Feb 16, 2010

Will the Olympics boost long-term tourism to B.C.?

Seth Klein
The Games may produce a marginal increase in tourism for a few years. But in a world wrestling with climate change, will rising oil prices make the cost of air travel prohibitive?
Feb 11, 2010

On the Games and growth

Are the Winter Olympics are a convenient tool for the government to transfer yet more public funds into the hands of backers in the private sector?
Feb 10, 2010

The invisible impact of 'Buy American'

It's a clear case of déjà vu all over again. Now, instead of learning from the past, we're seeing a near-exact reprise with last week's "agreement in principle" on government procurement.
Feb 9, 2010

Hidden costs of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Chris Shaw takes us back to early estimates of the costs, and potential profits, of the Olympics and compares these figures with what we know now will be the total cost of the Games.
Feb 9, 2010

Tory chill freezes out Tobin tax

Jim Flaherty hosted the G7 finance ministers in Iqaluit, but Canadians got little sense of something else he was up to: obstructing worldwide momentum for a tax on financial speculation.
Feb 8, 2010

Keeping our eye on the ball: Budget 2010

Murray Dobbin
Everyone concerned about the future of Canada's social and government programs in general should be keeping a keen eye on Ottawa for the next month as we get closer to budget day on March 3rd.


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