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Help pay for the funeral expenses of Abdirahman Abdi | Jul 27 2016 | Let's support the family as we demand justice.
Peterborough activists call for end to indefinite immigration detention | Jul 26 2016 | Rachel Small | The Peterborough Council of Canadians supported a public letter sent this weekend to MP Maryam Monsef by End Immigration Detention Peterborough in solidarity with detainees on hunger strikes.
Keep fighting for affordable housing in Vancouver | Jul 25 2016 | Here are some ways in which you can help take action and demand housing for all.
The Black Lives Matter Freedom School continues to inspire change | Jul 25 2016 | On July 30, come on out and join the BLMTO Freedom School to protest the incarceration of Jasmine Abdullah and support the migrant hunger strikers.
Photo: flickr/Christopher Sessums
Hunger strike continues as Goodale refuses to meet with immigration detainees | Jul 25 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale still hasn't agreed to meet with over 50 hunger striking immigration detainees.
Welcome to Wynnetario | Jul 21 2016 | John Greyson | Dear Kathleen Wynne, You're right, it's your job. It's your job to stop the cops, stop the violence, stop the discrimination.
One year after initiating Charter challenge, CJFE renews campaign to review and repeal sections of Bill C-51 | Jul 21 2016 | Duncan Pike | On the anniversary of filing a Charter challenge to Bill C-51, CJFE is encouraging Canadians to make their voices heard on this issue through a new parliamentary e-petition.
A trans woman's perspective on the disconnect between law enforcement and marginalized communities | Jul 15 2016 | Mercedes Allen | Black Lives Matter Toronto's stand brings to mind an odd experience a few years ago, which taught me a lot about the nature of the interplay between authorities and marginalized, policed communities.
Support the injured in Nice | Jul 15 2016 | Reports from France and what North Americans can do to help.
Photo: Scott Ableman/flickr
Videotaping police violence is not a crime | Jul 14 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Protests against police brutality have rocked the country in the aftermath of the police killings of two African-American men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.
Photo: flickr/DonkeyHotey
Immigration detainees on hunger strike demand meeting public safety minister | Jul 14 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has refused a meeting with the immigration detainees. In the past five months, three people have died in immigration detention.
Photo: flickr/Mike Gabelmann
Super InTent City sheds light on national housing needs | Jul 13 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | "When we look at homelessness in Canada, it is a crisis. It is an emergency." Alyse Kotyk reports on Tent City in Victoria and its implications across Canada.

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Canada's WWI Internment of Leon Trotsky, and the Captivating Mass Psychoses of antiSemitism and antiCommunism NDPP said... Fascinating read and much that was new to me. Many thanks for posting this Richard! in
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U.S. government spends millions to smear whistle blowers of govt. crimes & corruption like Bruce Gorcyca Just A Moment said... RE:  Gorcyca being falsely smeared by DOJ dirty trickks boys.   The FBI agent used to...
Don't trust Reddit Guys - They deleted post of FBI moles inside RCMP for almost 20 years! Just A Moment said... Correction on first line of OP should be "no fairy tale", not "now fairy tale" which is not what I...
RCMP & DEA says American whistle blower told truth about corruption before Harper authorized fake extradition! Magic Man said... The letters from MP Alghabra and the Private Investigative report can both be found as exhibits...
Avoid the Law Society - Report crooked lawyers directly to the police. Here is proof they cover-up crimes daily... Magic Man said... For some reason this link did not activate in the above post and gives others stories of Canada Law...
Robert McChesney and John Nichols ikosmos said... Who Will Win the Digital Revolution? rabble TV. in
Libs selling out Canada: not conducting security reviews on foreign takeovers mark_alfred said... Trudeau...
GOP Insiders Pressured Jeb Bush to frop out of primaries because of Canadian drug smuggling links and suspected Harper bribery Just A Moment said... Note to editor. Please delete this OP since I cannot edit nor correct spelling errors.  Thank...
Duffy: Findlay ran 'black ops' robocalls, scuttled 2008 BC vote triciamarie said... (In current Tyee - I'll post the link when I get to a keyboard.) in

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United Food and Commercial Workers
On December 24, we remember victims of Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy
December 24 marks the sixth anniversary of the Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy, in which four migrant workers were killed and another seriously injured.

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