Nov 17, 2009

Chinese challenge the U.S.

Just before U.S. President Obama arrived in China, his hosts proffered an outspoken criticism of the negligence of the U.S. in allowing their currency to promote speculative finance.
Nov 17, 2009

Weekly Audit: Saying 'no' to corporate America

Zach Carter
By proposing financial reforms that won’t curb Wall Street excess, U.S. policymakers have offered an unacceptably weak response to our enormous financial crisis.
Nov 10, 2009

Europe looks ahead

British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come out in favour of a global financial transactions tax.The tax is opposed by the U.S. Treasury, and the Canadian Finance Minister James Flaherty.
Nov 4, 2009

Self-loathing and governments

Trish Hennessy
What happens when we elect self-loathing governments? A lingering economic crisis. H1N1 virus vaccine fiascos. The list goes on.


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