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Find the C-51 protest in your community | Mar 13 2015 | rabble staff | Do you want to protest against Bill C-51? Not sure where you can join in? Look no further, we've got a list of protests, some online petitions, and a press release for you right here.
In Case You Missed It: Rights Are Important | Mar 13 2015 | Scott Vrooman | Keeping people safe is not the most important function of government.
civil liberties demonstration
March 14 -- National Day of Action to Stop Bill C-51 | Mar 12 2015 | Maya Bhullar | Find out about all the Bill C-51 actions planned in 43 cities across Canada this weekend.
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Toolkit for Citizen Action: James Boothroyd's three part series in the Tyee | Mar 12 2015 | As citizen stand up for their rights, it is important to learn from previous actions
The limits and possibilities of dissent in an age of militarized policing | Mar 12 2015 | Sarah Hipworth | Author Lesley Wood sheds light on the dynamics of protest policing and how these will be affected with legislation like Bill C-51.
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C-51 hearings begin in Ottawa. We'll be watching. | Mar 11 2015 | Stuart Trew | The CCPA will be contributing to the important debate on C-51 through a compendium of the hearings -- the testimony presented and the response of government and opposition MPs.
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Bill C-51 wants you to stop protesting in support of Palestinians | Mar 11 2015 | Paul Weinberg | Stephen Harper has described the BDS movement as the "new anti-Semitism." What does this now mean in the light of anti-terror legislation Bill C-51?
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Reject fear: Stand up against the attack on civil liberties | Mar 11 2015 | Four former PMs have condemned Bill C-51. Stand up against this bill.
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ISIS, Harper and the true threat to Canada

 | Mar 10 2015 | Heather Morgan | Is it a coincidence the Harper government has brought in Bill C-51 now? No it is not. And, it further identifies that we need to get off the Harper path.
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Bill C-51: Labour must confront radical legislation with radical action | Mar 9 2015 | Nora Loreto | Opposing Bill C-51 is the most important fight right now.
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Time to repeal Canada's blasphemy law | Mar 6 2015 | Joyce Arthur | We must defend and exercise the right to blasphemy, not criminalize it, or silence ourselves out of fear. One small start would be to repeal Canada's blasphemy law as an unconstitutional anachronism.
Not Rex: On the Harper government's xenophobic policies | Mar 6 2015 | Humberto DaSilva | A Quebec justice just nixed a Muslim woman's legal case because she would not hoist her hijab.

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Toronto Call to Action: Tomorrow, Tuesday October 12th THIS IS WHAT A DEMONSTRATION LOOKS LIKE! Cytizen H said... Please come out to this!!! Show them we will not be silenced. Show them an attack on one of us is...
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Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Postal workers concerned about Bill C-51
The union representing 51,000 postal workers is adding its voice to the growing chorus of concerns over Bill C-51, the federal government's sweeping national security bill.

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