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Ombudsman charges G20 secret law was ‘illegal’

It was "illegal" and "likely unconstitutional" for Premier Dalton McGuinty's government to pass a secret regulation that police used to detain people near Toronto's G20 summit of world leaders last summer, says Ombudsman Andre Marin.

In a scorching 125-page report entitled Caught in the Act, Marin said the measure "should never have been enacted" and "was almost certainly beyond the authority of the government to enact."

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No shit, Andre.


Human Rights Day vigil for Mohamad Harkat

Dec 10, 2010
Human Rights Monument
Corner of Lisgar and Elgin
Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 9.0156" N, 75° 41' 29.6448" W
Ontario CA
Mohamed Harkat was arrested on December 10th, 2002 under a Security Certificate without charge or access to the evidence.
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Workshop on Suing the Police: Toronto: Dec 11 and Dec 16


Workshop on Suing the Police

** *with lawyer Davin Charney --

Saturday, December 11, 3-5pm and/or Thursday, December 16, 6-8 pm

Register or sign up for more info.

Would you like to learn how to start and run a lawsuit in Small Claims Court against a police officer guilty of misconduct?

There are many types behaviour that could be considered police misconduct. Stopping, arresting or searching people for no legal reason could be considered police misconduct. Using excessive force could be police misconduct. Taking and/or damaging property that was not involved in a crime, and not returning it could be police misconduct.

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Ombudsman Oversight of Children's Aid Societies

An Open Letter to MPP's in Ontario


RE: Ombudsman Oversight


As you are all aware, yet another Bill was introduced (Bill 131) in an attempt to get Ombudsman Oversight of Children's Aid Societies and other publicly funded bodies in the province's MUSH sector.

The PC party's Jim Wilson is quoted in the media as saying "We'll look at all avenues wherever the public's dollar is spent to make sure is has the proper oversight and accountability," and "If we need officers of the legislature to help us with that, then I don't think we would rule that out at this time."

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Write to Attny-General demand wiretapping charges against Fantino, McCormack, Carter

Dear Attorney General Chris Bentley,

In a democracy, lawbreaking by the very police who are sworn to uphold the law is a danger that must always be taken extremely seriously.

Recently, serious allegations have come to light that in the 1990's, members of the Toronto Police carried out illegal wiretapping on then-Police Board Chair Susan Eng.

This has been reported by two credible news sources:

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Down But Not Out is the 11th top rated homeless blog on the web

I am extremely proud to announce that my website, has recently been selected as the 11th best blog about homelessness on the internet. It is a great honour to be judged wothy of membership in the group of 50 top blogs on the web and to be associated with such influential organizations as which in my opinion produces the finest commentary on the topic in its End Homelessness blog.


Amnesty International Film Festival

Nov 18, 2010 to Nov 21, 2010
Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 36.3396" N, 123° 7' 29.2332" W
British Columbia CA
the 15th annual Amnesty International Film Festival runs Nov 18-21 at Vancity Theatre,
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Regina - human rights film festival

*International Human Rights Film Festival*
*October 26, 27 and 28*

Tues Oct. 26 -- "Ghosts"
Three Muslim Canadian men were detained and tortured for months and years in Syria and Egypt. Upon their release, they return to Canada and try to find answers to why they were detained in the first place. This is a documentary about how fragile the balance between democracy, human right and national security can be in the post 9/11 era.
(Screening along with "Under One Sky: Voices of Youth")

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Toronto Call to Action: Tomorrow, Tuesday October 12th THIS IS WHAT A DEMONSTRATION LOOKS LIKE!


WHAT: Demonstration

WHEN: Tuesday, October 12 at 5pm

WHERE: Starting at 55 Gould Street (Ryerson Student Centre)

On October 8th, a Justice of the Peace ruled that Alex Hundert, a
community organizer facing politically motivated G20 related "conspiracy"
charges, had violated his "no-public demonstration" bail condition for
participating in panel discussions at two university events. He was
arrested on the evening of September 17th in front of his father's house
after speaking on a panel at Ryerson University and has been in jail ever
since. Based on the ruling on Oct 8, the Crown is now seeking to revoke
Alex's bail entirely and keep him behind bars.

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US/Canadian secret human medical experimentation

I'm sure you've all seen the news about how the US has apologized for deliberately infecting people with syphilis and blacklisting them from treatment to "see what happens".  Part of a grisly history of secret human experimentation.


I remember my mom telling me about when she worked as a nurse, there was a rash of birth defects that were attributed to chemical spraying tests done over cities in canada.  Does anyone know a good source of info for this or similar tests carried out in canada?


An evening with Robert Meeropol, son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Oct 30, 2010
The Winchevsky Centre
585 Cranbrooke Avenue
M6A 2X9 Toronto , ON
43° 43' 24.3012" N, 79° 25' 46.7508" W
Ontario CA
Robert Meeropol, son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, reflects on 20 years of the Rosenberg Fund for Children’s work and outlines dramatic new developments in his parent's case.
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DisOrientation 2010 @ York University

Political and Social Justice - Radically Different, Politically Progressive

DisOrientation 2010 @ York University ::Taking Back OUR Campus!::

- Keele Campus: September 23 to October 1
- Workshops :: Actions :: Film Screenings :: FREE Concert
- ALL Welcome :: ALL Events are FREE & ACCESSIBLE :: Child Care Available

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Does Your Lawyer Act for ICBC? Ask, You May Be Surprised By

You’ve been injured in an accident. You don’t feel comfortable with how things have progressed with ICBC in your settlement negotiations so you decide to hire a lawyer. You find a qualified ICBC claims lawyer and off you go. You assume, reasobly so, that the lawyer is acting for you and not ICBC, right?

Not always… Lawyers typically have many clients. Many ICBC claims lawyers work both sides of the fence, that is, they represent injured people in advancing ICBC claims on some files and on other files they represent ICBC in defending against ICBC injury claims. Other lawyers restrict their practice to one side or the other.

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Our veterans fought for freedom and democracy, not for a Police State where the police routinely conduct violent home invasions

Our veterans fought for freedom and democracy, not for a Police State where the police routinely conduct violent home invasions in full violation of all Human and Democratic Rights protected by the Canadian Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada.No Court order, 

No Arrest Warrant - Wrongful Violent Home Invasion, Assault, And Detention by The Barrie City Police After the G-20:What has happened to Freedom, Democracy and Justice in Canada?

The erosion of Civil Liberties in Canada is a reality none of us can afford to ignore.

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Turkish Civil Servants win Right to Strike

Turkey's ruling party triumphs in key referendum

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said provisional results showed that some 58 percent of the voters backed the amendments in the referendum, hailing the outcome as a "turning point" for Turkish democracy.

"We have passed a historic threshold on the way to advanced democracy and the supremacy of law... September 12 will go down in history as a turning point," Erdogan told a crowd of jubilant supporters at his party's office in Istanbul.



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