Photo: flickr/PJ Starr
Sex workers around the world fight back to end violence and create justice | Dec 17 2013 | Chanelle Gallant | December 17 mourns sex workers affected by violence and celebrates those who continue the struggle to end it. What are sex workers in local communities doing to end violence and to create justice?
Photo: No One Is Illegal
Rally at Lindsay jail calls for end to indefinite immigration detention | Dec 17 2013 | No One Is Illegal | Bus loads of friends, families and supporters of immigration detainees endured the cold and gathered at Lindsay's maximum-security jail to protest indefinite immigration detentions.
Photo: Ted Eytan/flickr
Nelson Mandela, Rocky Jones and the revision of heroes | Dec 17 2013 | Stephen Kimber | What gets swept to the darkened recesses in legitimate and long overdue recognitions of figures like Nelson Mandela and Rocky Jones is the un-whitewash-able realities of their fights for justice.
Photo: flickr/HelenSTB
Nelson Mandela: A complex legacy | Dec 17 2013 | Jonathan Cook | An opinion on the complex legacy of Nelson Mandela and the division between his actual actions and thoughts and what certain people choose to appropriate from his legacy.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Stephen Harper, Nelson Mandela and whitewashing the past | Dec 16 2013 | Murray Dobbin | Of all the hypocrisies revealed by Stephen Harper, perhaps none are so morally offensive as his sudden, solemn respect for Nelson Mandela.
Episode 150: Remembering Nelson Mandela | Dec 16 2013 | Matthew Adams, Meagan Perry | We dedicate the show to reflections on the life and work of Mandela from anti-apartheid activists, featuring excerpts from a special episode of Amandla from CKUT in Montreal.
Photo: End Immigration Detention
Hunger strikers protest indefinite detentions in Lindsay, Ontario | Dec 13 2013 | Mac Scott, Tings Chak | On December 14, people will fast for 24 hours to protest the indefinite detention of migrants being held in a maximum-security prison in Lindsay, Ontario.
Photo: Andrea Cavallini/flickr
Nelson Mandela and the power of movements to make change | Dec 12 2013 | Amy Goodman | Nelson Mandela is rightly remembered for his remarkable ability to reconcile with his oppressors, and the political prescription his forgiveness entailed for the new South Africa.
Photo: flickr/epSos .de
Expecto Patronum! Harry Potter lessons in Social Justice Organizing Pt 2 | Dec 12 2013 | Chris Crass | If you know Harry Potter, you’ll know that the power of love is the practice of freedom. In this second of six articles Chris Crass explains how.
Not Rex: Free Nelson Mandela. Again. | Dec 12 2013 | Humberto DaSilva | The hypocritical words of Stephen Harper and other former "pro-apartheid" politicians are disgraceful. If one really wants to honour Mandela, engage in the same human rights struggles he did.
Photo: flickr/pop culture geek
Expecto Patronum: Harry Potter lessons in Social Justice Organizing Pt 1 | Dec 11 2013 | Chris Crass | We can all break free from Voldemort's systems of oppression. In this first of six articles, lessons to be learned from Harry's battle for social justice.
Viola Desmond Day: Time for a day symbolizing the fight for racial equality in Nova Scotia | Dec 10 2013 | Stephen Kimber | It is long past time for Nova Scotians to honour and celebrate Viola Desmond. In 1946, Desmond, a black businesswoman from Halifax, became our very own Rosa Parks.

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Solidarity with the Sikh community against racism
In the last few months an anti-immigrant group has been distributing racist flyers scapegoating the Sikh community in Toronto.

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