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Why you can't expect this government do anything right- it is about priorities

The issues are being addressed as if they are economic when they aren't-- they are political.

Looking at this from a fiscal and economic point of view, the last time Canada faced a deficit problem the dollar was too low and interest rates too high. This encourages a tighter fiscal policy that makes it difficult to address weaknesses in the economy. Today the dollar is too high and interest rates are at record lows. I assume therefore that we ought to be able to print some more money which would allow the dollar to drop. A short term solution but not ineffective.

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Ontario Budget

I haven't seen another thread on this issue... If I missed it I apologise.

I look forward to reading people comments. Obviously the first thing leaked was the Harmonization of the PST and GST.

This is going over like a lead balloon.

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$16 living wage?

Here is an excerpt of yesterday's article from the Star: (


Forget dreams of a $10 minimum wage lifting thousands of workers out of poverty. A couple raising two young children in the GTA would each need to earn at least $16.60 an hour to have a decent quality of life, says a new study to be released today. A single parent with one child would need to earn $16.15 an hour.

Ontario's minimum wage is $8.75. It will rise to $10.25 in 2010.


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