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Who can petition the Standing Committee?

Please advise!

I need to petition the Access to Information Standing Committee and I am unclear who and under which conditions can do it. I have called and emailed the Committee but apparently no one knows.

I have hard proof that Foreign Affairs had made its own version law to actively filter out records and I have presented the proofs to the OIC but the OIC refuses to act. It even refuses to register my latest complaint.

I know of the noises the OIC has made recently about delays and all but there is a deeper root the these problems and that is the OIC itself. I do not think the government was less secretive in the days of John Reid - he just had the guts to act instead of lamenting. Today's OIC is just politics, smoke and mirrors.

Apr 16, 2010

Why are the guys with the guns out of control?

Murray Dobbin
We have witnessed the inexorable transformation of government, from one that based itself on moral imperatives, democratic principles and political integrity, to the corporate model of governance.
Apr 14, 2010

Beyond 1267

Street Cred
Abdelrazik talks about his ordeal.


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