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Should fake campaign calls be criminally prosecuted?

Many people complained they are getting inflammatory calls from one party or another with bizarre campaign pledges to lock up gays, build more pipelines and even ban immigrants for a five year moratorium in the name of XYZ party.  While some people are smart enough to recognize the calls as foul play, most are getting outraged and alienated by the party they think is calling. This impersonation IMO is technically election fraud.  SHould it be traced and prosecuted in your opinion?  I think we have to draw the line somewhere and this is a good and easy place to start.

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What new law does Canada need most in your opinion?

My suggestion would make it mandatory for any sitting PM, Senator, and MP take a polygraph examination every 6 months asking them if they committed any felony crime or breach of trust or ethics. Those that fail the test can resign or be referred to our boys in red for follow-up.

Aug 20, 2015

What's not so open about open relationships?

Raluca Bejan
If we already consider sleeping around as immoral -- which we do -- how much chance do we actually have in moralizing this inherent derivative immorality?

People's University: Rethink Freedom

Aug 20, 2015 to Aug 24, 2015
UQAM Montreal , QC
45° 30' 6.0804" N, 73° 34' 2.1216" W
Quebec CA
Next week in Montreal (August 20-23), 300 activists from progressive social movements and the left will be gathering for the annual People’s University


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