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Photo: Idle No More Toronto Facebook page
Occupations of INAC offices continue in solidarity with Attawapiskat | Apr 14 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | Idle No More protesters and allies are occupying Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada offices in Toronto and Winnipeg in solidarity with the Attawapiskat community to demand action.
Why OpenMedia is asking the federal Privacy Commissioner to investigate the use of Stingray cell phone surveillance | Apr 13 2016 | Laura Tribe | Our complaint has triggered a federal investigation into this secretive spying technology.
Art by Andrei Venal, April 1 2016
Rice not bullets: Social and climate justice for Filipino farmers | Apr 12 2016 | Chaya Ocampo Go | Filipino-Canadian grassroots organizations and their supporters respond to the violence against Filipino farmers.
Photo: flickr/NCDOTcommunications
From exploitation to employment: Undoing Canada's sheltered workshop system | Apr 12 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Thousands of intellectually disabled adults in Canada are earning less than $2 an hour under sheltered workshop programs. Teuila Fuatai investigates the situation.
Refugee children
26,000 Syrian refugees have now arrived in Canada. | Apr 11 2016 | Maya Bhullar | Now what? How are we addressing their needs? The Activist Toolkit interviews people on the frontlines.
Photo: Barrie Greens/flickr
Canadians detained abroad need more than 'responsible conviction' | Apr 8 2016 | Monia Mazigh | "Responsible conviction" is the guiding principle Stéphane Dion has proposed for extending help to Canadians detained abroad. What's missing are concrete commitments in Canadian foreign policy.
How to combat Islamophobia in the media | Apr 8 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | Combatting Islamophobia in media was the focus of a panel discussion in Vancouver. Urooba Jamal, Itrath Syed and Sunera Thobani shared their firsthand experiences and solutions on how to move forward.
Photo: flickr/ David Robert Bliwas
Federal government quietly lifts cap on temporary foreign workers in seasonal industries | Apr 8 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | The federal government's exemption to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program fails to fix underlying problems around unsustainable business practices and workers' rights, argue workers' groups.
Our obligation to Omar Khadr | Apr 8 2016 | Kathleen Copps | The Free Omar Khadr Committee has launched a letter-writing campaign that calls on the Canadian government to finally fully address our obligation to Omar Khadr.
Photo: Kate Raynes-Goldie/flickr
G20 class-action lawsuits to proceed as Canada readies for G7 in 2018 | Apr 7 2016 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians welcomes the class-action lawsuits representing the more than 1,000 people whose civil rights were violated at the G20 summit on June 26-27, 2010 in Toronto.
Image: Megaphone Magazine
Homeless deaths in B.C. spike by 70% from previous year, report finds | Apr 7 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | rabble spoke with Megaphone Executive Director, Sean Condon, about its recent report on homeless deaths in B.C. and what can be done, especially by the provincial government, to end homelessness.
Photo: David Coombs
Black Lives Matter. Tweets don't. | Apr 7 2016 | Cheryl Thompson | A controversial tweet by a Black Lives Matter TO founder has incited a media frenzy to delegitimize the BLMT movement based on the "findings" from one radio talk show host.

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Arab Spring-->American Fall-->Canadian Autumn? SEPTEMBER 17TH Gabriel Sinduda said... CANADIAN FALL * SEPTEMBER 17th 2011 * BAY STREET * TORONTO
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Government going back for more vigilantes to go after enemies of the state. johnpauljones said... considering the disgusting record of the government of canada over the last 60 years in...
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Omar Khadr documentary - too hot for the CBC? M. Spector said... Babblers in Ontario who don't care about the Stanley Cup will have an opportunity to see You Don't...
Harper extending personal control to oversight of national security and intelligence gathering N.Beltov said... First Nations under Surveillance by Harper regime. Quote:Internal documents from Indian Affairs...

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United Food and Commercial Workers
On December 24, we remember victims of Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy
December 24 marks the sixth anniversary of the Christmas Eve scaffold tragedy, in which four migrant workers were killed and another seriously injured.

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