Photo: flickr/Leo Fung
B.C. apology to Chinese community highlights ongoing racism towards migrant workers | May 30 2014 | Amy Cohen, Elise Hahn | The racist immigration laws and labour policies that caused family separation and damage in the Chinese community continue to inflict these damages on migrant workers' families.
Source: Wikimedia/Office of the White House
Maya Angelou's commitment to justice lives on | May 29 2014 | Amy Goodman | In remembering Maya Angelou, it is important to recall her commitment to the struggle for equality, not just for herself, or for women, or for African-Americans, but for all.
Why is the government smearing the National Council of Canadian Muslims? | May 29 2014 | National Council of Canadian Muslims | Watch this video to learn about NCCM, but more importantly why the government is trying to silence them.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Maya Angelou, legendary author, dead at 86 | May 28 2014 | Kaitlin McNabb | Legendary author Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86 in North Carolina.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Mourning the 'War on Terror's' ungrievable casualties | May 28 2014 | Azeezah Kanji | What is at stake in the question of which deaths we mark and mourn and which we marginalize and ignore? The National September 11 Memorial Museum and drone warfare are a reminder of this question.
Vincent Harding. Photo: On Being/flickr
William Worthy and Vincent Harding: Two men who shaped modern history | May 23 2014 | Amy Goodman | William Worthy and Vincent Harding saw immense social upheaval, revolution, struggle and loss. They dedicated their lives to challenging those in power, and to the pursuit of justice and equality.
Commemorating 100 years of the Komagata Maru | May 23 2014 | No One Is Illegal-Vancouver | One hundred years ago the 376 passengers of Komagata Maru were refused entry into British Columbia by Canadian immigration officers. How different is our country today?
The history of the Komagata Maru | May 23 2014 | Gurkirat Batth, Gurnishan Singh | Today is the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru's arrival in Vancouver, which sparked a challenge to anti-migrant racism in Canada -- a struggle that continues today.
Rahila Gupta on neoliberalism, identity politics and 'fake feminism' | May 21 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with writer and journalist, Rahila Gupta, about choice feminism and the impact of neoliberalism and identity politics on feminist discourse.
Patricia Hill Collins on intersectionality, part 2 | May 13 2014 | The F Word | The F Word airs the second part of Patricia Hill Collins' talk called "Toward Social Justice: Sharpening Intersectionality's Critical Edge."
Photo: flickr/U.S. Embassy, Jakarta
Why does culture rob girls of role models? | May 9 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | If young women and girls can't find role models within the pages of teen magazines or most mainstream books and film, then where can they find them? The answer should be, within their communities.
bell hooks will save us all from the long, slow death that is popular feminism | May 9 2014 | Meghan Murphy | bell hooks calls Beyonce 'anti-feminist' in a panel looking at representations and images of women of colour in the media.

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Offensive against planned Pegida islamophobic demo in Petit Maghreb, Montréal lagatta said... I don't like to respond to my own post, but here is a statement by Québec solidaire on this: http...
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On a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Pondering said... Thank-you for sharing that information. You will find no argument here. in
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Mulcair rips up racist SUN cartoon, calls the NDP a "social democratic" party. alan smithee said... And Mulcair scores more points. He's been impressing me lately. I hope he continues the fight. in
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Realtor Rick Allenberg alleges racial profiling by client Roger Johnson kropotkin1951 said... The Tribunal will bounce this when it gets a chance. The person did not respond instead of filing a...
Hungarian Roma family in Montréal fighting deportation lagatta said... A spot of good news: The Buzas family have won a reprieve
Jean-Marie Le Pen does it again! Unionist said... Here's more, in English: Jewish leaders call for Le Pen to be stripped of his immunity as an MEP...
Klansman, anti-semite arrested in Kansas City hate killings targeting Jews Rikardo said... I agree with your take on this. 300+ million Americans means a few crazies. in

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