Civil Liberties Watch

Civil Liberties Watch

Aug 11, 2015
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It's not JUST the economy, stupid!

Karl Nerenberg
If a narrow obsession with the "economy" diverts campaigns' focus away from Harper's record on files such as refugee health and the suppression of science that will be both tragedy and travesty.

Living in a World Without Police

Aug 9, 2015
38 Blood Alley Square Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 57.8244" N, 123° 7' 14.6568" W
British Columbia CA
Join us for a casual discussion on police, their history, and what we can imagine living in a world without police may look like.
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Contacting Revenue Canada?

Anyone in the know about this? I received an e-mail message, supposedly from Revenue Canada, that they have to send me a (private) message about something and that I have to open an on-line dossier. I've done my income tax return and don't owe anything. A friend thinks it could be spam, but there is no way of knowing as there doesn't seem to be any phone number where I can call them (here in Montréal or anywhere else). Any way of cutting through this kind of red tape?

My accountant did send my returns online, so Revenue Canada and Revenue Québec actually do have one of my e-mails, but I've never been contacted in such a way before, with no idea of what they want to know.


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