Canada-EU trade deal: A bad trade for women | Dec 19 2014 | Amy Wood | The government boasts that CETA will benefit all Canadians. Generous projections aside, does the government even know how the agreement will affect Canadian men and women? The answer is "no."
Photo: GGAADD/flickr
TISA leak reveals U.S. demands would impact net neutrality, data protection | Dec 18 2014 | Scott Harris | A new leak of U.S. proposals to the ongoing Trade In Services Agreement reveals that U.S. negotiators are seeking sweeping obligations that would lift restrictions on data storage and other rules.
Watch: Wealth inequality in Canada | Dec 18 2014 | Broadbent Institute | Is wealth inequality a problem in Canada? Short answer: yes.
B.C. still has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada | Dec 17 2014 | Trish Garner | The latest poverty statistics were released by Statistics Canada last Wednesday, and the data once again shows that British Columbia has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada.
Photo: Tiffany Bailey/flickr
Economics 101: Questioning conventional economics as we know it | Dec 17 2014 | David Pringle | Complex realities necessitate complex policies at a time when we are confronted with the confounding challenges like climate change and growing income inequality. Is conventional economics enough?
Photo: Alex Guibord/flickr
The Ontario auditor general's damning report on P3s | Dec 16 2014 | Toby Sanger | The report documents numerous problems with the province's P3 program and practices that should appall anyone concerned about responsible public policy and the appropriate use of public funds.
Photo: Islands in the St Lawrence/flickr (modified)
What's missing in the Great Lakes Commission's Draft report on transport of crude oil? | Dec 16 2014 | Emma Lui | The Great Lakes Commission released its draft report on the transport of crude oil in the Great Lakes region, which provides an overview of the increase of crude oil transportation in the area.
Prentice Government takes Alberta from boom to bust in one weekend, breaking all records | Dec 16 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | The sum of Friday's and yesterday's Siamese twin press releases seems for Alberta civil servants to be "the beatings will continue until morale improves!"
Photo: flickr/Jamie McCaffrey
Are Canadian politicians up to the challenge of a falling loonie economy? | Dec 16 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Dropping oil prices and a falling dollar are supposed to be good for the manufacturing sector. Do Canada's politicians have the wisdom to craft sound policies to respond to the new economic realities?
Image: wikimedia commons
OPEC sets up the rollercoaster, Albertans take a ride (again) | Dec 14 2014 | Susan Wright | Adversity focuses the mind. Unfortunately Mr. Prentice focused on protecting Big Oil from OPEC instead of Albertans from Big Oil.
Kelly Ernst
Kelly Ernst on basic income and why we can afford it | Dec 13 2014 | Face2Face | Kelly has plenty to say about basic income in Canada and why we can afford it, Viktor Frankl and the search for meaning, and why education is so important.
Photo: Dustin Quasar/flickr
Now is exactly the right time to regulate oil and gas | Dec 12 2014 | Seth Klein | We've been given a chance -- a pause in the gold rush -- to move away from mindless fossil fuel expansion. That's not crazy -- that's good sense.

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Newfoundland reconsiders EU trade support Adam T said... By Sue Bailey, The Canadian Press ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Premier Paul Davis cast Newfoundland and...
Bank of Canada Gov. says youth should consider working for free NS said... Question, do we pay him? If so, maybe we shouldnt be paying him for the priviledge of being B of C...
MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
Conservative Cabinet to ratify Canada-China FIPA, with the Liberals cheering them on. Brachina said...  Biggest surprise about that vote is that there is still a Bloc ;p in
Visions of centralization, social programs and the fiscal imbalance Sean in Ottawa said... The Conservative position avoids the contradictions present in the Canadian federation by reducing...
PEN Canada hit with political activity tax audit Arthur Cramer said... And here it goes! in
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers...
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers,...
Graham Lane's at it Again Maradona said... Shame on the Free Press for printing such lies. in
Vancouver Real Estate Market is UNFAIR! bojji said... My second point of my argument is the following... Vancouver is a very desirable and beautiful city...

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