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Photo: flickr/ anne campagne
Putting democracy back in the NDP | Feb 3 2016 | Sarah Beuhler, Tristan Markle | How can the NDP bridge the gap between its members and the party centre? Make the party "less fucking boring" advocates Brian Topp.
Photo: David Dodge, Green Energy Futures.
Carbon tax question could decide B.C. byelections | Feb 1 2016 | Stephen Hui | Eight candidates answer survey on climate change issues that threaten to dominate the ballot box in the upcoming B.C. byelections.
Image: Flickr/pmwebphotos
Proportional representation would make Canada greener, healthier and better for business | Feb 1 2016 | Patricia Lane | The evidence is clear: countries with proportional representation (PR) electoral systems are gentler places to live and better places to do business.
U.S. women behind in rights | Jan 24 2016 | Kate Raphael | UN Human Rights investigators found failures to comply with international rights.
Root problem: Unequal citizenship | Jan 23 2016 | Gary Shaul | Democrats must help define the problems we are trying to solve with proportional representation by highlighting equal, effective votes at the centre of our analysis and solution.
What Canadians are saying about electoral reform | Jan 13 2016 | Join the webinar on January 21 to find out.
Electoral reform and the corporate media | Jan 11 2016 | J. Baglow | Electoral reform is on the national agenda. And the corporate media's campaign of deceit has begun.
Lenore Zann
Actor and MLA Lenore Zann vies for Nova Scotia NDP leadership | Jan 11 2016 | Christopher Majka | It may be dark days at present for the NDP in Nova Scotia but with a leadership convention next month three candidates have thrown their hat into the ring. Actor and MLA Lenore Zann is one of them.
Photo: Prime Minister of Canada/flickr
Whither electoral reform: Does Justin Trudeau really want fair elections? | Jan 8 2016 | Murray Dobbin | Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's election pledge that Canada will not have another election under first-past-the-post rules has morphed into a growing controversy.
Photo: flickr/ Carlos Gracia
The just way to legalize marijuana in Canada | Jan 7 2016 | John Akpata | There are now dozens of models of legalization and decriminalization Canada could follow to regulate marijuana use. In 2016, will Canada finally implement a good policy for this?
The last of Barrett's electioneers: B.C.'s nasty 1975 campaign | Jan 4 2016 | Rod Mickleburgh | B.C. Premier Dave Barrett's 1975 defeat was a fitting end to the nastiest, most laced-with-hysteria election campaign in B.C.'s long polarized history.
rabble radio year end: Times of change | Dec 21 2015 | Victoria Fenner | Karl Nerenberg reflects on the results of the election of 2015, we say goodbye to Meagan Perry, and visit a project to raise awareness about homelessness.

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Conservative Campaign Manager Admits HUGE Mistake Going After NDP With Niqab Issue terrytowel said... Conservative campaign manager Jenni Byrne went into the election full of confidence. Ms. Byrne,...
Cheri DiNovo on Tom Mulcair Leadership Shortcomings "I don't have a lot of time for that BS" terrytowel said... Cheri DiNovo prays for NDP redemption Highlights “I was a supporter of Tom. He’s a man with...
Megan Leslie "100% Surprised" Totally Caught Off Guard By Lost terrytowel said... Megan Leslie gives an exclusive interview to Peter Mansbridge on her election loss. http://www.cbc....
Undecided Vote Takes 2nd Place In Preferred Prime Minister Poll terrytowel said... From Nanos Research (The only polling firm to accurately predict the election results says Nick...
Chatelaine Magazine Names Rachel Notley Woman of the Year! terrytowel said... There are actually 30 women who have been singled out by Chatelaine magazine as women of the year...
Forming a new party on the left - how to do it not whether to do it Sean in Ottawa said... It is a new year and we will have to move forward. Clearly there are a lot of people in the NDP who...
NDP Cheri DiNovo On Elxn42 "Blaming media & Liberals strategists is a like farmers blaming the weather" terrytowel said... The NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park says the federal New Democrats’ setback in the October...
How Elxn15 results would look using Proportional Rep & Preferential Ballot terrytowel said... See link for more info http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-preferential-ballot-1.3332566 in
Tom Mulcair To Embark On Cross Canada Listening Tour terrytowel said... Tom Mulcair appeared on both CBC & CTV yesterday and announced he is embarking on a listening...
If Mulcair drops scripted talking points next time & is just his natural self, a win is assured mark_alfred said... I've been reading with some amusement various people's call for Tom Mulcair to play nice and then...
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