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Ontario actually decides to do something about impending climate disaster | May 26 2016 | Scott Vrooman | Muscular government measures won't be problem-free, but they're unfortunately the only option we're left with.
Photo: Rachel Sanders
Street art blooms on Vancouver walls | May 26 2016 | Megan Devlin, Rachel Sanders | With a revitalized mural program and rumours of an upcoming mural festival, Vancouver is seeing more colour on its streets and will hopefully start to shed its reputation as "no fun city."
'The Slow Professor' serves up good advice, but misses the mark on institutional change | May 26 2016 | Christina Turner | The ongoing corporatization of Canadian universities has become the subject of a burgeoning field of anti-Corporate U lit. This book applies the principles of the Slow Food movement to education.
Photo credit: Ken Yeung/VentureBeat/flickr
Here comes Parsey McParseface | May 25 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Google announced a lot of fascinating stuff at its annual I/O developers' conference but two things really jumped out: it's serious about VR and it's leveraging its natural language and search data.
Image: Facebook/Nour el Sherbini
New world champion squashes Western stereotypes of Muslim women | May 25 2016 | Dalia Thamin | Four of the top 10 best women squash players in the world are Egyptian Muslims -- but such feel-good stories never make the Western press.
Cover of The language of MA the primal mother: The evolution of the female image
'Demoting Venus': Archaeologists disagree about prehistoric female figurines | May 22 2016 | Mindy Ran | Was the Willendorf Venus pornography, portrait, or something else?
'Dietland' author Sarai Walker talks fat, fuckability and liberation | May 19 2016 | Meghan Murphy | In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Sarai Walker, author of a new feminist novel called "Dietland."
'We are the story of the women who die': 'In-Between Days' chronicles life with cancer | May 19 2016 | Lauren Scott | Teva Harrison's debut graphic memoir offers an intimate look at the vibrant life of a cancer patient.
Anjali Nayar on Gun Runners, Storytelling and the Global South
Anjali Nayar on 'Gun Runners,' storytelling and the Global South | May 18 2016 | Face2Face | Anjali talks about the power of storytelling, her new film Gun Runners, friendship, the meditations of the marathon runner, the Global South and why we need to spend more time listening to others.
Photo: Randy von Liski/flickr
The Freewrite is not my type | May 18 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | A boxy little word processor called the Freewrite promises to allow writers a laser focus on the craft of writing. Is it $750 well spent?
Mixed-ability dance pushes boundaries of art form | May 16 2016 | Redeye Collective | All Bodies Dance Project brings together people with and without disabilities to explore movement as a means of creative expression. Naomi Brand explains the challenges and joys of inclusive dance.
Alethea on her new film Angry Inuk and the “People of the Seal”.
Setting the Inuit record straight on cultural prejudice and the seal hunt | May 16 2016 | Face2Face | Alethea Arnaquq-Baril talks about her new film Angry Inuk, the "People of the Seal" and a new model for animal activism.

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