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Learning in nature is good for teachers and students | Sep 16 2014 | David Suzuki | With most of Canada's teachers back after summer, facing challenges that contribute to high rates of teacher attrition, it's a good time to ask: How can "nature as classroom" support their well-being?
Enough feminism? UBC Student Union shuts out feminist clubs | Sep 16 2014 | Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki | The attitude among UBC student politicians that we have "enough" feminism, that we've reached our "feminism quota", so to speak, is regressive and deeply offensive.
GroundWire | September 16, 2014: Quebec Political Repression Commission, Bill C-36, tuition fees at SFU | Sep 16 2014 | GroundWire | On this week's episode of Groundwire: the Quebec Political Repression Commission, sex workers testify against Bill C-36 and international student fee hikes at SFU.
A degree is the new high school diploma. But who can afford it? | Sep 15 2014 | Jennifer Story | It's accepted wisdom that an undergraduate degree is the new high school diploma -- it's the ticket into the workforce. But that ticket comes at an unrelentingly steep price.
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Academics speak out against CCPA audit | Sep 15 2014 | Louis-Philippe Rochon, Mario Seccareccia | After learning that the Canada Revenue Agency is auditing the CCPA on the grounds that it allegedly engages in politically partisan activity, a number of professors have drawn up an open letter.
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B.C. schools could be open Monday, if the government wanted | Sep 12 2014 | E. Wayne Ross | If B.C. schools could be open on Monday, why won't the government make it happen? Oh, because they think binding arbitration is "absolutely silly."
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Quebec laws keep undocumented children out of school | Sep 12 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | When Max's family's refugee application was denied, they were asked to pay for public school. They couldn't. Max missed two years. Advocates are working to make school free for all children.
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Teachers vote for binding arbitration to end strike | Sep 11 2014 | Larry Kuehn | More than 30,000 B.C. teachers voted "yes" to return to classes -- if the B.C. Liberal government will agree to send to arbitration all the issues except for those related to court decisions.
This is awkward. B.C. has a budget surplus. | Sep 11 2014 | Marc Lee | There is no reason why B.C. cannot afford to really put families first, and invest in a first-class public education system.
Call it like it is: 'School Choice' is privatization for B.C. schools | Sep 11 2014 | Lizanne Foster | Does the word 'privatization' strike fear in your heart? That's why the B.C. Liberals are calling it 'School Choice'.
How potatoes and polar bears can teach kids about human rights | Sep 11 2014 | Mehreen Shahid | What can two potatoes teach us about human rights? A lot more than you think! In these uniquely Canadian children's books, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is made accessible to kids.
Double whammy: Why we're crowdfunding for child-care data | Sep 10 2014 | Martha Friendly | It's probably not surprising that child-care data was one of the first casualties of the data crimes and misdemeanors that have swamped Canada's stock of valuable information.

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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
Provincial task force tables 22 recommendations for healthier, safer school communities
A precedent-setting task force involving labour and school boards has tabled 22 recommendations to make Ontario public elementary school communities healthier and safer places to work and learn.

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