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The problem with homeless counts and M-455 | Apr 15 2014 | Leilani Farha, Michele Biss | Conservative MP Peter Goldring introduced motion M-455, which seeks to develop a nationally shared definition of homelessness and a common methodology. The only problem is homeless counts don't work.
Activist Communique: G20 Class Action Important Update | Apr 12 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | A recap for anyone involved in the Sherry Good class action lawsuit resulting from their experience at the G20.
Rights groups call for independent CBSA watchdog | Apr 11 2014 | Redeye Collective | The Canada Border Services Agency has sweeping police powers, yet unlike most other police forces in Canada, there is no independent oversight body to review its actions.
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New Brunswick Morgentaler Clinic closure: Time to act is now! | Apr 11 2014 | Niki Ashton | MP Niki Ashton responds to the Morgentaler Clinic closure and urges everyone to act and demand the federal government enforce the Canada Health Act to ensure that all Canadians have equivalent access
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Ten reasons why the closure of Morgentaler Clinic matters | Apr 11 2014 | Kaitlin McNabb | The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick has announced it will close its doors, striking a huge blow to reproductive choice in Canada. Why are reproductive rights still up for debate?
CCPA comments: Fair Elections Act takes away right to vote from some Canadians | Apr 11 2014 | Patti Tamara Lenard | The so-called Fair Elections Act is inconsistent with a commitment to political equality -- the equal right of every citizen to cast a vote -- on which Canada's democracy is built.
New privacy legislation fails to tackle Canadians' concerns about government surveillance | Apr 10 2014 | Steve Anderson | New privacy legislation does nothing to protect Canadians from out-of-control government spying.
Homelessness claims two more lives in Toronto | Apr 9 2014 | John Bonnar | He had a big heart, cared deeply about his friends and had a great sense of humour. And he was only 35 years old when he died.
Your letters about privacy and online spying are getting published from coast to coast | Apr 8 2014 | David Christopher | Canadians from coast to coast are speaking out about privacy in 30 major Canadian newspapers.
Volunteer-led Ontario Health Coalition referendum encourages Ontarians to support local public hospitals | Apr 5 2014 | John Bonnar | The Ontario Health Coalition has organized a volunteer-led referendum advocating for the public to have their say on the health care system.
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In refuge on Refugee Rights Day: The Awan family story | Apr 4 2014 | The Awan Family Support Committee | The Awan family have been in refuge in a Montreal church since August 2013. A year after Bill C-31's implementation, in a context of escalating attacks on refugees, the story of their struggle.
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Jim Sinclair: 'We support the rights of migrant workers in B.C.' | Apr 3 2014 | Jim Sinclair | Jim Sinclair, President of B.C. Federation of Labour, responds to the issue of supporting Temporary Foreign Workers and migrant workers' rights in B.C. and states that BCFED supports these workers.

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