's border closures? | Nov 14 2015 | Use #strandedinCanada or #porteouverte to find people to help.
Photo: flickr/ Doug Tanner
Why don't adults understand that student protests are serious matters? | Nov 13 2015 | Rick Salutin | Recent student protests from South Africa to Quebec to Missouri should not be treated as childish indiscretions by smug adults, argues Rick Salutin.
Photo: flickr/ Jeff Nelson
How not to oppose Bill C-24 | Nov 12 2015 | Sarah Woolf | Sarah Woolf is one of many affected by Bill C-24. However, she thinks organized opposition is empty of meaning unless we clearly acknowledge and support the communities the bill is really targeting.
'Indigenous Nationhood' speaks a truth that Canada needs to hear | Nov 12 2015 | Christine Smith (McFarlane) | Dr. Pamela Palmater has brought a critical analysis and discussion to issues facing Indigenous populations in Canada like no other writer of her time. Her new book is an absolute must read.
Three paper coffee cups with Starbucks logos
Unpacking the backpack of Christian privilege | Nov 11 2015 | Penney Kome | Plain coffee cups equal a "War on Christmas?" Maybe it's time to look at Christian advantages embedded in a changing society.

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Mulcair rips up racist SUN cartoon, calls the NDP a "social democratic" party. alan smithee said... And Mulcair scores more points. He's been impressing me lately. I hope he continues the fight. in
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