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Reach Across the Aisle Day | Oct 13 2015 | Reaching out to different choirs
Defend veterans, defeat Harper! Veterans are mobilizing. | Sep 14 2015 | Support Veterans against conservatives
A People's Senate for Canada: Not a Pipe Dream | Sep 4 2015 | Roshini Nair | An interview with author-activist Helen Forsey about Canada's Senate and her new book "A People's Senate for Canada: Not a Pipe Dream!"
rabble radio episode 168: Get out and vote! | Sep 1 2015 | Victoria Fenner | The "thanks for wrecking our summer with your stupid election call, Stephen Harper" edition.
What's not so open about open relationships? | Aug 20 2015 | Raluca Bejan | If we already consider sleeping around as immoral -- which we do -- how much chance do we actually have in moralizing this inherent derivative immorality?
Canada Without Poverty challenges Harper audits at United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva | Jul 6 2015 | George Lessard | Canada Without Poverty denounces Income Tax Act as violation of freedom of expression and assembly in address to the United Nations.
Episode 166: Happy 10th birthday, rabble podcast network! | Jun 29 2015 | Victoria Fenner | It's our 10th birthday this year. A look back, a look forward.
The sweet sound of protest: Words and music from the Day of Action to protest Bill C-51 | Mar 15 2015 | Victoria Fenner | Speeches from Toronto's Bill C-51 Day of Action.
GroundWire | January 19, 2015: Charlie Hebdo, punk accessibility, Dalhousie dentistry | Jan 19 2015 | GroundWire | This week's episode of Groundwire covers Charlie Hebdo, accessibility in the Ottawa punk scene, and the Dalhousie dentistry scandal.
Ellen Gabriel speaks at the Peoples' Social Forum | Dec 8 2014 | Moira Donovan, Victoria Fenner | Ellen Gabriel discusses Canada's colonial history and the ways in which apathetic governments and cynical corporations perpetuate that legacy of Aboriginal oppression.
Peoples' Social Forum: Media and Movements | Nov 17 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Today's Needs No Introduction focuses on independent media, featuring a panel discussion sponsored by at the Peoples' Social Forum.
Watch: 'History is knocking at your door: will you answer?' Naomi Klein at the Peoples Social Forum. | Oct 11 2014 | rabble staff | Naomi Klein was the opening keynote speaker at the Peoples' Social Forum last August. She was introduced by Gabriel Nadeau Dubois.

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Proportional Representation: time to take action now with the new Liberal government mark_alfred said... The Liberal Party has promised that 2015 will be the last First Past The Post election. They've...
Let's save the lives of Ontario's birds mark_alfred said... Ontario Environmental watchdog blames bird deaths on the province:
Utopia thread mark_alfred said... Well, may as well add my utopian vision here.  So, some policies I'd like to see any...
Stuff the Trudeau Liberal government should do mark_alfred said... They should bring back the public financing of political parties.  I want my vote to count for...
Should fake campaign calls be criminally prosecuted? voice of the damned said... I gather from your examples that you are referring to callers impersonating Conservatives, in order...
Should the Senate be elected instead of appointed? JKR said... Amused wrote: Is there really any downside to this change? If it was elected using disproportional...
What are your opinions on voting strategically to dethrone King Stephen ? KenS said... Since this is MUCH discussed in other threads, its thread duplication. People then feel deriven to...
What new law does Canada need most in your opinion? alan smithee said... A law to significantly decrease their salaries and pensions. 4 years and then a pension? Fuck off....
Call-out for Alternative Media Assembly and the Peoples' Social Forum MegB said... Hello folks, There’s no summer lull for – we’ll be at the People’s Social...
Underground Network - What will it take to change this world? Vicky_Sask said... Your email address doesn't work. <>: Recipient address...

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Public Service Alliance of Canada
Peoples' Social Forum brings more allies in movement to protect public services
The Peoples' Social Forum brought together thousands of activists from several social movements from across the country who now have protecting quality public services on all their agendas.

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