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Michael Moore's Latest Movie

"Who To Invade Next"

Has antbody seen it yet? Is it worth seeing? Could it be that in this time of protest against the establshment Michael's agenda is going to be widely accepted? In the past he's made a hit in Canada and elsewhere but he didn't quite push the buttons of people in the US. The leftist establishement just hasn't been ready for the antiwar agenda. Now, amongst Sanders and maybe Trump supporters, there is a whisper of hope. Could they come over to support a good job on antiwar entertainment even though they are completely enthralled with their guns, their camo gear, and their WMD's. And of course their hate for Muslim that has been built up out of fear?

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Harper Legacy? Hypocrit Rapist of Human Rights & Willing Accomplice Of U.S. Gangsters & Smugglers?

Sounds a little extreme eh?  But if the shoe fits...

There was once a time when Canada, Sweden, and the Dutch were hailed as the true human rights champions of the world, but that was B.H. - "Before Harper".  No other Canadian leader in history would have allowed;

1. Canadian citizen Maher Arar to be kidnapped and tortured by American agents of terror

2. American whistle blower and author Bruce Gorcyca to be subjected to a fake extradition while his refugee claim for asylum is ignored for 8 years despite having Canadian wife and children


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