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Challenging the marginalization of African refugees | Jul 13 2016 | Scott Neigh | Kimbra Yohannes and Daniel Tseghay talk about the work of We Welcome African Refugees.
Angel Cordero served 13 years for another man's crime. Here's his story. | Jul 13 2016 | Gilad Cohen | Angel Cordero spent 13 years in prison for a crime that another man confessed to. He talks to us about coming home, rebuilding his life, and his ongoing fight for justice.
Image: Flickr/niXerKG
Abolishing the police is a solution we need to start taking seriously | Jul 8 2016 | Michael Stewart | Why do we need police? It's a provocative question -- but the lies we are told about the threat of racialized bodies are equaled only by the lies we are told about the virtuous role of the police.
Photo: flickr/Michael Kazarnowicz
Phobias, mental health and pride: A QPOC perspective | Jun 30 2016 | Rahim Thawer | "I want us to be in rage about homophobia, transphobia and racism. That would be healing. That would warrant a sense of pride."
This is what NIMBY sounds like | Jun 28 2016 | Cathy Crowe | The NIMBY homeless variety is pure and simple discrimination. If we hear it, we should stop it.
Brexit was not about the EU. It was about Britishness | Jun 25 2016 | Raluca Bejan | Brexit was not for the EU nor against it. It was about British citizens representing their common and shared belonging, and about the affirmation of such belonging.
Photo: flickr/Viola Ng
McGill drops legal battle over access to information request | Jun 24 2016 | Sophia Reuss | McGill University agreed to give Demilitarize McGill student Cadence O'Neal access to documents related to the CFD lab's military research after a four years of legal battles.
Photo courtesy of Murray Lumley
No more arms deals in Canada | Jun 23 2016 | Kevin Shimmin | "I understand why you are here. It's a horrible deal." Canada's continued participation in the arms trade needs to end. Kevin Shimmin offers his experience and perspective.
The most powerful case for the U.S. war resisters | Jun 23 2016 | Alex Kerner | 'Let Them Stay' is a powerful account of the war resisters and their campaign as well as an important political tool as our current government considers whether to allow former soldiers to stay.
Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/flickr
Saying no to Canada's death game | Jun 22 2016 | Matthew Behrens | In a reminder that the warfare state is never affected by who gets elected in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals are about to embark on a militaristic spending spree that will draw no opposition.
What is the VPD hiding? Pro-privacy groups are digging deeper for answers on Stingray use | Jun 21 2016 | Marie Aspiazu | VPD admitted it doesn't have the device, but recent revelations on RCMP use of Stingrays raise doubts on whether these devices have been used by other law enforcement agencies.
New committee will oversee spies: Start of a C-51 overhaul? | Jun 17 2016 | Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau government will set up a parliamentary committee to oversee all security and intelligence activities. But that will be just the beginning of fixing what is wrong with C-51.

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Trudeau Liberals fail to defend civil liberties
In May, a Federal Court Justice ruled the National Security Certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah as unreasonable but now the Trudeau government is appealing that decision.

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