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People are standing up for Attawapiskat | May 5 2016 | We need to demand more and get involved if we want to see real change.
Voices-Voix is launching actions to rebuild after Harper | May 5 2016 | Join the thunderclap on May 14 to make the government take action!
Are Trudeau's promised reforms to Bill C-51 ever coming? | May 4 2016 | Carter Vance | The Liberals promised to "swiftly" reform Stephen Harper's dangerous surveillance bill, C-51. How long do we have to wait?
Montreal May Day
May Day 2016: Support protesters in Montreal | May 2 2016 | Demand an independent investigation of the police response to May Day protesters and support their demands.
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Questions surround timing of terrorism charges in Waterloo case | Apr 29 2016 | Monia Mazigh | Immediately after the Brussels attacks, a Waterloo engineering student was arrested by the RCMP. It's not the first time the security establishment has taken advantage of a climate of fear.
Photo: UN Geneva/flickr
The unbearable lightness of Stéphane Dion | Apr 28 2016 | Matthew Behrens | The Trudeau team is poised to fail two significant foreign policy tests. One deals with an individual war criminal, while the other is a massive terrorism and torture trade show.
Photo: flickr/antefixus21
The price of acceptance: Immigrants with disabilities in a system of disadvantage | Apr 27 2016 | Chavon Niles, Ilaneet Goren | Denying people with disabilities the right to live in Canada reinforces the stereotype that disability is a "burden." We need to change this rhetoric and exclusion.
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From exploited to supported: Phasing out Canada's lowest wage work programs | Apr 26 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | In part two of her investigation into sheltered workshop programs exploiting intellectually disabled adults in Canada, Teuila Fuatai looks at what is next for the programs and those involved.
Photo: flickr/End Immigration Detention Network
Demands for change to Canada's immigration detention system mount in wake of deaths | Apr 26 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | Nearly 80 detainees staged a hunger strike at the Lindsay, Ontario facility to protest immigration detention and inhumane treatment as indefinite detention remains in Canada.
Photo: Christian Eager/flickr
The federal government is selective with its protection of privacy | Apr 22 2016 | Monia Mazigh | "Privacy concerns" have been used by the Canadian government as a powerful pretext for inaction or silence and this should be challenged and denounced.
Syrian refugees: A progress report | Apr 19 2016 | Maya Bhullar | An interview with Maisie Lo, Director of Immigration Services at WoodGreen Community Services in Toronto.
Screenshot: Emergency Parliament Debate
MPs vow to act on Attawapiskat, but will their resolve last? | Apr 15 2016 | Karl Nerenberg | Once again there is a national prise de conscience on the desperate state of Indigenous Canada, but how soon will it all fade from the public mind?

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U.S. government spends millions to smear whistle blowers of govt. crimes & corruption like Bruce Gorcyca Just A Moment said... RE:  Gorcyca being falsely smeared by DOJ dirty trickks boys.   The FBI agent used to...
Don't trust Reddit Guys - They deleted post of FBI moles inside RCMP for almost 20 years! Just A Moment said... Correction on first line of OP should be "no fairy tale", not "now fairy tale" which is not what I...
RCMP & DEA says American whistle blower told truth about corruption before Harper authorized fake extradition! Magic Man said... The letters from MP Alghabra and the Private Investigative report can both be found as exhibits...
Avoid the Law Society - Report crooked lawyers directly to the police. Here is proof they cover-up crimes daily... Magic Man said... For some reason this link did not activate in the above post and gives others stories of Canada Law...
Robert McChesney and John Nichols ikosmos said... Who Will Win the Digital Revolution? rabble TV. in
Libs selling out Canada: not conducting security reviews on foreign takeovers mark_alfred said... Trudeau...
GOP Insiders Pressured Jeb Bush to frop out of primaries because of Canadian drug smuggling links and suspected Harper bribery Just A Moment said... Note to editor. Please delete this OP since I cannot edit nor correct spelling errors.  Thank...
Duffy: Findlay ran 'black ops' robocalls, scuttled 2008 BC vote triciamarie said... (In current Tyee - I'll post the link when I get to a keyboard.) in
UN set to announce decision on Assange's release NDPP said... Put your thinking cap on, review here, and all will become clear: WikiLeaks Assange in Ecuador...
Do seized book manuscripts of whistle bolower & fake extradition link Harper to Jeb Bush Canadian drug smuggling? Just A Moment said... P.S. For some reason this link did not highlight in the OP. So try it here since it is the most...

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United Food and Commercial Workers
On December 24, we remember victims of Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy
December 24 marks the sixth anniversary of the Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy, in which four migrant workers were killed and another seriously injured.

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