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Why B.C. Liberals want to push to privatize public education | Jul 23 2014 | Bill Tieleman | The political equation driving Premier Christy Clark is solved. The B.C. Liberals have already saved $100 million from the teacher's strike. Money that can be spent anywhere but education, it seems.
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Funding denied? Inconceivable! The Fire Swamp of Canadian student aid | Jul 22 2014 | Jordan Maclaren | Canadian university students, welcome to the perils of the Fire Swamp, where it can be incredibly difficult to qualify for the resources you need to go to school.
Faculty for Palestine opposes Canadian university links with Israeli institutions | Jul 22 2014 | Faculty for Palestine | Faculty for Palestine issues a statement condemning Israeli aggression in the Gaza strip and calling for an academic boycott of Israeli post-secondary institutions.
Transforming knowledge: The People's University, a cooperative project by Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme and Canadian Dimension | Jul 21 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | NCS and Canadian Dimension, with a host of people's movements across the land, are organizing a wide platform of discussions that will occur during the People’s Social Forum.
The importance of theatre education | Jul 20 2014 | Holly Adams | Theatre education is critical to the development of happier, healthy, successful students. Here's why.
Students are struggling to find summer jobs for the sixth year in a row | Jul 18 2014 | Kayle Hatt | New data from Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey released Friday shows that students are struggling to find summer jobs for the sixth year in a row.
Photo: North End Community Renewal Corporation
Beer bottles to books: Remaking Merchants Corner | Jul 14 2014 | Jim Silver | Young North End activists hailed it as the latest example of "North End Rising." At the heart of what will be called Merchants Corner is an innovative educational strategy.
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The Taxpayers' Federation is wrong about SSHRC | Jul 10 2014 | Erika Shaker, Kayle Hatt | Just before Canada Day, the CTF slapped a graduation cap and gown on their ubiquitous pig mascot and held a press conference denouncing "wacky" student research projects that receive public funding.
Photo: Jeannine Pitas
Toronto youth campaign to resurrect a beloved arts program | Jul 10 2014 | Jeannine M. Pitas | Palisades Media Arts Academy was a resource for youth in Toronto's Jane and Finch community. Then funding ran out. Now youth in the community are raising money to reopen the centre.
'We must compete': Corporate elite leveraging public universities into private profit | Jul 10 2014 | Alexander Ervin, Howard Woodhouse | In the past 40 years, Boards of Governors and Presidencies at Canadian universities have been stacked with members of the corporate elite, transforming public schools into private corporations.
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It takes two: B.C. government needs to negotiate with teachers | Jul 9 2014 | Jim Sinclair | Not negotiating is not an option. The B.C. government needs to start negotiating if it wants teachers in school by Labour Day.
No winners in sight for B.C. teacher strike | Jul 3 2014 | Rod Mickleburgh | The teachers have legitimate grievances, says Rod Mickleburgh, but they have found themselves on an indefinite picket line against a government that is prepared to leave them out there.

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Canadian Union of Public Employees
Alberta government finally abandons P3 school construction
The Alberta government has decided to build new schools in the traditional model, and abandon the so-called "public private partnership" approach.

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