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Cell phone bills, broken promises, and a legacy of government failure | Jul 2 2015 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | If you're a Canadian and you own a cell phone, you probably don't need an official report to tell you that you're paying way over the odds.
The death throes of the Harper Conservatives | Jul 2 2015 | J. Baglow | The increasingly self-destructive actions of the Conservatives signify only one thing: the beast is slowly dying. It needs to be put out of its misery.
Keep on fighting for the Canada we want | Jul 1 2015 | Maya Bhullar | Civil liberties, teachers and public sector workers, the climate, and so much more is under attack...let's keep fighting back!
This Canada Day help build a Harper-free Canada | Jun 30 2015 | Kim Elliott | rabble has launched a summer fundraising campaign to support our election coverage. Find out how you can join rabble.ca's #WIN2015 campaign.
Photo: flickr/Dennis Jarvis
As negotiations continue for Greece: why you need to understand the Delphi Declaration | Jun 30 2015 | Michael Hudson | As we watch the news of a last-minute deal, Michael Hudson reflects on what Greece might achieve and the Delphi Declaration.
The Liberals proved their passion for 'democratic reform' with Bill C-51 | Jun 30 2015 | Scott Vrooman | If the Liberals were serious about Canadian democracy, they wouldn't have supported the radical, regressive democratic reform of Bill C-51.
Image: Flickr/ItzaFineDay
Greens deserve 'progressive' votes as much as anyone | Jun 30 2015 | Michael Laxer | Despite the partisan assertions of some, when it comes to economic policy the Greens are very clearly a "progressive" party.
Halifax member of Parliament, Megan Leslie
Worth the cost? Nova Scotia's Parliamentarians | Jun 26 2015 | Christopher Majka | There are real insights to be gleaned from analyzing the budgets of MPs. However, cherry-picking data, a lack of critical thinking and questionable graphics mislead readers rather than informing them.
Photo: Georges Alexandar/Michael Ignatieff/flickr
In the shadow of Paul Martin: Can you trust the Liberals? | Jun 26 2015 | Murray Dobbin | Has the Liberal party grown more trustworthy in the 10 years since we had a Liberal government? A trip down memory lane to Paul Martin's government might offer a helpful reminder.
What's next in housing? Getting ready for the 2015 election | Jun 25 2015 | Pro Bono, Safia J. Lakhani | With a federal election on the horizon, it is worth considering the role the federal government can and should play in addressing the housing crisis.
Photo: Scazon/flickr
It's Liberal vs. New Democrat as de facto campaign begins | Jun 25 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | NDPers have been attacking Liberals since Jack Layton skewered Michael Ignatieff for poor attendance. The Liberals' favourite attack on the NDP is the unfair one about "separation based on one vote."
Harper government rejects calls to make voting system fairer | Jun 23 2015 | Brent Patterson | Given our current electoral system produces an unfair reflection of the overall vote, many people feel their vote doesn't count and so don't vote. This is a major concern for the Council of Canadians.

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Canada in recession? You are doing one hell of a job Stephen Harper! NorthReport said... Re·ces·sion rəˈseSH(ə)n/ noun  1.a period of temporary economic decline during which trade...
The federal election, started June 21st, 2015 NorthReport said... I hope Obama invites Putlin to rejoin the G8 before October Vladimir Putin ready to sit at the...
Environmental Defence rates the parties on climate change mark_alfred said... From the site: Quote:The scorecard shows that the NDP is promising the most ambitious carbon...
Impending attacks on the surging NDP Sean in Ottawa said... socialdemocraticmiddle wrote: The attack ads are coming. Looking at the twitter feed on Tom Mulcair...
NDP lead for now. Polling 2015 edition thorin_bane said... http://www.ipolitics.ca/2015/06/05/the-ekos-poll-mulcair-is-picking-up-a...Lead is getting larger,...
Myth busting: The Great Blue Liberal Stampede of 2011 -- that never happened mark_alfred said... Very interesting.  Thanks. in
The federal election, started May 20, 2015 Debater said... Continued from previous thread: jjuares wrote: Debater is hardly the only one who thinks along...
What lessons can Andrea Horwath learn from Rachel Notley? terrytowel said... What does Rachel have that Andrea doesn't? What lessons can Andrea learn from Rachel for the 2018...
Jim Prentice throws a Hail Mary "If you want to STOP the NDP you cannot vote Wildrose" terrytowel said... "The the only party that is going to stop the NDP in Alberta is the Progressive Conservative party...
Federal NDP candidates 2015 part 3 David Young said... It's going to be interesting to see if (how many?) of the provincial NDP candidates who have also...

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