How potatoes and polar bears can teach kids about human rights | Sep 11 2014 | Mehreen Shahid | What can two potatoes teach us about human rights? A lot more than you think! In these uniquely Canadian children's books, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is made accessible to kids.
Double whammy: Why we're crowdfunding for child-care data | Sep 10 2014 | Martha Friendly | It's probably not surprising that child-care data was one of the first casualties of the data crimes and misdemeanors that have swamped Canada's stock of valuable information.
Photo: Nina Helmer/flickr
A paean to polyglots | Sep 9 2014 | Joyce Arthur | Becoming fluent in another language is a huge and challenging accomplishment. I salute the world's polyglots. Really, how do you do it?! You have my profound admiration and respect.
Photo: flickr/Christopher Seesums
B.C. teachers seek arbitration | Sep 9 2014 | Larry Kuehn | Teachers in B.C. will vote September 10 on support for a union proposal to send the current strike to arbitration and open classrooms for the new school year as soon as government says yes.
From Twitter/@GalldinRoberts
Carleton 'F*ck Safe Space' scandal legacy of conservative student union takeover | Sep 8 2014 | Mathieu Murphy-Perron | A well-orchestrated takeover of the Carleton student union by right-wing forces led to the erosion of progressive policies that kept students safe.
Photo: flickr/Caelie_Frampton
Families in B.C. organize to support teachers | Sep 5 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | As the labour action continues and schools remain closed, a number of fundraising campaigns and demonstrations have sprung up to show solidarity with B.C. teachers.
Photo: flickr/Christopher Seesums
BCTF calls for binding arbitration | Sep 5 2014 | Larry Kuehn | The BC Teachers Federation has called on the government to agree to binding arbitration for compensation, benefits and preparation time.
Photo: flickr/Jayel Aheram
Open letter: To the parents of B.C. on the ongoing teachers dispute | Sep 4 2014 | Laila Yuile, Patricia Enair | The B.C. government cannot be counted on to legislate the teachers back to work. So, parent in B.C., it's time to let the government know what you think.
Photo: flickr/Tomash Devenishek
Dear Christy Clark: Let's chat about what taxpayers can afford | Sep 3 2014 | Lizanne Foster | Christy Clark, you keep talking about what the taxpayers can afford. But you and I have very different ideas on what taxes should be used for.
On apologies and apologia: Why making fun of sexual harassment is not 'satire' | Sep 3 2014 | Diana Samu-Visser, Mandy Penney | Two weeks ago, UWO's student paper published an article titled "So you want to date a TA" which perpetuated sexist stereotypes under the guise of "satire." Here's why that excuse just doesn't wash.
#FergusonSyllabus: Talking and Teaching About Police Violence | Sep 2 2014 | Resources to help educate folks about Ferguson, police violence and the prison industrial complex
Photo: flickr/Christopher Sessums
Why government-teacher negotiations failed in B.C. | Sep 2 2014 | Larry Kuehn | Public schools in B.C. are not open today as the teachers' strike continues. Despite B.C. government efforts to demonize unions, public support remains in favour of teachers. Who will win?

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New report shows Ontario with highest tuition costs in Canada: $9,500 per year
Tuition in Canada is estimated to increase by 13 per cent, says a new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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