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Alternative Media Assembly publication now out! | Aug 21 2014 | rabble staff | The Alternative Media Assembly takes place Saturday at the Peoples' Social Forum and online via livestream. Check out this publication covering some of the issues to be addressed at the Assembly.
Forum social des peuples: l'histoire en marche | Aug 21 2014 | Michel Lambert | Le tout premier Forum social des peuples (FSP) se présente à la fois comme «historique» de par ses racines et fondamentalement «révolutionnaire» de par ses ambitions.
The Peoples' Social Forum: The first day | Aug 21 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Highlights from the first day of a gathering of activists, journalists, artists and thinkers in Ottawa from across Canada.
How can we make our media more effective in contributing to social change? | Aug 19 2014 | Greg Macdougall | Overwhelming information? Visceral connection? Niching? Fostering community? Organizing?
Faire front contre la droite canadienne | Aug 19 2014 | Catherine Caron | Les chemins d’une résistance cohérente ancrée à gauche sont exigeants et conflictuels, et chose certaine, le chemin se fait en marchant ensemble.
Reinventing Democracy to Save Canada, part 1 | Aug 18 2014 | Victoria Fenner | An event co-sponsored by and the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on August 12, 2014, called "Living Consciously: Reinventing Democracy to Save Canada."
Watch LIVE August 21-24! #PSF2014 Opening Ceremony, Naomi Klein and Parliament Hill rally! | Aug 18 2014 | rabble staff | Tune in to rabbletv to watch the Peoples' Social Forum opening events LIVE!
Peoples' Social Forum: Social movements need proportional representation | Aug 17 2014 | Gary Shaul | Call-out to the Peoples' Social Forum: We need game-changers. Proportional representation is one of them.
The Peoples' Social Forum is coming to Ottawa and why you should go | Aug 17 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | This is your chance to go stand on Parliament Hill and make mean faces at Stephen Harper…
Chief Judy Wilson
Our first two days on the road to the Peoples' Social Forum | Aug 17 2014 | John Haggerty | Last night, the "On to Ottawa" Caravan finished its second day by reaching Calgary. Along the way, we've made many stops, joining gatherings and protests on the road to Ottawa.
On to Ottawa Caravan Kickoff
Kickoff event for the Western Canadian 'On to Ottawa' caravan a success | Aug 16 2014 | John Haggerty | On Thursday evening, supporters of the On to Ottawa Caravan gathered by the beach in Vancouver's Crab Park to officially kick off the journey to the 2014 Peoples' Social Forum.
Strikers Board the Train
On to Ottawa! The Western Canadian caravan leaves Vancouver | Aug 16 2014 | John Haggerty | Early Friday morning, the Western Canadian "On to Ottawa Caravan" kicked off its journey as a B.C. delegation left Vancouver on route to the Peoples' Social Forum.

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Common Causes, an assembly of social movements Rebecca West said... has also published an article about Common Causes/Causes communes here. in
Idle No More Unionist said... Thousands demonstrated across Canada on December 10 in support of this movement - Idle No More. I...
Towards a Peoples' Social Forum epaulo13 said... Building Social Movements as Instruments of Transformation Anger and discontent against the ruling...

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Public Service Alliance of Canada
Peoples' Social Forum brings more allies in movement to protect public services
The Peoples' Social Forum brought together thousands of activists from several social movements from across the country who now have protecting quality public services on all their agendas.

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