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Detroit high school students can now earn an A in Wal-Mart

I want to say this is bad but I have this nagging feeling that it might just be realism on the part of the school board.

Four inner-city Detroit high schools have decided that employment with Walmart is an opportunity worth training their students to pursue. The schools have teamed up with the giant merchandiser to offer a for-credit class in job-readiness training that also includes entry-level after-school jobs.

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Trash intellectual property law?

It's a radical idea but the implications are worth thinking about. It could well stimulate innovation rather than prevent it. Certainly it's well past time to reconsider the lengths of copyright and patent. What author really needs their creation protected 70 years after their death? A long patent might make some sense for inventions that require a lot of investment before they can be sold, like drugs, but does it really make so much sense for those that will be obsolete long before a decade is up?

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Why you can't expect this government do anything right- it is about priorities

The issues are being addressed as if they are economic when they aren't-- they are political.

Looking at this from a fiscal and economic point of view, the last time Canada faced a deficit problem the dollar was too low and interest rates too high. This encourages a tighter fiscal policy that makes it difficult to address weaknesses in the economy. Today the dollar is too high and interest rates are at record lows. I assume therefore that we ought to be able to print some more money which would allow the dollar to drop. A short term solution but not ineffective.

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Ontario Budget

I haven't seen another thread on this issue... If I missed it I apologise.

I look forward to reading people comments. Obviously the first thing leaked was the Harmonization of the PST and GST.

This is going over like a lead balloon.

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$16 living wage?

Here is an excerpt of yesterday's article from the Star: (


Forget dreams of a $10 minimum wage lifting thousands of workers out of poverty. A couple raising two young children in the GTA would each need to earn at least $16.60 an hour to have a decent quality of life, says a new study to be released today. A single parent with one child would need to earn $16.15 an hour.

Ontario's minimum wage is $8.75. It will rise to $10.25 in 2010.


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