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Bombs away! How Canada is here to help | Sep 23 2016 | Matthew Behrens | Trudeau's cheery offer at the UN to bring peace to the world fell flat in light of his government's "principled" commitment to sell billions in weapons and blanket militarism.
Six reasons why you should participate in the national security consultation about Bill C-51 | Sep 22 2016 | Duncan Pike | The government is listening to Canadians. This time, that's a good thing. We need you to tell the government exactly what you think needs to be changed with this law to protect your rights.
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UN refugee summit shines light on global crisis | Sep 22 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The number of people suffering forced displacement today is staggering -- the greatest flow of refugees since the Second World War. It is in this context that the UN convened its refugee summit.
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One of the two Women's Boats to Gaza left France en route to Gaza | Sep 20 2016 | The other is still in Spain awaiting repairs. Support their journey.
Photo: flickr/Rumbo a Gaza
Eva Manly: The people of Palestine are not forgotten | Sep 20 2016 | Sophia Reuss | The Women's Boat to Gaza wants to bring a message of solidarity and hope to Gaza. And, most importantly, for the focus to be back on Gaza.
Homa Hoodfar free but others remain in prison | Sep 20 2016 | Homa Hoodfar was freed September 26, 2016, stand for other activists and scholars
Fight for affordable housing in Vancouver intensifies as units sit empty | Sep 19 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | The now two-tier housing market in Vancouver has split the population into people who have a lot of money and the rest. Two rallies over the weekend demanded immediate action.
Lord of the Resources
Lord of the resources | Sep 19 2016 | Daryn Caister | Environmental Lawyer Barbora Grochalova joins us to talk about Ontario and the Western Climate Initiative. This market approach means to hopefully limit carbon emissions, but will it?
Our best chance to repeal Bill C-51 is officially here | Sep 16 2016 | Marie Aspiazu | An overdue promise has become a reality and we need everyone on board to ensure all Canadians can experience privacy and security online.
Amy Goodman's arrest shows that in many parts of America journalism is still a crime | Sep 15 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | "Authorities in North Dakota should stop embarrassing themselves, drop the charges against Amy Goodman and ensure that all reporters are free to do their jobs."
New report reveals potential extent of invasive Stingray phone surveillance in Canada | Sep 14 2016 | Laura Tribe | We're calling on Public Safety Minister Goodale to address this blatant violation of Canadians' Charter rights in the government
National security consultation opens door to repealing Bill C-51 but framing of issues raises concerns | Sep 13 2016 | David Christopher | Launched following pressure from over 300,000 Canadians, government consultation focuses more on concerns of police than needs of public.

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Trudeau Liberals fail to defend civil liberties
In May, a Federal Court Justice ruled the National Security Certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah as unreasonable but now the Trudeau government is appealing that decision.

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