Book launch with Brigette DePape: The Power of Youth

Aug 29, 2012 to Aug 30, 2012
The Hive, 128 West Hastings, Suite 21 Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 40.4136" N, 123° 6' 50.1372" W
British Columbia CA
You are invited to the book launch of "Power of Youth," published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and edited by Brigette DePape and Erika Shaker.

'I am a revolutionary': A one-day conference on radical activism

Sep 22, 2012
Langara College, Room A218
100 West 49th Avenue
Vancouver , BC
49° 13' 29.6544" N, 123° 6' 30.4164" W
British Columbia CA
'I am a revolutionary' is a one-day conference that aims to discuss these and other questions about being an effective anti-capitalist activist.

Great Books Seminar: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, of Hope and of Freedom

Aug 11, 2012 to Aug 25, 2012
Room 1415, Harbour Centre (SFU downtown campus)
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 17' 2.9364" N, 123° 6' 43.5204" W
British Columbia CA
Discussion seminar on Paulo Freire's influential book and how education can change from the practice of domination to the practice of freedom.

Socialist Equity Party meeting on Quebec student strike

Jun 21, 2012
Centre St.-Pierre
1212 Panet, Room 203 (Near the Beaudry Metro station on the green Line)
H2L 2Y7 Montreal , QC
45° 31' 8.8932" N, 73° 33' 12.0924" W
Quebec CA
SEP meeting on Quebec student strike: Socialism and the defence of public education

Judy Rebick: From Occupy to the Maple Spring

Jun 17, 2012 to Jun 18, 2012
W2 Media Cafe
111 W. Hastings
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 55.326" N, 123° 6' 26.496" W
British Columbia CA
Feminist and social activist Judy Rebick brings decades of experience to her account of the Occupy movement in cities across North America.

Great Books, Great Questions Symposium

Jun 27, 2012 to Jun 29, 2012
University of King's College
6350 Coburg Road
B3H 2A1 Halifax , NS
44° 38' 16.9476" N, 63° 35' 42.3636" W
Nova Scotia CA
A symposium dedicated to discussing past experiences, present realities, and future challenges of interdisciplinary liberal arts education in Canada
Forum topic

Edmonton high school teacher suspended for contravening "no zero" policy

No-zero hero?

An Edmonton high school teacher says he has been suspended for giving students zeros on uncompleted assignments or exams.

Lynden Dorval, a physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, has been giving the mark for work that wasn't handed in or tests not taken even though it goes against the school's "no-zero" policy.


The thinking behind the policy is that failing to complete assignments is a behavioural issue and marks should reflect ability, not behaviour.

Dorval said he couldn't in good conscience comply with the rule.



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