Jul 22, 2014

The Canada Revenue Agency becomes an arm of the PMO

J. Baglow
Harper's latest attack on dissent is being managed through a proxy -- the CRA. At an accelerating pace, dissent from the official government line is being stamped out in Canada.
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Amatuer hour continues at City Hall

Road work contractors are playing the City like a fidle. They have found a new way to dodge the consequences of provided poor and tardy service. As the Free Press reports (emphasis added):

"Sacher also said that contractors have so much work that they don't expect to be able to meet the city’s timelines for completion — so they're including the penalties they expect the city to impose in the bids they’re making for the road work.

Wyatt, chairman of the committee, said the contractors would be paying the city penalties with the money the city paid them to do the work."


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