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Rights matter: A practical guide to ending poverty in Canada | Sep 1 2015 | Michele Biss | Poverty in Canada is a crisis. Homelessness is a national emergency. Coordinated, comprehensive action is long overdue.
Report shows thousands of public servants test positive for opinions | Aug 31 2015 | James Bunting | A new report by the Conservative government shows that over 12,000 federal public servants have tested positive for opinions.
Punishing birdwatching songwriter ensures 'Harperman' a place in Canadian folk canon | Aug 31 2015 | J. Baglow | The spitefulness of the Harper regime, in one anecdote: suspending a folksinger who tracks birds for a living at Environment Canada. Time for us all to lift our voices.
GroundWire | August 31, 2015: Immigration detainees call for inquest, Grassy Narrows state of emergency | Aug 31 2015 | GroundWire | On this episode of GroundWire: immigration detainees call for inquest, Pacific Northwest LNG, and Grassy Narrows state of emergency.
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Is your candidate willing to spend $2.04 per person per week to solve the housing crisis? | Aug 31 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Harper is set to cut housing funds and destroy more social safety nets.
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Carding and Toronto police practices called into question | Aug 31 2015 | Thomas Saczkowski | Carding practices continue to be a contentious issue because of the amount of data being collected and the discrimination against racialized populations. What can and should be done about carding?
Grassy Narrows declares a state of emergency over poor water quality | Aug 29 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | On August 27, 2015, the First Nations community of Grassy Narrows declared a state of emergency over the unsafe drinking water.
Fair Vote Canada--Campaign 2015 | Aug 28 2015 | Organizing across Canada for proportional representation
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Why privacy matters this Canadian election | Aug 28 2015 | Kevin Grandia | After Bill C-51, the line between watching your back and watching over your back is pretty clear.
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The crimes of summer unaddressed by the federal election | Aug 28 2015 | Matthew Behrens | As the leaders of Canada's major political parties continue election campaigning, there appears to be little interest in addressing Canada's role in war crimes and dangerous military escalations. Why?
How do you think the parties are doing when it comes to our digital future? | Aug 27 2015 | David Christopher | OpenMedia wants to hear from Canadians -- how would you rate the political parties on delivering privacy, affordable access, and free expression?
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One year after the ceasefire and the war on Gaza is not over | Aug 26 2015 | John Soos | On the first anniversary of the supposed ceasefire in the Gaza War, it is time for us to insist Canada uphold its obligations under international law and demand an end to war crimes in Palestine.

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Election Day Song from The Tra La Las - "Harper is the Root of All Evil" dan kellar said... hmmm, it seems the embed did not work.... well check it on youtube:
Big Brother Harper wants to watch all of you... Soulforger said... The reason why I am so focused on an issue like this is due to my IT experience. Would the bill...
Manfesto for the Coalation to Change Torture Laws McLaren said... Before such an undertaking with a misspelled heading could be undertaken, a public friendly PGP...
Woman was jailed infinitely for taking prison staff hostage sanizadeh said...   This seems a huge injustice! How could this be allowed to happen in Canada?   This...
Another JDL anti Muslim Hatefest this week in Toronto milo204 said... notice how they equate "jews" with israel as in "join us to stop "campus lies against jews"... any...
More Battles "The Right's War on Women" & a Little or no coverage Hellebor said...  Well, I've had 2 views & no comments... Yup. We have Nothing to say. in
What do you recommend from Canada's challenged book list? rowena flowers said... Interesting to read the titles of books challenged in 2010 -- I confess I'd never heard of any of...
G20: Who ordered the police to break their principles? Slumberjack said... The cops have no principles, other than those dispensed upon the public by their corporate...
Starlight tour a fake? Mischief charges laid against maud... Unionist said... The outcome of this particular incident changes nothing with regard to the general truth about the...

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The Steelworkers Humanity Fund: Supporting refugees in struggle
The Steelworkers Humanity Fund is making $100,000 available to sponsor Syrian refugees to Canada and contributing $40,000 to support Oxfam's emergency relief efforts for Burundian refugees.

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