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Dogwood Initiative: Getting out the vote for MPs who will build a better BC | Oct 4 2015 | See where the candidates in stand on civil liberties, oil tankers and then vote
Credit: Project Democracy
Come clean, Ms. May: Green strategy risks electing Conservatives | Sep 24 2015 | Murray Dobbin | The Green Party is supposed to be the party responding genuinely to the enthusiasm of young people, the party of principle. In this election, it is dishing up cynicism and dirty tricks.
Image: Flickr/ItzaFineDay
The Greens: A party that plays politics like the others | Sep 4 2015 | Murray Dobbin | Instead of sticking to the Green Party's principled goal of ridding the country of the Harper Conservatives, Elizabeth May risks electing Conservatives in B.C.
Image: Newspaper Club/flickr
The diminishing of access to government information -- and some things to do about it | Sep 3 2015 | Keith Reynolds | The Supreme Court of Canada describes freedom of information legislation as a pillar of our democracy in Canada. Over the years, however, this pillar of democracy has seen its base chipped away.
Is criticizing Israel anti-semitic? Why is minimum wage expensive? Find out the answers and more on rabble.ca blogs | Aug 21 2015 | Lenée Son | This week's blogs roundup includes posts on rape culture on campus, child care, anti-semitism, labour, housing crisis, and progressive content on the elections campaign you won't find anywhere else.
Photo: flickr/ Wilson Hui
What fish have to do with truth and reconciliation | Aug 12 2015 | Ken Watts | Canada needs to move from "apology to action" if reconciliation with First Nations Peoples is to succeed.
The 2015 debate, increasing minimum wage, and #UnistotenHeals -- This week on rabble.ca blogs | Aug 7 2015 | Lenée Son | This week's blogs roundup includes posts on the first 2015 elections, increasing minimum wage, Unist'ot'en, and wildlife conservation.
Image: Twitter/@rachelnotley
Like Barrett '72, Rachel Notley and Alberta are in for a wild ride | May 9 2015 | Rod Mickleburgh | After turfing two decades of SoCred rule, B.C. NDP's Dave Barrett famously told his caucus, 'We're here for a good time, not a long time.' What row will newly elected Rachel Notley hoe?
Vote YES for women in Metro Vancouver’s Transit Referendum | May 7 2015 | Kaity Cooper | With only three weeks left to vote in the Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation Referendum few have cast their ballots. Here is my take on the Referendum, from a feminist perspective.
Photo: BC Federation of Labour
Meet Irene Lanzinger, new President of the BC Federation of Labour | Jan 12 2015 | Ella Bedard | The first woman and first teacher to lead the BC Federation of Labour talks about politics, teaching and next steps for the labour movement.
Photo: Mark Klotz/flickr
What would a coalition government mean for the Trans Mountain pipeline? | Jan 6 2015 | Brent Patterson | There is mounting speculation that a Liberal-NDP coalition government could be the outcome of the federal election. What could a coalition government mean for the Trans Mountain pipeline project?
Libby Davies' statement on deciding not to run in 2015 | Dec 12 2014 | Libby Davies | Today, after 18 years as MP, Libby Davies announced she will not be running in the 2015 election.
Image: Flickr/kk
Ten things Vancouver needs from Gregor Robertson in the next four years | Nov 21 2014 | Rod Mickleburgh | Vision Vancouver and Mayor Robertson might be back for a third term, but voters' displeasure was clear and loud. What can Vision do to make things right?
Photo: flickr/Evan Leeson
Vancouver returns again to Gregor’s Vision | Nov 16 2014 | Cathryn Atkinson | Gregor Robertson retakes mayor's chair for the third time in Vancouver despite himself, Meena Wong third.
Image: Flickr/thebuzzer
Vancouver election offers chance to be bold, not bored | Nov 12 2014 | Michael Stewart | The policies and candidates on offer from Vancouver's leftist parties this election are more exciting than we've seen in years -- but greenwashed ennui from Vision threatens to squash them.

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