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Follow the Money, Part 4 -- Who owns the National Post? | Apr 17 2014 | Donald Gutstein | If two foreign interests, with little background in news, own the Canadian newspaper National Post, then is it still Canadian? Hmm, seems like they found a loophole around that.
Capitalism beware: Rethinking imagination to regain our collective purpose | Apr 17 2014 | Max Haiven | This excerpt from 'Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power' suggests the decline in the public sphere is not because capitalism is in crisis, but because capitalism is the crisis.
CANSIM Table 282-0003
Where are the jobs without people in Canada's labour market? | Apr 16 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Statistics Canada released their latest job vacancy data this week, giving us the three-month average ending in January 2014.
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Ontario budget: Don't throw taxes under the bus | Apr 16 2014 | Trish Hennessy | As Ontario inches toward a potential spring election showdown, Premier Kathleen Wynne is making clear that she wants public transit to become the ballot box question.
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A number is never just a number: Equal Pay Day facts | Apr 16 2014 | Hennessy's Index | Recognizing April 16, 2014 as Equal Pay Day is a step in the right direction. But what's still missing is a strategic plan to close the gender pay gap.
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Ontario's slow-growth economy: Better news than you might think | Apr 15 2014 | Armine Yalnizyan | In the past, an entrepreneurial state asked: what kind of future do we want, and how do we get there? Slow growth could nudge us towards those questions again.
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Fighting back against corporatocracy and Big Monopolies | Apr 15 2014 | Mark Taliano | Once freed from the devastating tentacles of the transnational monopolies, Canadians will realize that it's time to call 911 on the corporatocracy. We might then recapture real democracy and freedom.
Screenshot: Secrets of the gender pay gap revealed
Get ready for Equal Pay Day | Apr 15 2014 | Ellie Gordon-Moershel | Pay equity is not about asking for special treatment. It is a human right. Here's how to close the gender pay gap in Ontario.
Temp agency workers insist on $14 minimum wage | Apr 15 2014 | John Bonnar | An increase to $14 an hour would push minimum-wage workers to 10 per cent above the poverty line.
Counter Culture Speaker Series -- David Barsamian: Media, capitalism and climate change | Apr 14 2014 | Tanya Hill | Alternative Radio host David Barsamian was at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver for the 2014 Counter Culture Speaker Series.
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Climate change can be curtailed | Apr 11 2014 | Doug Carrick | How can climate change be changed and how is it already changing? Canada has the capacity and technology to create jobs around renewable energy, so why aren't we?
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Are CEOs panicking over a new style of tax rage brewing? | Apr 10 2014 | Linda McQuaig | For years now, public commentary about taxes has been dominated by a rabid anti-tax movement, but recent rumblings from the progressive side of the tax debate have threatened to shake things up.

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Canadians for Tax Fairness
Stock options: The billion-dollar tax loophole
Canada's wealthiest CEOs don't have to pay tax on 50 per cent of income received from cashing in company stock that they have received as part of their compensation.

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