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Government going back for more vigilantes to go after enemies of the state.

Since the police can't be guaranteed to be able to get away with racial profiling I guess the government figures they can deputize a bunch of vigilante yahoos to go after anyone of the "profile" of the persons they are apparently looking for. Link to report of new list of targets:

This makes possible state-sponsored and sanctioned harassment of immigrants from places the government does not like-- anyone harassed who is not actually a war criminal would be considered just a victim of a mistake and the person doing the harassment an over-zealous member of the public.


Halo-halo: A workshop series for newcomer queer and trans youth

Aug 4, 2011 to Sep 17, 2011
519 Church Community Centre
519 Church St.
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 59.094" N, 79° 22' 52.0536" W
Ontario CA
‘Halo-halo’, a workshop series for newcomer queer and trans youth to understand the issues that we & our communities experience, and build our skills in community organizing.
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Day Three of Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World

Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World/ Les Draps Parlent: Prostitution dans un monde globalisé / La Resistencia de Las Mujeres: Prostitución en un mundo globalizado

July 6th was the second-last day of the 11th Women’s Worlds conference, held this week in Ottawa with the attendance of thousands of feminists from around the world. The conference hosts a variety of workshops, presentations, conversations, art installations, actions and more.


Diversity and equity leadership institute (DELI)

Sep 25, 2011 to Sep 28, 2011
Tatamagouche Centre
259 Loop Route 6
B0K 1V0 Tatamagouche , NS
45° 43' 12.7236" N, 63° 18' 6.7644" W
Nova Scotia CA
Diversity and Equity Leadership Institute (DELI) is offering two fall programs for training organizations to embrace and understand the difficult terrain of bias, inclusion and exclusion.
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Day Two of Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World

Yesterday morning, hundreds of participants from the 11th international Women’s Worlds conference marched to Parliament in solidarity with the Sisters in Spirit initiative to condemn the unacceptable number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. The feminist conference is held this week in Ottawa until July 7th and will host a variety of workshops, presentations, conversations, art installations, actions and more.

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CRACKDOWN on "conspiracy theorism"/unAmerican activities on babble

Catchfire wrote:
This thread violates babble's anti-imperialist policy, so I'm closing it. Any future threads which entertain the conspiracy theory that the Arab nations were not responsible for their own insurrections and popular uprisings will be closed as well.

Why are we accusing American dissident Webster Tarpley of being a conspiracy theorist? He's simply expressing an opinion and critical of the empire's long-time imperialist maneuvering in John Foster Dulles' "Middle East".

Tarpley is an anti-imperialist:


Launch of First Nations 101 by Lynda Gray

Jun 27, 2011 to Jun 28, 2011
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
1607 East Hastings Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 52.5396" N, 123° 4' 13.854" W
British Columbia CA
First Nations 101 is written by Lynda Gray (Tsimshian) with tons of stuff you need to know about First Nations people.

Work it! Health and racism working group's annual symposium

Jul 6, 2011
University of Toronto Mississauga Campus, Student Centre
3359 Mississauga Rd N
Mississauga , ON
43° 32' 53.7648" N, 79° 39' 37.6956" W
Ontario CA
Dialogue, workshops, art-making, speakers about (un/der)employment, employment equity, workers' rights.

Youth dialogue workshop: On peace and reconciliation

Jun 25, 2011 to Jun 26, 2011
OISE/UT, rm. 2-212
252 Bloor Street West rm.2212
M5S 1V6 Toronto , ON
43° 40' 3.7416" N, 79° 23' 57.6852" W
Ontario CA
The second in a series of workshops sharing youth perceptions across East Asian communities. This workshop is intended to create a shared vocabulary for cultural exchange

Annual conference of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations (CSJO)

May 27, 2011 to May 30, 2011
Humber College
205 Humber College Boulevard
M9W 5L7 Toronto
43° 43' 36.0084" N, 79° 36' 21.87" W
North America’s secular Jews will gather in Toronto from May 27-30, 2011 to examine the theme of “Jewish Traditions Today – Continuity in Change” through more than 40 workshops

Toronto Palestine film festival

Oct 1, 2011 to Oct 8, 2011
The Bloor Cinema, The AGO, The Rivoli, Beit Zatoun
43° 39' 9" N, 79° 22' 54.0012" W
The Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) is pleased to announce that it will be returning for its fourth year!

All-ethnicity costume party and rally

Apr 17, 2011
Bev Pitura HQ
984 Portage Avenue (at Sherburn)
Winnipeg , MB
49° 53' 4.3476" N, 97° 10' 29.8164" W
Manitoba CA
The Conservative Party of Canada wanted "ethnic" Canadians to show up in "national folklore costumes" for a photo op to greet Stephen Harper at an event in Toronto this week.

Toronto anarchist bookfair 2011

Apr 15, 2011 to Apr 17, 2011
Steelworker's Hall & Bahen Centre
25 Cecil St. & 50 St. George. St.
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 37.8576" N, 79° 23' 49.1928" W
Ontario CA
The 2011 Toronto anarchist bookfair and is set to be an amazing weekend of workshops, radical discussions, books, zines, great food and friends.


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