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How are we, as Canadians, benefiting from the Israeli military apparatus? | Jul 1 2015 | Find out if your pension money is invested in companies that are supporting the Israeli military and tell them to reinvest the money.
The Liberals proved their passion for 'democratic reform' with Bill C-51 | Jun 30 2015 | Scott Vrooman | If the Liberals were serious about Canadian democracy, they wouldn't have supported the radical, regressive democratic reform of Bill C-51.
Photo: flickr/Mars discovery district
Here are the new requirements for Canadian citizenship | Jun 26 2015 | Edward C. Corrigan | On June 11, new requirements were made mandatory for Canadian citizenship. In many cases it has become more difficult to obtain citizenship. Here are the changes.
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Removing Confederate flag is a start, but systemic change still needed | Jun 25 2015 | Amy Goodman | The symbol of the Southern states' rebellion and secession, of waging war to protect slavery, may be less visible. But the fight for equality continues.
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It's Liberal vs. New Democrat as de facto campaign begins | Jun 25 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | NDPers have been attacking Liberals since Jack Layton skewered Michael Ignatieff for poor attendance. The Liberals' favourite attack on the NDP is the unfair one about "separation based on one vote."
Source: Women Who Choose to Live
Canadian woman faces 33 years in U.S. prison for protecting kids from abusive father | Jun 24 2015 | Matthew Behrens | Under Canada's woefully unfair Extradition Act, the U.S. is seeking a Canadian mother for an alleged violation of a highly problematic custody order, which threatens to pull her family apart.
GroundWire | June 22, 2015: Refugee health care, Bill C-24, two-spirit leadership | Jun 23 2015 | GroundWire | The latest episode of Groundwire features the National Day of Action for Refugee Health Care, Red Jam Slam Radio Festival, Bill C-24, two-spirit leadership in Thunder Pride and more.
Photo: Anthony Easton/flickr
A welcoming home for refugees: Removing stigma, increasing support | Jun 19 2015 | Ray Silviius, Terra Pool | For refugees to achieve a "home," increased support for housing, publicly supported community-based organizations, and progressive public sentiments of inclusiveness are necessary.
Photo: Stop FastTrack/flickr
Chalk one up for democracy: U.S. wins victory over TPP trade deal | Jun 19 2015 | Rick Salutin | Free trade once got by on theory and jargon: It's free, it's trade -- what could go wrong? But now, decades on, there's some reality to test it against.
Free trade agreements enshrine corporate rights | Jun 18 2015 | Redeye Collective | When governments try to protect the environment or promote the local economy, free trade agreements allow companies to sue for billions of dollars for lost profits. Murray Dobbin explains how.
Dear Ryan: Stand up for law and order! | Jun 18 2015 | Linda Leon | If Bill C-59 passes unamended, future sitting governments and public institutions will be able to avoid scrutiny and possible criminal prosecution.
New report shows Canada's wireless rates are (still) among the worst in the world | Jun 18 2015 | Laura Tribe | Canadians pay some of the highest telecom prices in the industrialized world.

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What do you recommend from Canada's challenged book list? rowena flowers said... Interesting to read the titles of books challenged in 2010 -- I confess I'd never heard of any of...
G20: Who ordered the police to break their principles? Slumberjack said... The cops have no principles, other than those dispensed upon the public by their corporate...
Starlight tour a fake? Mischief charges laid against maud... Unionist said... The outcome of this particular incident changes nothing with regard to the general truth about the...
Bills C-36 and C-510: Rule of law over in Canada milo204 said... this law is anti democratic, will end up stealing billions from much needed social programs, etc...
Ombudsman charges G20 secret law was ‘illegal’ Le T said... McGuinty Responds: Link in
Workshop on Suing the Police: Toronto: Dec 11 and Dec 16 Cueball said... Cool. Maybe I will check that out. in
Ombudsman Oversight of Children's Aid Societies Fidel said... afterfostercare wrote:1. I know two mothers being pursued by CAS who committed suicide because they...


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