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I know it's going to be hard for everyone to resist commenting on the brilliant ""I collect spores, molds and fungus." pick-up line but I'd like to ask you to focus your comments on the "print is dead" concept.

After all these years what makes print(even electronic print) a worthwile medium for communicating with other humans now that audio/visual communication across distance and time have been made fairly accessible to a much wider spectrum of the population?

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Captain America vs. The Tea Party....only if you buy the issue now!

That's right, Captain America takes on the teabaggers and their bullshit in a new issue of the comic, on sale at a store near you! And you better buy the comic book, read it once, and then put it in plastic with a backing board, because...


 Marvel Comics' depiction of anti-tax protesters inspires anger, apology
Thu Feb 11, 3:21 pm ET
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Do Over Day.

Has anyone heard of the new Canadian holiday 'Do Over Day'?

It's on Feb. 26, it allows you to salvage past mistakes or help prevent a friend from making the same error. I think that forgiveness is a beautiful thing. I'm hoping that Do Over Day will help me make up with my best friend... we just got in a big fight a couple weeks ago and I'm looking for ways to 'Do it Over' on this special holiday. Any suggestions? Dinner out? A nice card? Gift certificate to the spa?





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