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Stephen Harper attacks the 'evils of communism.' But what of the victims of capitalism? | Jun 2 2014 | rabble staff | In a speech in Toronto this weekend, Stephen Harper attacks the "evils of communism," and raises money to build a memorial for its "victims" in Ottawa.
Photo: Michelle Weinroth
Palestinian art exhibit under siege seeks free expression | Jun 2 2014 | Michelle Weinroth | Rehab Nazzal held an art exhibit titled "Invisible" which offers an artistic perspective on the legacy of Israel's occupation of Palestine. However, some believe it reflects "a culture of hate."
Photo: flickr/Leo Fung
B.C. apology to Chinese community highlights ongoing racism towards migrant workers | May 30 2014 | Amy Cohen, Elise Hahn | The racist immigration laws and labour policies that caused family separation and damage in the Chinese community continue to inflict these damages on migrant workers' families.
Does the right to housing belong in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms? | May 29 2014 | Pro Bono, Shelina Ali | This week, the Ontario Court of Appeal is hearing an appeal of a 2013 court decision on the right to housing, which raises the question of whether housing rights are embodied in the Charter.
Extreme copyright laws bring art crashing down to earth | May 29 2014 | Eva Prkachin | The tale of Chris Hadfield's Bowie cover reveals the need for sharing rules that make sense in the 21st century.
Photo: flickr/James Nord
Government releases new criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Program | May 29 2014 | Edward C. Corrigan | Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander announced the new list for the Federal Skilled Worker Program on April 23.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Mourning the 'War on Terror's' ungrievable casualties | May 28 2014 | Azeezah Kanji | What is at stake in the question of which deaths we mark and mourn and which we marginalize and ignore? The National September 11 Memorial Museum and drone warfare are a reminder of this question.
Photo: flickr/Mika Hiironniemi
Organizing precarious workers: Workers' centres open their doors | May 28 2014 | H.G. Watson | There is a race to the bottom with the low-wage agenda, which involves pitting workers against each other. We need to challenge this and look to how we have connections not divisions.
Photo: flickr/Caleb Roenigk
Organizing precarious workers: Looking for a new model | May 27 2014 | H.G. Watson | The first in a three-part series from H.G. Watson on precarious work, and organizing precarious workers.
We're taking your online privacy concerns straight to Parliament and we need to hear from you | May 27 2014 | Eva Prkachin | OpenMedia's Steve Anderson has been invited to speak to MPs at a key meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.
Photo: flickr/vtgard
Canadian jobs vs. Jobs in Canada: Dangerous discourse in the TFW debate | May 26 2014 | Julia Smith | Media keep asking who is to blame for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and what it means for Canadian jobs. But this discourse is misleading and obscuring the real problem, and solution.
25 years after Tiananmen Ask President Xi Jinping to implement China’s constitution | May 26 2014 | Speak out on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

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Fact sheet: Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Confused about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program? Here is a break down of the changes and what they mean.

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