Keep fighting for affordable housing in Vancouver | Jul 25 2016 | Here are some ways in which you can help take action and demand housing for all.
Photo: Kevin Conor Keller/flickr
Three positive steps toward ending poverty in Canada | Jul 21 2016 | David Macdonald | It's 2016 and Canada is a long way from ending poverty, but three promising developments are about to lift almost half a million people above the poverty line.
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
Inaction threatens to stagnate Manitoba's minimum wage | Jul 21 2016 | Molly McCracken | Unless immediate action is taken, 2016 will be the first time in a generation that minimum wage workers will see their wages stagnate, resulting in fewer earnings for basics like food and shelter.
It's time for a postal banking reboot | Jul 18 2016 | Scott Vrooman | If we think competition will help Canada Post, then let them compete with banks.
Toronto Mayor John Tory goes Full Austerity Jacket | Jul 17 2016 | Michael Laxer | Now heading into the midway point of his first term, and no doubt greatly emboldened by the lack of any effective or coherent opposition to his policies, Tory's real agenda is coming into its own.
Photo: Martin Schulz/European Union 2016 - European Parliament/flickr
Canadian media is failing citizens with its reporting on corporate rights deals | Jul 15 2016 | Murray Dobbin | The Trudeau government is set on ratifying two massive investment agreements -- yet very few Canadians are informed about these deals because of our mainstream media's irresponsible reporting.
Photo: flickr/Ryan
All smoke no substance in Canada Post's pension argument | Jul 14 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Canada Post cites the $6.2-billon solvency cost as a key issue in its negotiation with workers. But Kevin Skerrett tells us that in Canada Post's case, it's not really relevant at all.
Image: Flickr/Philippe Rouzet
For disaffected Brexit voters living under austerity, what choice did they have? | Jul 13 2016 | Mel Watkins | Canadian "experts" should take note of the powerful message those most negatively affected by austerity politics just sent to their "betters" in Britain.
Screenshot: We Can Do It (Dirty Money) music video
Take down centuries of bloody money with Decolonize Now! | Jul 12 2016 | Tania Ehret | Amai Kuda, Kimalee Phillip, and Amy Desjarlais from Decolonize Now! discussed decolonizing social movements and the urgency of revolutionary change in education.
Six ways to support the work of Black Lives Matter across Canada this week | Jul 10 2016 | Allies and community, let's keep the momentum going!
Québec is gambling with Internet censorship: What is Bill 74 and how can we kill it? | Jul 8 2016 | Meghan Sali | Blatant censorship of the Internet for financial gain.
What protectionism protects | Jul 7 2016 | Scott Vrooman | How defending your environment, privacy and economy became a swear word.

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A Creative Conversation About Basic Income

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The TPP's impact on the Canadian automotive industry
The devil is in the details. The TPP threatens the Canadian automotive industry with relocation of assembly plants to the United States.

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