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Sweeping new surveillance legislation in U.K. could affect Canadians | Dec 2 2016 | Redeye Collective | The Investigatory Power Bill in Britain legalizes a range of tools for hacking and snooping unmatched anywhere in Europe. Once the bill becomes law, the pressure will be on Canada to harmonize.
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Trump's election should prompt Canada to rethink its complicity with U.S. mass surveillance | Dec 1 2016 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | With Donald Trump's ascension to power imminent, Canada cannot afford to continue allowing government agencies to routinely hand over our private information to the U.S. government.
Stop Deportation
The Dream Act registrants are now vulnerable to Trump's deportation threats | Nov 24 2016 | President Obama must protect them. Wherever we are, we have to stand for status for all.
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Overdose deaths a public health crisis and no government has the solution | Nov 24 2016 | Nora Loreto | Rising tide of fentanyl overdoses requires radical action. Is decriminalization the solution?
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Trudeau's Trumpishness bulldozes Indigenous rights | Nov 23 2016 | Matthew Behrens | Under the deceptive banner of "Canada is back," the Trudeau Liberals are intent on the delivery of a Trump-like policy platform that runs roughshod over Indigenous rights.
Manual with tech tools for activists | Nov 23 2016 | Open source and free software to communicate securely online
Manual which outlines tech tools for activists | Nov 23 2016 | Open source and free software to communicate securely online
Walk down the streets of Jerusalem, and see the neighbourhood that was | Nov 23 2016 | A brilliant interactive project directed by Dorit Naaman helps you delve into what were Palestinian homes
Photo: Ted Drake/flickr
Carding: An open letter to the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario from Black intellectuals, writers and organizers | Nov 23 2016 | various | On Nov. 17, 2016, the Toronto Police Services Board voted to continue the practice of carding in a revised form. Organizers and community members speak out against this practice in an open letter.
Responding to everyday bigotry | Nov 23 2016 | For some of us, this is a guide to having integrity this holiday season.
Ann-Marie Reid
Workers talk about why Ontario needs to change its labour laws | Nov 19 2016 | Learn why the fight to change labour laws matters to working people

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Kellie Leitch takes a page from Harper with divisive politics alan smithee said... When is this  Liberal 'majority' going to take a page from Harper and tell the Cons to sit in...
Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions Mr. Magoo said... I'm not saying this to heckle, but realistically, how important do you think that Israel/Palestine...
Canada's WWI Internment of Leon Trotsky, and the Captivating Mass Psychoses of antiSemitism and antiCommunism NDPP said... Fascinating read and much that was new to me. Many thanks for posting this Richard! in
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U.S. government spends millions to smear whistle blowers of govt. crimes & corruption like Bruce Gorcyca Just A Moment said... RE:  Gorcyca being falsely smeared by DOJ dirty trickks boys.   The FBI agent used to...
Don't trust Reddit Guys - They deleted post of FBI moles inside RCMP for almost 20 years! Just A Moment said... Correction on first line of OP should be "no fairy tale", not "now fairy tale" which is not what I...
RCMP & DEA says American whistle blower told truth about corruption before Harper authorized fake extradition! Magic Man said... The letters from MP Alghabra and the Private Investigative report can both be found as exhibits...
Avoid the Law Society - Report crooked lawyers directly to the police. Here is proof they cover-up crimes daily... Magic Man said... For some reason this link did not activate in the above post and gives others stories of Canada Law...
Robert McChesney and John Nichols ikosmos said... Who Will Win the Digital Revolution? rabble TV. in
Libs selling out Canada: not conducting security reviews on foreign takeovers mark_alfred said... Trudeau...

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Canadians for Tax Fairness
Transparency, Global Standards Key to Tax Dodge Fight
National civil society groups have joined Canadians for Tax Fairness, and joined international efforts, to step up its fight against the global tax avoidance epidemic by pushing for strong UN action.

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