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Jun 21, 2010

Indie Inside: Library Voices

This Regina collective's songs play out like an AM radio jingle; mixing the best of the 60's, 70's, 80's and today.
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Do artists have a responsibility to speak out?

With this whole Chantal Kreviazuk thing, what do fellow babblers think about the role of artists to speak out against injustice?


I think an artist should have integrity.  You're not a bank, you're not an oil company, your not--or shouldn't be--simply a profit making machine.  It's only in the last 60 years that music became this vapid, commercialized bore filled with the same cliches recycled again and again over the years.  For most of human history music has been the heart and soul and voice of the community.

when you'd get thrown in jail for SAYING it, you sang it instead.  


Jun 17, 2010

Speak the F**k up! -- Antonia Zerbisias

This Magazine & co-host a panel discussion on the G8/G20’s agenda on global maternal health. Journalist Antonia Zerbisias reflects on Prime Minister Harper's attack on women and feminism.
Jun 16, 2010

Herr Beckmann's People

A new play by Victoria playwright Sally Stubbs has won the third annual Canadian Peace Play competition. Laura Lamb went to see the production by Touchstone Theatre.


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