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Interned Italian Canadians left deep holes in communities they were forced to leave behind | Sep 28 2016 | Wael Haddara | Leo Mascioli was an Italian-Canadian architect who lived in North Bay, Ontario for over 50 years -- only to be interned by his own country during the Second World War.
Former Olympic athlete on political history of the Games | Sep 27 2016 | Redeye Collective | Jules Boykoff is a former athlete with the U.S. men's national soccer team. He currently teaches political science at Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. Boykoff spoke in Vancouver July 18.
The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes - image of Edison wax cylinder play
Episode Six: The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes | Sep 26 2016 | Harrowsmith Now | A rollicking Canadian steampunk adventure and a companion to the Harrowsmith Now treasure hunt, The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes.
Scientists declare new geological epoch, the Anthropocene | Sep 26 2016 | Redeye Collective | Geologists say that humanity's impact on the Earth has been so profound that it's ushered in a whole new, deeply unstable, geological era, which they are calling the Anthropocene.
Adrian Sitaru on The Fixer, Journalism, Abuse and Human Behaviour
Adrian Sitaru on 'The Fixer,' journalism, abuse and human behaviour | Sep 25 2016 | Face2Face | Sitaru's new film, which screened at TIFF, chronicles a Romanian journalist's moral quandary when a sex scandal gives him a chance at a big break.
"The Jewish Hour" book cover
'The Jewish Hour' tells a story of immigration that resonates today | Sep 23 2016 | Rick Salutin | Tens of thousands of Jews migrated to Canada in the first part of the past century. That community, in Toronto, is described in a lovely, loving new book by the late Michael Mandel: The Jewish Hour.
Images courtesy of Gloria Swain
Mad Room: Black artist lays bare struggle with depression, anxiety | Sep 22 2016 | June Chua | Tangled Art Gallery in Toronto is opening its first-ever installation, featuring the work of local artist Gloria Swain and focusing on her experience as a Black woman in the mental health system.
Avi Nesher on his new film 'Past Life,' justice, truth, memory and reconciliatio
Avi Nesher on his new film 'Past Life,' justice, truth, memory and reconciliation | Sep 22 2016 | Face2Face | Avi and I talked about his brilliant and beautiful new film "Past Life," and letting go, about justice, pessimism and why he believes we need to "let life take over."
Image: francisco toquica/flickr
In praise of stickers and emojis | Sep 21 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | The ideograms of Chinese, Egyptian and Sumerian texts all demonstrate how powerful a picture-based language can be. Maybe all we've really done with emojis is come full circle.
Activism and poetry: Halifax's first Indigenous poet laureate | Sep 21 2016 | Scott Neigh | Rebecca Thomas talks about activism, poetry, and being Halifax's first Indigenous poet laureate.
Ashley McKenzie on Werewolf, existentialism and addictions.
Ashley McKenzie on her new film 'Werewolf,' existentialism, addictions and 'honest framing' | Sep 21 2016 | Face2Face | Ashley and I talk about her new film "Werewolf," choices and addictions, modern existentialism, Albert Camus and about "paying attention."
Vancouver summer camp empowers Syrian children to tell their own stories, however they want to tell them | Sep 20 2016 | Maya Bhullar | Shawk Alani talks about Capturing Our Stories, a photography summer camp for Syrian refugees.

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