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Child care and the federal election: Where have the parties landed? | Oct 13 2015 | Iglika Ivanova, Lynell Anderson | Canada's patchwork system of child care could soon change, as many of the major political parties are proposing some form of a national child-care program. So how strong are the promises being made?
Sign the science pledge! | Oct 10 2015 | A strong democracy needs strong science. Sign the pledge.
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Venezuela crisis continues to harshly impact students in Toronto | Oct 1 2015 | Emmet Livingstone | In 2014, the Venezuelan government prohibited exchanging Venezuelan currency into foreign denominations. Well into 2015, Venezuelan students in Toronto are still bearing this impact.
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First Nations education is critical social infrastructure | Oct 1 2015 | Angella MacEwen | Along with investments in early childhood education and care, repairing the funding gap to First Nations schools would go a long way to eliminating that social debt for future generations.
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Government cuts have Vancouver's most affordable post-secondary institution in the crosshairs | Oct 1 2015 | Michael Stewart | Vancouver's best post-secondary option for low-income and ESL students is under threat of crippling cuts driven by a privatization agenda.
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Why vote child care in 2015: What Manitobans need to know | Sep 30 2015 | Susan Prentice | In 1970, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women recommended a national child-care program. Fast-forward to 2015, and parents are more desperate than ever for affordable, quality child care.
Dear Rex Murphy: Dismissing rape culture crisis on Canadian campuses as 'faddish' is reprehensible | Sep 29 2015 | Erin Wunker | Rex Murphy's latest column takes pot shots at the humanities -- but worse, it undermines the crisis facing Canada in gender inequality and rape culture.
Fighting for access to education for undocumented migrants in Montreal | Sep 23 2015 | Scott Neigh | Steve Baird talks about the Education Across Borders collective and the fight to win unimpeded access to school for undocumented migrant children.
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Downplaying threats to women at UofT normalizes culture of misogyny | Sep 21 2015 | various | We live in a moment where gendered violence is downplayed to such a degree that responses to it are met with incredulity or eye-rolling disdain.
Harper's RESP boost helps the wealthy, not low-income families | Sep 21 2015 | Glenn Burley | Most low-income families don't even have money for an RESP, let alone dollars to put away the maximum each year so they can benefit from Harper's plan.
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Help wanted: Comprehensive sex-ed in B.C.'s schools | Sep 17 2015 | Miranda Massie | The new B.C. sexual health curriculum poses challenges as teacher training and funding for experts is largely unavailable and this is information youth have a right to.
A federal post-secondary education policy: Ending the scattershot approach | Sep 16 2015 | Erika Shaker | Given the increasingly patchwork approach to university finance, it is crucial to revisit the federal role in the lead-up to a national election.

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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
ETFO teachers, occasional teachers ratify central agreement
Teacher and occasional teacher members of ETFO have voted to ratify the central agreement reached with the Ontario Public School Boards' Association and the government.

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