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The political fight for Ontario's middle class | Mar 21 2014 | Trish Hennessy | With election fever mounting in Ontario, the political field is quickly crowding around the middle of the income spectrum. And unsurprisingly, low taxes are dominating the list of enticements.
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No justice, no transit: A missed opportunity to debate taxes in Ontario's election | Mar 21 2014 | Rick Salutin | Another golden moment is slipping away. I don't mean the Leafs (not only). I mean the Ontario election we might have had, the one about taxes, with a debate on what it means to be a society.
Photo: flickr/Andrei P
Morgan Baskin's bid for Toronto Mayor a win for Canadian women and youth | Mar 21 2014 | Jessica Knowler | Canada as a (supposed) representative democracy is undermined if women's and youth's needs and opinions -- and all marginalized groups more generally -- are ignored by politicians and policy-makers.
Image: instagram/oliviachow
Toronto can't lose with Olivia Chow -- or the class act poised to take her place | Mar 17 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Finally, in Olivia Chow, Toronto has an opportunity to elect the kind of mayor the city so desperately needs, while downtown Toronto has the opportunity to elect a new MP worthy of her.
Olivia Chow's 'My Journey' is the antidote to political despair | Mar 13 2014 | Cathy Crowe | Olivia Chow's memoir 'My Journey' brings hope to the currently jaded Canadian political climate. Chow's successes and hardships inspire readers to believe in the power of community.
Olivia Chow's Toronto mayoralty run will leave a gap in Parliament | Mar 12 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Olivia Chow is resigning from Parliament and running for Mayor of Toronto. Karl Nerenberg writes about the effect her departure will have on Parliament, and Canada.
Two anti-Harper parties confront each other today: What to do? | Nov 25 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | Byelections in Montreal and Toronto seem to be a local battle between the LPC and NDP. However, voters may want to express their views on the performances of the parties in the current Parliament.
The NDP has many flaws but being 'soft on separatism' is not one of them | Nov 19 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | By-elections in Montreal and Toronto are a battle between the LPC and the NDP. The NDP says the LPC is out of touch, the LPC says the NDP is soft on separatism. But are they?
Who benefits from “trade deals”? Not freedom and democracy | Nov 18 2013 | Mark Taliano & Raul Burbano | Hondurans have experienced increased levels of violence since the coup and unprecedented levels of murder and criminalization of politicians, human rights advocates, labor activists and journalists
With his increasingly bizarre antics, Rob Ford is becoming everybody’s problem | Nov 15 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | Ford Nation, or what's left of it, has lost of the support of many including Bill Blair and most Councillors. Will Hudak's Conservatives risk alienating Ford Nation by agreeing to get rid of Ford?
Video: Ford Brothers fleeing Toronto City Hall - October 31, 2013 | Oct 31 2013 | Toronto Video Activist Collective | With news that the police have the infamous "crack video" in their custody, the media descended on Toronto Mayor Ford's office today. The Mayor made a brief statement, and fled.
Photo: http://lindamcquaig.ca/
Linda McQuaig: Why I'm running for the NDP nomination in Toronto Centre | Aug 7 2013 | Linda McQuaig | After years as an observer and critic, I want to join a team actively fighting to build a Canada that is equal, inclusive and responsible.
Ontario election off the table: NDP agrees to support Kathleen Wynne's budget | May 21 2013 | rabble staff | Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath held a press conference Tuesday to announce her support for the budget put forward by Ontario's Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.
Photo: bcgovphotos/flickr
In politics, as in sports, the odds-on favourite usually wins | May 20 2013 | Gerry Caplan | Gerry Caplan offers some observations on last week's calamitous election result for the NDP and its implication across the country.
All eyes on Andrea Horwath this week in Ontario.
Open letter to Ontario NDP and Liberals: Working together is first step in addressing poverty | May 14 2013 | Brent Hawkes, Buzz Hargrove | We are asking the NDP and the Liberals to co-operate and pass the budget (possibility with some tweaking). However we are frankly asking for much more.

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