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'Foreign Body,' refugees and identity, relational complexity and living in the p
'Foreign Body,' refugees and identity, relational complexity and living in the present | Oct 25 2016 | Face2Face | Raja Amari, Hiam Abbass and Sarra Hannachi talk about their new film "Foreign Body," refugees, identity, relational complexity and living in the present and not the future.
Boxing, love and how not to be cynical | Oct 24 2016 | Face2Face | Juho Kuosmanen, Jarrko Lahti and I talk about love stories, boxing as a metaphor, what's important in life and how not to be cynical.
Don Scime on his new film The David Dance, Difference, Self Esteem & Fitting In
Don Scimé on 'The David Dance,' similarity through difference, self esteem and fitting in | Oct 22 2016 | Face2Face | Don and I talk about the new film The David Dance, what it means to feel different, self-esteem issues, fitting in and his take on a story that has "universal appeal."
'Indigenous London' re-imagines colonial telling of London's past | Oct 20 2016 | Megan Devlin | University of British Columbia professor Coll Thrush's work reveals Indigenous history at the centre of an empire.
Photo: Crystal radio ad/Wikimedia Commons
Technology and the knowledge of dissatisfaction | Oct 19 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Sometimes it feels like our technical knowledge has smeared us, like a palette knife, across an unfortunate expanse of time.
Lawrence Hill on his novel, 'The Illegal' | Oct 18 2016 | Victoria Fenner | From Octopus Books in Ottawa, author and journalist Waubgeshig Rice talks to Lawrence Hill about his novel "The Illegal."
Photo: SarahC73/flickr
Top 10 books to celebrate World Food Day | Oct 18 2016 | Lois Ross | World Food Day has Lois Ross opening her bookshelf to share good reads about food, agriculture and communities. Here are our farming columnist's top 10 resources this harvest season.
 The Nest Collective on 'Tuko Macho,' African voices, identity and why extreme o
The Nest Collective on 'Tuko Macho,' African voices, identity and why extreme order is surreal | Oct 18 2016 | Face2Face | Jim and George and I about "Tuko Macho," The Nest Collective, an African generational voice, identity and internal voices and why extreme order is surreal.
Bob Dylan's well-deserved Nobel | Oct 14 2016 | J. Baglow | Something was happening. And Mr. Jones finally figured out what it was.
Robert Cenedella on Art Bastard, The "Art Game" & a Narrow Minded Establishment
Robert Cenedella on 'Art Bastard,' the art game, and the narrow-minded establishment | Oct 14 2016 | Face2Face | Robert and I talk about his new film "Art Bastard," how not to play the "art game," the narrow-minded establishment, and what isn't art.
Orlando von Einsiedel & Joanna Natasegara, The White Helmets, Syria
Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegara on 'The White Helmets,' Syria, courage and fear | Oct 12 2016 | Face2Face | On today's TIFF episode, I talk to Orlando and Joanna about their moving new film "The White Helmets," Syria, courage and doing the right thing in the face of fear.
After winning nine-year legal battle, children on reserve still wait for essential services | Oct 11 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | After winning a nine-year court battle and with a new government in power, lags in implementing the tribunal's recommendations discriminate against children living on reserve.

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Le Devoir photographer Jacques Nadeau's body of work stolen from home Unionist said... It's a very sad tale, but as I was reading it this morning, I was compelled to wonder why, if he...
Anthropology, pure and applied Doug Woodard said... There are two really excellent essays on the development of the human species and several related...
Michael Sam new Alouettes player mark_alfred said... Quote: The Montreal...

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