It's strategic voting -- or Harper! | Apr 22 2011 | Kathleen O'Hara | If we want to defeat Harper and create a more progressive Canada, we have to go beyond partisan interests -- and vote strategically.
A letter to progressive friends | Apr 12 2011 | Duncan Cameron | What is needed now is engagement and support for the most progressive option available, which is most likely your NDP candidate.
A coalition is good for Canada, good for parliamentary democracy | Apr 9 2011 | Cheryl McNamara | A group of citizens have formed Canadians for Coalition to educate the public on the validity of coalition governments, and encourage the Liberals and NDP to consider this option.
A coalition: Still the only way out | Oct 25 2010 | Murray Dobbin | The NDP should create a new politics rooted in a moral imperative, not in tactical maneuvering on home heating, and call for a coalition that could advance those values.
In-depth conversation with Israel's Gideon Levy. Venezuela's upcoming election. | Sep 23 2010 | Ashley Titterton, Michael Welch, Mitch Podolak | Alert! Radio #157 - Interviews with Gideon Levy, James Petras and Joshua Key. Around the Left in 7 Days and Music is the Weapon.
Stiffed with the bill: A private banquet at civil society's expense | Sep 22 2010 | Elizabeth Littlejohn | Nowhere is the civil society being served or protected -- by our police, by our elected representatives, by our city councilors, our mayor, or by our media.
Stephen Harper at the World Economic Forum. Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr
Harper's lousy, pre-election summer: A review | Aug 12 2010 | Kathleen O'Hara | It took many poorly constructed policy bricks to build the power tower the Conservative Party lives in as they rule Canada. But many of the bricks are cracked, and the edifice looks set to tumble.
The next election and after | Jun 8 2010 | Duncan Cameron | The PM and MPs are already posturing for the future of the Conservative Party, while Ignatieff ponders the eternal question 'To coalition or not to coalition?'
Budget Bill C-9 masks Harper's hard right legislative goals | May 31 2010 | Murray Dobbin | If the Liberals cannot overcome their fear of coalition they will continue their decline and bear responsibility for future assaults on the nation by Stephen Harper.
Jack Layton speaks at an anti-prorogation rally in Ottawa on Jan. 23, 2010. Photo: Xiaozhuli/flickr
Jack Layton: 'We've had three elections in seven years... and we're making progress' | May 13 2010 | Murray Dobbin | The NDP leader talks to about past strategies and future plans.
Harper's hitlist: The case for electoral reform and coalition | May 5 2010 | Murray Dobbin | This is the last in a monumental, 10-part investigation into Prime Minister Stephen Harper's willingness to jettison Canada's democratic traditions.
A coalition solution to Canada's democracy crisis | May 3 2010 | Murray Dobbin | The Liberals are still, inexplicably in my view, blocking a coalition. We have no time to lose if we are going to fight back against the attack on progressive Canadian values.

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