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The "f" in your tap. get HFSA OUT. Vote OUT Fluoride

World Water day is observed by millions all over the world. It marks a day of adherence by governments to make water accessible and safe. Toronto's water is far from safe, and dangerously accessible. A fluorosilicate in the name of HEXAFLUOROSILICIC ACID (HFSA) is added to Toronto's public drinking water. HFSA is an industrial waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry that comes mainly from Florida and China. It costs taxpayers millions a year to add, operate, and treat its side effects, including dental fluorosis. Dental Fluorosis is caused by excessive fluoride intake, consumed easily through food and beverages, tap water, and dental products. Dental Fluorosis costs significantly more to treat than the cavities it presumes to prevent.

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Canada's Dirty Little Secret

From my website:

Canada is pretty much 'recognized as a beacon of 'Human Rights &  Democracy.  It's been touted as the country that 'successfully' embraces multiculturalism like none other. It's known as the 'Land Of The Strong And Free'.   And like most Canadians, I grew up proudly believing it was, with all my heart and soul. 



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