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The night before the Prime Minister comes to Calgary | Oct 31 2013 | Penney Kome | Calgary prepares for action, as Conservatives swarm to their biennial policy convention, and protesters gather outside to demonstrate their concerns.
Live tonight from Yellowknife! Maude Barlow on our Blue Future | Oct 30 2013 | rabble staff | Watch live as the Council of Canadians' Maude Barlow launches Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever.
Watch LIVE from Calgary Friday! Pros and Cons: Policies for people and the planet | Oct 30 2013 | rabble staff | Join us on Friday, November 1 for a teach-in to hear from a range of provincial and national speakers about a different vision, one that focuses on progressive policies for people and the planet.
Photo: Mykl Roventine/flickr
Get news about the Conservative Convention on | Oct 29 2013 | rabble staff | Good news! You can get news about the Conservative Convention from folks who most certainly did not endorse Harper.
Global Frackdown Event in Yellowknife NWT
Global Frackdown Event in Yellowknife NWT | Oct 19 2013 | George Lessard | Video of event organized by the NWT Chapter - Council of Canadians
Karlee Sapoznik on slavery
Karlee Sapoznik on slavery and social change | Aug 31 2013 | David Peck | In this episode Karlee gets passionate about social change, making a difference and how slavery is something we should not turn a blind eye towards.
Rob Rainer on human rights
Rob Rainer on human rights and income security | Aug 30 2013 | David Peck | In this episode, Rob talks about human rights and an approach to poverty that makes a whole lot of sense.
Lindsey Higgs on gender equality
Lindsey Higgs on MTV EXIT and gender equality | Aug 30 2013 | David Peck | Lindsey touches on gender equality, our responsibility to the other and why she does what she does. She has a passion for youth engagement and social change of all kinds.
Ian Smillie
Ian Smillie on sustainability and development | Aug 30 2013 | David Peck | Ian speaks to development issues of all kinds, sustainability, how to lie with statistics and the future of development.
Forum Social des peuples : Les prochaines étapes | Jul 10 2013 | Michel Lambert | La seconde Assemblée générale du Forum social des peuples qui s’est tenue les 2 et 3 juillet dernier à Edmonton s’est soldé par plusieurs importantes avancées.
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Real-time resistance: Global Power Shift kicks off in Istanbul | Jun 28 2013 | Joshua Kahn Russell | Global Power Shift marks the first international gathering organized by young climate activists, for young climate activists, that has taken place outside of United Nations climate negotiations.
How my grandfather taught me to be an ally in the fight against the tar sands | Jun 28 2013 | Emma Pullman | Emma Pullman is writing stories from impacted communities on the front lines of the tar sands in the lead up to the 4th Annual Healing Walk. Here is her first entry in this new series.

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