Photo: flickr/Jason Hargrove
TAVIS policing cleansing downtown Toronto in the lead-up to World Pride | Jun 20 2014 | Lesley Wood | The Toronto Police Service has launched an "anti-violence" initiative in the downtown East End of Toronto in anticipation of World Pride. Let's see how anti-violent it will really be.
Photo: flickr/Bird Eye
Terrorist = Muslim? A look at the numbers belies the equation | Jun 19 2014 | Azeezah Kanji | "Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim": the hackneyed slogan has proven remarkably resilient, retaining its air of "truthiness" despite demonstrable misalignment with evidence.
Doretta Lau sets a new standard in Canadian literature | Jun 19 2014 | Yutaka Dirks | Doretta Lau examines the experiences of Asian-Canadians in her debut collection "How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?" and expands on her motivations for the collection.
Photo: Krystian Olszanski/flickr
The bell hooks phone line bothers me | Jun 18 2014 | Harsha Walia | The new hotline that sends automated bell hooks quotes to aggressive men demanding women's phone numbers is getting rave reviews. But what does it mean for framings of consent and rape culture?
Photo: flickr/Jeff Nelson
Deepan Budlakoti challenges government to recognize his citizenship | Jun 17 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | Deepan Budlakoti has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada to challenge the government to recognize his citizenship. If successful, he will be recognized as a Canadian citizen.
Harper has detained nearly 80,000 migrants. What's going on? | Jun 13 2014 | No One Is Illegal | Harper has detained nearly 80,000 migrants. That includes children. No trials. No charges. At a cost of $45 million. What's going on?
Photo: End Immigration Detention
This Sunday: Mass protest in Ottawa against immigration detention. Here's why. | Jun 12 2014 | Mac Scott | A new report released this week showed that Canada's detention system is more broken than ever. Release is entirely dependent on arbitrary review and there's no presumptive period. What's going on?
Photo: Tom Flemming/flickr
Province reaches settlement in Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children class action lawsuit | Jun 10 2014 | Stephen Kimber | The announcement of a tentative $29-million settlement involving more than 150 former residents of the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children is another stop on a painful journey that began in 1998.
Policing the Crisis | Jun 10 2014 | Redeye Collective | As governments continue their cuts to social services, cities are turning to police to manage the crisis of urban poverty. In Vancouver, the police budget has increased by $55 million in 6 years.
Boycotting immigration detention in Canada | Jun 9 2014 | Daniel Tseghay | Today, a report entitled “Endless, Arbitrary and Unfair: The Truth about Immigration Detention in Canada” is being released by No One is Illegal – Toronto and the End Immigration Detention Network
Head of Canada’s Israel lobby slanders Islam Awareness Week with impunity | Jun 4 2014 | Tyler Levitan | In boasting about the supposed successes of Canada's Israel lobby in quashing Palestinian human rights activism on Canadian campuses, head of Canada's Israel lobby slanders Islam Awareness Week
Sanctuary City from below: Dismantling the city of Vancouver | Jun 3 2014 | Harsha Walia | Calls for a Sanctuary City have been made in Vancouver at the policy level and by service providers since at least 2005, but are now finally taking root with the leadership of grassroots groups.

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Canadian Union of Public Employees
CUPE creates profiles of members in low-paid jobs
CUPE developed a snapshot of their workers making under $18 and found that women, Aboriginal members and racialized workers disproportionately make up low paid workers.

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