McGill budges slightly under pressure from fossil fuel divestment campaign | Apr 4 2016 | David Gray-Donald | Divest McGill and its supporters have been actively applying pressure to the university to divest from fossil fuels. Alumni returned diplomas and withheld financial donations during a week of action.
Divest McGill occupies administration office over decision to keep fossil fuel investments | Mar 29 2016 | David Gray-Donald | Last week McGill decided not to divest from fossil fuels and has received much criticism from Divest McGill and other supporters. Now, Divest McGill has staged a sit-in and camp-out.
Screenshot: Divest McGill twitter
McGill rejects fossil fuel divestment for second time | Mar 24 2016 | David Gray-Donald | Divest McGill was not informed of Wednesday's meeting where fossil fuel divestment would ultimately be rejected, just as it was in 2013. Divest McGill and supporters responded quickly.
Image: Flickr/z Q
Mandatory Indigenous Studies courses aren't Reconciliation, they're an easy way out | Mar 18 2016 | Rauna Kuokkanen | For Canadian universities, Reconciliation has become a quick-fix solution or an item on a list, which once checked, needs no further consideration or attention.
Photo: flickr/ Caelie_Frampton
New BCTF president Glen Hansman takes aim at gender inequality and child poverty | Mar 17 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | New BCTF president Glen Hansman discusses what's ahead including addressing gender inequality, lack of education funding in B.C. and the child poverty problem.
McGill must rectify its misleading and one-sided statement on the BDS movement | Mar 14 2016 | various | An open letter to McGill principal Suzanne Fortier, co-signed by Noam Chomsky, demands the university rectify its misrepresentations and omissions of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement.
Image: Flickr/AJ Batac
Manitoba must invest to keep its universities public, accessible and places of open inquiry | Mar 14 2016 | Mark Hudson | Our next provincial government needs to build on the recent modest steps taken to re-invest in our universities.
BlackLivesMatter-TO's summer school is starting this summer in Toronto | Mar 11 2016 | Help sponsor materials for the participants
Image by Gonzalo Vargas
Canadian university partners with foreign mining firm and its checkered, colonialist legacy | Mar 10 2016 | Hanna Dahlstrom | The academy needs to start questioning the role of international "development" in the harmful extractivism sector.
History of feminism still shows it pays to be radical | Mar 7 2016 | Linda M. Ambrose | 'It moved me to tears.' That's what one student said when I asked my history class what they thought about 'The Voice of Women: The First 30 Years.' We had just finished watching the film together.
Photo: flickr/ 350 .org
Fossil fuel divestment at universities: Inside McGill's campaign | Mar 4 2016 | David Gray-Donald | The push for fossil fuel divestment on university campuses has many asking what goes into the process and why this should be done. We look at the upcoming McGill case to get a deeper understanding.
Stand up and be noisy: Tell Mike Bernier public education matters | Mar 4 2016 | Use this tool to send a message about public education. Maybe then Mike Bernier will decide to stop discounting us!

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Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
OSSTF/FEESO to commence full withdrawal of services at Rainy River District School Board
Teachers in Rainy River, Ontario's District 5b have begun a full withdrawal of their services for one day per week beginning April 27.

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