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Le Forum social des peuples ou comment réparer des pots cassés … | Jul 21 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | Il se pose donc de nouvelles conditions pour défaire le divide and rule. L’occasion du Forum social des peuples survient à point. Pour avancer, il faudra du courage.
Transforming knowledge: The People's University, a cooperative project by Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme and Canadian Dimension | Jul 21 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | NCS and Canadian Dimension, with a host of people's movements across the land, are organizing a wide platform of discussions that will occur during the People’s Social Forum.
Fighting to Win: People's University at the Peoples Social Forum | Jul 3 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | A full day of workshops exploring the big questions for activists in Canada, brought to you by the Nouveaux cahiers de socialisme and Canadian Dimension Magazine.
VIDEO: Peoples Social Forum - Update on plans for Ottawa in August | Jul 3 2014 | rabble staff | Discussion of plans for the forum including plans for marches, opportunities for groups to propose workshops, and plans for convergence assemblies to address common goals and strategies.
Canadian Imperialism and Militarism: Fighting Back -- an event at the People's Social Forum | Jul 2 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | The People's Social Forum is coming to Ottawa. Canadian Imperialism and Militarism: Fighting Back is an event and planning assembly organzied by the Nouveaux Cahiers de Socialisme.
WIN! Supreme Court rules in favour of Tsilhqot'in title! | Jun 26 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Supreme Court of Canada grants declaration to Tsilhquot'in that they have Aboriginal title to their lands and that the BC Forestry Act does not apply over their lands.
Ben Peterson On Social Change, Newsana and Responsible Journalism | Jun 23 2014 | Face2Face | Ben on social change, Newsana and how Ghana’s first free election changed his worldview and why journalism is a stepping stone to something greater.
The People's Social Forum as seen from Quebec | Jun 22 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | For a meaningful dialogue at the People's Social Forum in Ottawa this August, social movements need to be prepared to look at themselves 'in the mirror.'
Tara Ward, Ana Guadalupe Matzier,  Alma Brooks and Rachel Warden outside the UN
Indigenous women unite at UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues | Jun 6 2014 | Rachel Warden | The Honouring Indigenous Women’s delegation to the UN brought together women to highlight the gendered impacts of mining and to amplify the voices of Indigenous women.
The Soldier | Mar 18 2014 | David Swanson | Paul Chappell is a former US soldier. He was stationed in Baghdad during the Iraq war. Paul discusses his experience as a soldier and provides insight into war.
The Abortion | Mar 4 2014 | David Swanson | David Swanson speaks with 'Jessica' about her experience having two abortions and how it affected her emotionally.
The Traveler: Graham Hughes' journey around the world | Feb 26 2014 | David Swanson | Graham Hughes, the first person to visit every country without using a plane, discusses his journey around the world.

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