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Confronting Racism Raises Self-Esteem


Interesting, not surprising, but really helpful information here.


How people choose to cope with personal experiences of racism influences the distress caused by the encounter, says a new study of Filipino Americans. The study finds that denying or ignoring racial discrimination leads to greater psychological distress, including anxiety and depression, and lowers self-esteem.


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'Canadian' Values vs. the Niqab

Dear Canadians,

I'm tired of having you decide what my values should be, and what that should look like, especially when those values embody protectionism, racism, and the devaluing of people of colour. 

What does that mean exactly, anyways? What is a Canadian value? Who decides what that looks like? I can tell you this much, I don't identify as a Canadian, and I am surely not proud to call myself one. Do you know why? Because we Canadians are hypocrites. 

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Immigration and Indigenous solidarity and how they intersect

Recently, I helped out at a No One Is Illegal event that was held last weekend in Toronto.  There was an amazing line-up of speakers, and one in particular really clarified some things for me around the issues of immigration and Indigenous rights.

I've occasionally wondered whether there is a disconnect between advocating open immigration, and also advocating Indigenous rights in Canada, in particular, land claims.  It seems to be contradictory: colonizers from outside Canada stole land from the First Peoples here, and are now treating them like unwanted guests on their own territories.  The first invaders could be considered "immigrants" - so how is it that immigration wasn't okay then, but it is okay now?

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Work For All: Mobile-izing Anti-Racism: March 23: NFB Toronto


WORK FOR ALL: Mobile-izing Anti-Racism
Tuesday March 23rd at 7pm

150 John St, at Richmond St W, near Osgoode subway station, Toronto


This month, the National Film Board of Canada releases free films over the course of ten weeks through its online film project, Work for All, which tackles the issue of racial discrimination in the workplace. Join us at the NFB Mediatheque for a big-screen presentation and sneak preview of some of the films to be released over the coming weeks, and an inspiring panel discussion on digital media and the use of mobile communication to address racism.


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