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What would a truly ecologically sustainable economy look like? | Oct 13 2015 | Tania Ehret | Who is really benefiting when we speak about economic growth? David Suzuki and Peter Victor discuss economic strategies and the environmental movement at a panel in Vancouver.
Image: Bill Brooks/flickr
What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for the cost of drugs | Oct 13 2015 | Scott Sinclair | The release of the final Trans-Pacific Partnership text shows that the trade deal has worrying implications for Canada, binding our country to a regulatory regime that would lock in high drug costs.
Trade Minister Ed Fast speaking in Montreal, 2014
Fact check: Canadians likely to lose more than they gain under TPP | Oct 13 2015 | Nora Loreto | The benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will likely be far outweighed by what we stand to lose.
Yet another Canadian steel factory, closed down to outsource Canadian jobs.
Conservatives once again betray Canadian jobs | Oct 13 2015 | John Cartwright | This will be the first generation of Canadians in our history to be worse off than their parents. The Conservatives are to blame.
Gensqueeze | Oct 10 2015 | Gensqueeze is analyzing party platforms and building a sandwich gen lobby. Sign up and join the lobby.
After the sands: Demand less | Oct 9 2015 | Gordon Laxer | In this final instalment of exclusive excerpts from Gordon Laxer's new book After the Sands: How to survive a resource-limited future.
Calgary, Edmonton and P.E.I. ready to host guaranteed living pilot projects | Oct 8 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Hugh Segal refers to Guaranteed Livable Income as "Quantitative easing for the common person, as opposed to big banks and car companies, which provides liquidity when required."
Image: Council of Canadians
Understanding investor-state dispute settlement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership | Oct 8 2015 | Brent Patterson | While the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not likely to be released until November 5 or later, we do know that it includes an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provision.
Image: Flickr/Broadbent Institute
Fact check: The TPP puts Big Pharma in the driver's seat of Canada's health system | Oct 8 2015 | David Molenhuis | The NDP claims the TPP will dramatically increase the price of life-saving medicines among other implications for Canada's public health-care system. Is this true?
Photo: Drew Leavy/flickr
Five reasons to defend supply management from the Trans-Pacific Partnership | Oct 8 2015 | Scott Sinclair | Here are five reasons why dairy farmers and the supply management system deserve to be fully protected from the TPP and preserved for future generations.
After the sands: Pipelines or pipe dreams | Oct 8 2015 | Gordon Laxer | In today's excerpt from Gordon Laxer's After the Sands: Pipelines were once thought of as merely ways to convey oil and natural gas. No longer. They now convey controversy.
When Volkswagen gives you lemons, make lemonade | Oct 7 2015 | Hugh Mackenzie | We need to take this episode as a wake-up call -- as a springboard for fundamentally rethinking the way corporations operate, re-balancing private versus public interests in our regulatory system.

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Are we better off with a Conservative minority instead of a Liberal minority? White Cat said... clambake wrote: Assuming the NDP can't form government, would we be in a better scenario if the...
The NDP, by far, have the most fiscally responsible record of any federal party mark_alfred said... Here's a good article on Rabble by Toby Sanger:The NDP, by far, have the most fiscally responsible...
Wrong-headed promises on Business and small business tax come down to pandering. And pandering is bad policy. Sean in Ottawa said... In fairness small business advocate organizations are also -- for the most part -- out to lunch....
Liberals Flip Flop Flip Flop on Budget Mr. Magoo said... Point taken, but that looks more like "Flip, Flip, Flop, FLOP". in
Economy / budgets mark_alfred said... Seems to be a lot of focus on the economy and on budgets recently.  Here's an article by Coyne...
Looks like the rabble campaign to elect the Liberals has begun josh said... Oh, this should be fun. in
Is the Green Party progressive? White Cat said... Other neoclassical Green policies: Pay down nominal debt. This is "crowding out" ideology....
Seeking help in London area for anti-globalization election campaign James Ede said... So apparently I did not find a way to edit top posts and now I have two versions.  Why can't...
Seeking help in London area for anti-globalization election campaign James Ede said... Sorry, I made some mistakes in that post.  Didn't notice that I accidentally pasted in a...
Greece #3 Mr. Magoo said... Quote:He had wanted to enact his “triptych” of measures earlier in the week, when the ECB first...


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By the numbers: Canada's aging population
For the first time in Canada, the number of people over the age of 65 is greater than the number of people under 14, according to new data released by Statistics Canada.

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