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Use the Position Primer | Sep 29 2014 | On Oct 27 2014 there is an election in Toronto - use this tool to find the right candidate for you!
Image: Steff Pinch
Municipalities struggle to cover the costs of federal and provincial cutbacks | Sep 26 2014 | Charley Beresford | When services are cut at the federal and provincial level, municipalities are left holding the bag. What is affected? A new survey of B.C. municipalities says almost everything.
New Brunswick is another win for the anti-fracking movement | Sep 26 2014 | Angela Giles | New Brunswick elected a new government this week that has committed to enacting a moratorium on shale gas in the province. Congratulations for this goes to the anti-shale gas movement.
Photo: flickr/tsaiproject
Voting strategically in the 2015 federal election? Here's why you shouldn't. | Sep 25 2014 | Ken Neumann | The tagline "Anything but Harper" just won't cut it in the 2015 federal election and neither will strategic voting. We need to vote for the kind of government we want to replace the Harper regime.
Image: Flickr/bohemiandolls
Did you know? Millennials can be a much needed force in Canadian politics. | Sep 25 2014 | Katrina Orlowski | Is it true that millennials are so disillusioned by party politics that they feel more accomplished doing community work than voting? If so, we need to ask how we can engage millennials in voting.
Photo: Rising Tide - Vancouver facebook
Rising Tide - Vancouver stands in solidarity with Oppenheimer Tent City | Sep 25 2014 | Coast Salish Territories, Rising Tide - Vancouver | Rising Tide - Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories has released a statement in solidarity with Oppenheimer Tent City in Vancouver.
Photo: flickr/Olivia Chow
Why I will vote for Olivia Chow | Sep 24 2014 | Cathy Crowe | Olivia Chow is an important community-builder in Toronto and we need her strengths more than ever says Cathy Crowe.
Riss Ford
Russ Ford, no relation | Sep 24 2014 | Face2Face | Russ talks about why he's running for councillor in Ward 6, a conviction for what will make the city a better place to live and how he exists somewhere between anger and hope.
Photo: flickr/Rick Harris
New Brunswick election 2014: Green Party leader takes Fredericton riding, NDP leader resigns | Sep 23 2014 | Tracy Glynn | New Brunswick election results are in, and the Liberals have formed a majority government. But what were voters talking about and what issues were most important to them?
Photo: AshtonPal/flickr
Politics doesn't stand a chance in the Ford family psychodrama | Sep 19 2014 | Rick Salutin | Here's what's truly unforgivable about the Fords. It's their implacable need and ability to suck up attention in the public arena so there never seems room for anything or anyone else in the city.
Au moment où le NB se prépare à voter, le Conseil des Canadiens dévoile la position des partis sur le gaz de schiste | Sep 19 2014 | Conseil des Canadiens | Au moment où le Nouveau Brunswick se prépare à voter, le Conseil des Canadiens dévoile la position des partis sur le gaz de schiste, les conservateurs manquent à l’appel
Les élections au Nouveau Brunswick sont une épreuve décisive pour le reste du Canada dans le brûlant dossier du gaz de schiste | Sep 19 2014 | Maude Barlow | Les élections de lundi au Nouveau Brunswick sont une épreuve décisive pour le reste du Canada dans le brûlant dossier du gaz de schiste

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Wynne campaigned to win over NDP voters: Now it's time to keep her promises
Kathleen Wynne can credit her victory to a strategy of wooing NDP voters with a progressive agenda. It’s now up to her to deliver.

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