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Ten things Vancouver needs from Gregor Robertson in the next four years | Nov 21 2014 | Rod Mickleburgh | Vision Vancouver and Mayor Robertson might be back for a third term, but voters' displeasure was clear and loud. What can Vision do to make things right?
Photo: flickr/Evan Leeson
Vancouver returns again to Gregor’s Vision | Nov 16 2014 | Cathryn Atkinson | Gregor Robertson retakes mayor's chair for the third time in Vancouver despite himself, Meena Wong third.
Photo: flickr/Sean Connors
Union vows to campaign against Harper | Nov 14 2014 | Ella Bedard | The union that represents professional public sector employees announced that it will deviate from its long-held policy of neutrality to oppose Harper in the upcoming federal elections.
Image: Flickr/thebuzzer
Vancouver election offers chance to be bold, not bored | Nov 12 2014 | Michael Stewart | The policies and candidates on offer from Vancouver's leftist parties this election are more exciting than we've seen in years -- but greenwashed ennui from Vision threatens to squash them.
Photo: Hot Pink Paper Campaign
Women take action for institutional change in Vancouver city elections | Nov 11 2014 | Christine O'Fallon | The Vancouver election is on November 15. Who's to say whether anything real will happen once the elections are over and done with? That's where the Hot Pink Paper Campaign comes in!
Image: flickr/kris krüg
Four things you need to know about the 2014 Vancouver civic election | Nov 10 2014 | Kaity Cooper | To dispel the myth that city politics don't matter, new blogger Kaity Cooper does your homework for you and highlights four issues you should care about in this civic election.
Photo: Arlo Bates/flickr
Will Winnipeg's first Indigenous mayor bridge the city's divide? It's complicated. | Nov 7 2014 | Shauna MacKinnon | There will be high expectations for the new mayor from Indigenous and non-Indigenous Winnipeggers who have been concerned with racism as well as the geographic, social and economic divide in our city.
photo: flickr/robert taylor
Toronto Election: The left has some work to do | Nov 5 2014 | Judy Rebick | What the heck happened in the Toronto election? Judy Rebick talks about what she saw happening and what the Left needs to do to regain voter confidence.
Kshama Sawant on why Seattle voters elected a socialist | Nov 5 2014 | Redeye Collective | Socialist Kshama Sawant ran for a seat on city council in Seattle with a campaign promise to introduce a minimum wage of $15, more than double the federal rate.
Photo: flickr/Martin Cathrae
Toronto election results reveal a polarized city | Oct 30 2014 | Dr. Kara Santokie | The Ford era is over for Toronto (for now). But as bleary-eyed Torontonians return to reality, what are they really waking up to?
Corroded media conglomerates should not dictate democratic policies | Oct 28 2014 | Elisha Allensen | So, unions aren't allowed to endorse candidates in elections, but media outlets are? That doesn't seem fair.
Photo: flickr/knehcsg
Tory elected mayor of Toronto, Chow urges 'keep the faith' | Oct 28 2014 | Mick Sweetman | John Tory is Toronto's new mayor. With Toronto's voter turnout a record 60 per cent, what other factors came into play in this heated municipal election?

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MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
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Ontario Minority Scenarios Wilf Day said... Remember 1985 in Ontario when Frank Miller lost his bid to win a majority.   Who won? We...
Ontario Polling Thread - started May 20, 2014 NorthReport said... Updated - from the previous thread. The PCs are ahead. At this point the right-wing Liberal...
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Prediction Thread - Ontario Election 2014 NorthReport said... Woo! Hoo! Well girls and boys, it's that time again.  in

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Council of Canadians
Del Mastro found guilty of election fraud but Pierre Poutine still at large
Dean Del Mastro found guilt on charges he knowingly overspent on his election campaign. However, sections of the 'Fair' Elections Act still remain intact.

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