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Former Justice Department lawyer and whistleblower Edgar Schmidt is suing his ol
Harper's hit list: Voices-Voix says Conservatives are dismantling democracy | Sep 25 2015 | Dennis Gruending | The Voices-Voix coalition says that former Justice Department lawyer Edgar Schmidt and Aboriginal activist Cindy Blackstock are just two of many people on Harper's Hit List.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Push to welcome refugees to Canada intensifies with month-long call to action | Sep 24 2015 | Fatima Syed | Multimedia project Never Home has brought the impact and reality of the Harper government's immigration policies over a decade to life and fuelled a movement to welcome refugees to Canada.
'Refugees Welcome' rallies expose Canada's broken immigration system | Sep 23 2015 | Lenée Son | In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis and the death of a three-year-old Syrian-Kurdish boy Alan Kurdi, activist group No One Is Illegal is calling for a month of action.
UN report card on Canada's human rights record | Sep 23 2015 | The UN's first report card on Canada in 10 years measures whether the country has met its human rights obligations.
Fighting for access to education for undocumented migrants in Montreal | Sep 23 2015 | Scott Neigh | Steve Baird talks about the Education Across Borders collective and the fight to win unimpeded access to school for undocumented migrant children.
Photo: Sarah Hassanein
Muslim youth debate leaves Conservatives in the dust | Sep 23 2015 | Aaliya Khan | On Friday Sept. 18, representatives from the major parties spoke to an audience of predominantly young and Muslim individuals. What issues took centre stage during this discussion?
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Harper's 'old-stock Canadians' comment and cuts to health care for refugees | Sep 22 2015 | Brent Patterson | During the leaders' debate this past Thursday, Conservative leader Stephen Harper addressed cuts to refugee health coverage. Much has been rightly made of his use of the term "old-stock Canadians."
Photo: flickr/ European Commission DG ECHO
Eritrean refugee crisis continues to escalate due to Canadian mining | Sep 21 2015 | Michael Stewart | The third-largest group crossing the Mediterranean is fleeing Eritrea, home to one of the most corrupt and brutal regimes in the world, and Canadian mining companies.
Photo: Dennis S. Hurd/flickr
Are you sure you can vote under Harper's Unfair Elections Act? | Sep 21 2015 | Ralph Surette | Are you sure you can vote this election? The centrepiece of the Harper government's assault on democratic process, the Fair Elections Act, may stand in your way.
Amnesty has it right: Decriminalization reaffirms sex worker rights | Sep 21 2015 | Marcus A. Sibley | Amnesty International's decision to support decriminalization of sex work has been met with controversy in the progressive community. Marcus Sibley discusses how this decision supports sex workers.
Report: The alarming impact of the Harper Government's war on data | Sep 21 2015 | Our ability to know about people, communities and issues is disappearing
The Young, Canadian and Muslim livecast debate | Sep 21 2015 | Maya Bhullar | What are the parties saying about issues important to the Muslim community?

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Election Day Song from The Tra La Las - "Harper is the Root of All Evil" dan kellar said... hmmm, it seems the embed did not work.... well check it on youtube:
Big Brother Harper wants to watch all of you... Soulforger said... The reason why I am so focused on an issue like this is due to my IT experience. Would the bill...
Manfesto for the Coalation to Change Torture Laws McLaren said... Before such an undertaking with a misspelled heading could be undertaken, a public friendly PGP...
Woman was jailed infinitely for taking prison staff hostage sanizadeh said...   This seems a huge injustice! How could this be allowed to happen in Canada?   This...
Another JDL anti Muslim Hatefest this week in Toronto milo204 said... notice how they equate "jews" with israel as in "join us to stop "campus lies against jews"... any...
More Battles "The Right's War on Women" & a Little or no coverage Hellebor said...  Well, I've had 2 views & no comments... Yup. We have Nothing to say. in
What do you recommend from Canada's challenged book list? rowena flowers said... Interesting to read the titles of books challenged in 2010 -- I confess I'd never heard of any of...
G20: Who ordered the police to break their principles? Slumberjack said... The cops have no principles, other than those dispensed upon the public by their corporate...
Starlight tour a fake? Mischief charges laid against maud... Unionist said... The outcome of this particular incident changes nothing with regard to the general truth about the...

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Council of Canadians
Civil society groups call on Trudeau to launch full public consultation before introducing C-51 reforms
Organizations and academic experts say that following last week’s tragic events in Paris, it’s especially important that the government consult Canadians before introducing its C-51 reform package.

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