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Five terrorism sound bites for Rob Nicholson and the Conservatives | Aug 1 2015 | Scott Vrooman | The foreign affairs minister has asked bureaucrats to provide him with three terrorism-related statements per week. Here are five, on the house.
The law cannot progress without courageous clients | Jul 31 2015 | DJ Larkin | Never before has a group of homeless Canadians been able to challenge the constitutionality of their treatment and displacement by a city's staff and police.
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Open Parliament | Jul 31 2015 | This free software makes information from House of Commons proceedings easily searchable and accessible.
Election 2015: New ridings and changes to voter registration rules | Jul 31 2015 | Check your riding and your voter registration information
Are you on Harper's list of enemies? | Jul 31 2015 | Project Democracy can help you find out. And then vote in the upcoming election!
Bill C-51: Where we've been and where we are going | Jul 31 2015 | Scroll through Interactive timeline and join the 48 hour vigil for our rights in Toronto August 7th to 9th
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Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati is a start for accountability and justice | Jul 30 2015 | Amy Goodman | A stunning indictment has been handed down in Cincinnati, focusing attention again on police killings of people of colour. The thousand people gathered there said clearly, "Black Lives Matter."
Millions of Canadians denied the right to vote in 2015 federal election | Jul 30 2015 | Priya Sarin, Pro Bono | Last week, two courts ruled on separate Charter challenges to legislation affecting the rights of certain groups of Canadians to vote in the October 2015 election. Their decisions were surprising.
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UN Committee supports charities in fight for freedom of expression | Jul 29 2015 | Megan Hooft | Canada has received a rebuke from a United Nations treaty monitoring body for its lack of respect for human rights. Canada's charities breathe a sigh of relief.
Seven reasons why long-term expats deserve a voice in Canadian politics | Jul 29 2015 | Raksha Vasudevan | The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled against allowing long-term expats the right to vote, claiming it would be unfair for non-residents to vote on laws. Well here are seven reasons that's untrue.
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Can Stephen Harper be trusted with another term in office? | Jul 28 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Any Canadian who has followed the practices of our government over the past decade will have her own examples of its integrity. At bottom, these tell us how our government thinks and operates.
Photo essay: Black Lives Matter-Toronto | Jul 28 2015 | Jesse McLaren | Photos and chants from yesterday's rally, march and occupation by Black Lives Matter - Toronto.

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Petition in support of Bill C-279 (aka Gender Identity Bill) mark_alfred said... The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto is just now launching an online petition to the Senate...
Michael Sam new Alouettes player mark_alfred said... Quote: The Montreal...
C-51 about to be passed: 'See you in the slammer kids' NDPP said... Elizabeth May Third Reading Speech on Bill C-51
Bill C-51, Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 mark_alfred said... I did a search, but couldn't find a forum thread dedicated specifically and solely to Bill C-51 (...
Lawyer gets smeared as 'terrorist' by insane paranoiac testifying to Senate committee jas said... Wanted to tag this with #C-51 but could not find the tag function. in
NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice Says He Does Not Like The Niqab terrytowel said... The Montreal MP does not want the niqab in public service, the majority of Canadians either, he...
Stop Secret Police Bill C-51 demo March 14 mark_alfred said... Day of Action on March 14th 2015 against Bill C-51, all across Canada. For information, see https...
Internet privacy mark_alfred said... In the thread, linked...
Connection between C-51 and Aboriginal and labour rights KenS said... There is quite a bit of discussion of this in aboriginal-oriented Facebook groups (and presumably...

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National Union of Public and General Employees
UN Human Rights Committee criticizes Canada's performance
Report from the UN Committee raises concerns about missing and murdered Aboriginal women, Bill C-51, immigration detention measures for asylum seekers, among a wide range of issues.

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