How the mainstream media is trying to get us to forget about Mike Brown | Aug 17 2014 | Michael Stewart | What is happening right now in Ferguson strikes at the heart of North America's most powerful trauma: racism. And the mainstream media is pulling out all the stops to make sure we forget about it.
Ferguson: The Trayvonning of Michael Brown | Aug 15 2014 | J. Baglow | It's a familiar scenario. A black kid is gunned down by the forces of law and order. And his character, not the killing, becomes the story.
Why the Left is doomed -- a vignette | Aug 12 2014 | J. Baglow | Some curmudgeonly thoughts on the tendency of the Left to turn on itself and avoid solidarity at all costs.
Temporary Foreign Worker Program: TFW - WTF? roundtable | Aug 6 2014 | The F Word | The F Word airs a roundtable discussion about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada that No One Is Illegal hosted on June 17 in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.
Book review: Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition | Aug 5 2014 | Daniel Tseghay | Primitive accumulation, through violent dispossession, has since given way to quieter, less visible, structures of constant displacement.
100th anniversary walking tour of the Komagata Maru | Aug 1 2014 | Redeye Collective | In 1914, the Komogata Maru steamed into Vancouver. For the next two months, the over 300 would-be immigrants were stranded in the harbour. Naveen Girn led a historical walking tour on July 23.
Photo: Zach Ruiter
Toronto's racist, militarist pro-Israel movement | Jul 31 2014 | Yves Engler | During 15 years of activism in Montréal, Ottawa and Vancouver I haven't seen anything equivalent to the racist, militarist pro-Israel movement experienced recently in Toronto.
Monia Mazigh explores the interconnected stories of Muslim women's lives | Jul 31 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | 'Mirrors and Mirages' has enriched Canadian literature. Mazigh's lyrical work brings new voices to the mainstream and deftly explores issues of identity, religion and feminism.
Fighting racism and settler colonialism in Thunder Bay | Jul 30 2014 | Scott Neigh | Anishinaabeg activists Jana-Rae Yerxa and Damien Lee talk about the struggle against racism and settler colonialism in Thunder Bay.
Photo: flickr/Jeff Nelson
Is the Live-in Caregiver Program the Filipino-Canadian community's version of the Chinese head tax? | Jul 30 2014 | Ethel Tungohan | The Harper government repeatedly disregards findings about the LCP and instead chooses to believe that Filipino families "abuse" the system. Is history just repeating itself?
Explaining Gaza to my granddaughter | Jul 29 2014 | Gary Engler | How could I explain a complicated subject in a simple enough manner that helped my granddaughter learn to think for herself?
'Your history is standing straight up': Survivors' Totem Pole to be raised in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside | Jul 22 2014 | Michael Stewart | The Sacred Circle Society will erect a "Survivors' Totem Pole" in an as-yet unannounced site somewhere in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to celebrate the many victims of Canada's colonial violence.

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Socialist Worker
Solidarity with the Sikh community against racism
In the last few months an anti-immigrant group has been distributing racist flyers scapegoating the Sikh community in Toronto.

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