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Unfinished election business: Challenging racism and bigotry | Nov 26 2015 | John Cartwright | The election is over, but we as Canadians will have to work together to challenge the lingering bigotry.
Photo: Mike Alexander/flickr
With new governments in Alberta and Ottawa, Parkland Institute asks: What's left? | Nov 24 2015 | Duncan Cameron | What are the tasks facing the Canadian left following the defeat of the Harper government? The Parkland Institute tackled these questions and more at its 19th annual conference.
Photo: flickr/ Premier ministre du Canada
One month since the election: How's Trudeau doing? | Nov 19 2015 | Nora Loreto | It has been one month since the 2015 federal election. Now that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have been in power for a bit, what have they been up to?
Tragedy of errors: The NDP seeks answers, asks the wrong question | Nov 9 2015 | Marc Zwelling | An election lookback -- what the NDP should have done and what they can do now to energize Canadian progressives.
Could 2015 be the last unfair federal election? | Nov 7 2015 | Three things you can do to make sure that the next election is more fair.
Image: Flickr/Justin Trudeau
A national child-care system: 'Because it's 2015' | Nov 6 2015 | Martha Friendly | A national child-care system, absolutely appropriate if for no other reason than simply: "because it's 2015."
Photo: flickr/ Sara Long
Whose interests will new finance minister Bill Morneau serve? | Nov 5 2015 | Daniel James Wright | Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have been talking a lot about progressive ideas. But when Bill Morneau is the new finance minister, isn't it just the same old corporate elite in charge?
Damnatio memoriae (On he who shall not be named) | Nov 5 2015 | J. Baglow | Gut-feels after yesterday's swearing-in -- and a suggestion re: the previous regime.
Photo: Matt Boulton/flickr
Progress and the battle of economic ideas in election 2015 | Nov 5 2015 | Jim Stanford | Did the median voter's views on economic issues change during the 2015 federal campaign? Or did the parties just carve up that terrain differently?
Photo: Oxfam International/flickr
Balancing our climate books: Why ecological debt matters | Nov 4 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | Election ads notwithstanding, monetary debt is not the real issue of our times. Our growing ecological debt is what politicians -- and everyone -- should be discussing.
Photo: Αλέξης Τσίπρας Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας/flickr
Right to the centre: Canadian politics after Harper | Nov 3 2015 | Ralph Surette | When things get complicated for a new government that has -- as usually happens -- promised too much too fast, when hope bogs down in the usual politics, here's how to understand what's happening.
Photo: flickr/ Laurel L. Russwurm
Who should be Trudeau's environment minister? | Nov 3 2015 | Adam Ballah | There has been a lot of speculation about who Trudeau will name to his cabinet. An early contender for environment minister has been Elizabeth May. But, is that a good idea?

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How Elxn15 results would look using Proportional Rep & Preferential Ballot terrytowel said... See link for more info http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-preferential-ballot-1.3332566 in
Tom Mulcair To Embark On Cross Canada Listening Tour terrytowel said... Tom Mulcair appeared on both CBC & CTV yesterday and announced he is embarking on a listening...
If Mulcair drops scripted talking points next time & is just his natural self, a win is assured mark_alfred said... I've been reading with some amusement various people's call for Tom Mulcair to play nice and then...
Conservative Party could be out of power in both gov levels for 1st time since 1940 terrytowel said... If the Progressive Conservatives lose re-election in Newfoundland and Labrador this month (and...
WTF: What's The Future, live on Google Hangout Tuesday Nov. 3rd at 8pm mark_alfred said... Oh boo.  I just noticed this now, meaning I missed it. in
NDP leaders suffer no consequences for big losses: Left Chapter blog Unionist said... Why should the "leader" suffer consequences? Didn't absolutely everyone follow the leader? Were...
Election deals blow to Canada's dominant press group montrealer58 said... Conservative slime and their own, doing their slimy Conservative things for their slimy rich...
For Halloween former NDP candidate Andrew Thomson Dressed Up As Lead Now Canvasser terrytowel said... Great costume idea! Wonder if Lead Now gave him a free T-Shirt? in
Newfoundland and Labrador general election, November 30, 2015 bekayne said... robbie_dee wrote: This probably deserves its own thread now that it's only a month away. Not a good...
Defeated incumbent MPs aren't invited to NDP's post-election caucus meeting terrytowel said... In an interview with The Canadian Press, Mulcair said Thursday he will set up a committee of...
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