Activist Toolkit weekly roundup: Action against Guantanamo, zine making, squatting guide and event organizing | Jan 12 2012 | Steffanie Pinch | This week's roundup highlights guides to public outreach for activists, self-publishing and anti-racist workshop guides.
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Dismantling racism workshop resource guide | Jan 12 2012 | A resource guide that goes over what to include in a dismantling racism workshop
Big Charity: Who gets turned away at United Way? | Nov 26 2011 | Aalya Ahmad | 'Tis the season for United Way workplace fundraising campaigns. But in Ottawa, a coalition of concerned people is asking: Is Big Charity getting too big for our communities?
People are asking for protection from corporate greed and wrongdoing -- will Canada's politicians finally give it? | Oct 13 2011 | Duff Conacher | Two coalitions have been pushing for corporate responsibility changes for more than a decade. As Occupy Canada demonstrators join this movement, will politicians finally take action?
'The most important election of my lifetime' | May 2 2011 | Elizabeth Littlejohn | Imagine: Yoko Ono pulled the plug on Stephen Harper -- today, at last, voters have a chance to do this themselves at the ballot box.
Elections Canada warns of false poll location information | May 2 2011 | rabble staff | Voters are receiving automated calls at home that tell them to go to polling stations that have nothing to do with their ridings. The scale of the scheme is national. Innocent mistake? Incompetence?
Harper plays the phony percentages of first-past-the-post | Apr 29 2011 | Radha Jhappan | In 2008, Conservatives got twice as many votes as the NDP -- 5,204,468 to 2,516,935 -- but almost four times as many seats. They did not 'win' the last two elections: they just lost them less badly.
A number is never just a number -- Election jawdroppers | Apr 29 2011 | Hennessy's Index | The Hennessy Index is a monthly listing of numbers, written by the CCPA's Trish Hennessy, about Canada and its place in the world. This month -- the federal election.
Prime minister versus Parliament: Democracy demands Conservative defeat | Apr 26 2011 | Duncan Cameron | In the event the Harper government fails to achieve a majority but wins the most seats, the opposition members of parliament must join together, and vote to bring down his government.
It's strategic voting -- or Harper! | Apr 22 2011 | Kathleen O'Hara | If we want to defeat Harper and create a more progressive Canada, we have to go beyond partisan interests -- and vote strategically.
A letter to progressive friends | Apr 12 2011 | Duncan Cameron | What is needed now is engagement and support for the most progressive option available, which is most likely your NDP candidate.
A coalition is good for Canada, good for parliamentary democracy | Apr 9 2011 | Cheryl McNamara | A group of citizens have formed Canadians for Coalition to educate the public on the validity of coalition governments, and encourage the Liberals and NDP to consider this option.

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Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions Mr. Magoo said... I'm not saying this to heckle, but realistically, how important do you think that Israel/Palestine...
What are your opinions on voting strategically to dethrone King Stephen ? KenS said... Since this is MUCH discussed in other threads, its thread duplication. People then feel deriven to...
Bullet points for electoral coalition. If you support cooperation, do these speak for you? kropotkin1951 said... Well if the Liberal Party was progressive this might make some sense. Of course when a political...
SGX Nifty Caissa said... Can one trade Mubarak futures? in
Why To Occupy? In Favour of the 99% Gabriel Sinduda said... NEW WEBSITE ONLINE NOW! in
Hello from The Redneck Party USA redneckparty said... in
Harper: "Electoral reform might well revive the left" vermonster said... Thanks rfugger for pulling up this actually quite insightful and intelligent analysis by Harper...
Strategic Voting = Harper Life, the universe, everything said... That article should be retitled to reflect reality.  Strategic voting will get you Harper...
Desperate Liberals trot out abortion bogey-man simonvallee said... I think the threat is real. That's the way the Conservatives are approaching the social issues...
This pesky coalition business al-Qa'bong said... The 800 lb elephant standing on Stevie-boy's tongue when he knocks the supposed coalition of other...

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