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The diminishing of access to government information -- and some things to do about it | Sep 3 2015 | Keith Reynolds | The Supreme Court of Canada describes freedom of information legislation as a pillar of our democracy in Canada. Over the years, however, this pillar of democracy has seen its base chipped away.
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GDP numbers just symptom of bigger problems in Canadian economy | Sep 3 2015 | Jim Stanford | Now that the recession has been confirmed, let's hope the election campaign now starts to address some of the deeper challenges facing Canada's economy.
Photo: Alexandre Normand/flickr
The best of all policies: My wish for the ideal platform | Sep 3 2015 | Seth Klein | Which opposition party, with a potential to win the election, has the better platform when it comes to tackling climate change and inequality? Seth Klein weighs the parties on these core issues.
The great Canadian debate: Should we reform the Senate? | Sep 3 2015 | Roshini Nair | Author-activist Helen Forsey shares her vision for a better-functioning Senate from her book "A People's Senate for Canada" and reviews the candidates' ideas for Senate reform in this interview.
Photo: Wayne Chu
Abuse and barriers increase under new caregiver program regulations | Sep 3 2015 | Ethel Tungohan | Chris Alexander promised the Filipino and migrant communities that changes to the Live-In Caregiver Program would protect them and quicken processing times. The opposite has occurred.
Joseph McCarthy
Controversial Wildrose leaflet had similarities to B.C. Liberals' Chinese-language ads smearing NDP | Sep 3 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Wildrose Leader Brian Jean won't repudiate offensive allegations made in a Chinese-language election brochure distributed in the Calgary-Foothills byelection.
Image: Flickr/Alex Guibord
Fact-checking the refugee crisis: Chris Alexander calls Canada 'model of humanitarian action' | Sep 3 2015 | Nora Loreto | Canada is no longer a welcoming nation for refugees. Many Canadians are now realizing just how bad it's become.
Photo: flickr/ Siebuhr
Why so few federal election debates on women's issues? | Sep 3 2015 | Samantha C. Thrift | Political parties' reticence (or refusal, as the case may be) to participate in women's issues debates is part of a decades-old neoliberal chill put on women's advocacy work in Canada.
Kenney and Alexander answer questions about Temporary Foreign Workers Program ch
Refugee crisis gives Conservatives a well-earned black eye | Sep 3 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | It is a horror that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander did nothing to help a desperate Syrian family, who had relatives in Canada. But that indifference is not new.
Election 2015: Apathy is Boring helps to reach out to youth | Sep 2 2015 | Tools from a youth led, youth focused get out the vote organization
Documenting cases of stiffled dissent | Sep 2 2015 | The Voices-voix.ca is providing details and stories about courageous dissenters
2015 election needs to focus on our digital future | Sep 2 2015 | Digital Freedom Update, Laura Tribe | This election represents our best chance to shape Canada's digital future. It's our chance to safeguard our privacy, encourage affordable access to Internet services, and protect our free expression.

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CBC Vote Compass is back! sherpa-finn said... The CBC's Vote Compass is back, - just in time for the run up to the federal election! Hours of...
Federal scientist on paid leave after his scathing Harperman song hits YouTube MegB said... Check out the You Tube video, It's great. in
Chrystia Freeland crashes Joe Oliver's budget talk at all-men's club -- after it was already cancelled NorthReport said... What an idiot!  Norman Spector ‏@nspector4  13h13 hours ago Norman Spector...
Economy / budgets mark_alfred said... Seems to be a lot of focus on the economy and on budgets recently.  Here's an article by Coyne...
Margaret Atwood hair article censored ilha formosa said... Trying again, cached earlier version here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%...
Latest polling thread Aug 21 2015 josh said... Forum: NDP 34 CPC 29 LPC 28 http://www.thestar.com/news/federal-election/2015/08/21/ndp-achieving...
Liberal steps down due to comments made as a teenager. alan smithee said... Sean in Ottawa wrote:   This story should have stopped with her apology and statement that...
Party sites Sean in Ottawa said... Some impressions of the Liberal page. Trudeau and our resident Liberal cheerleader said that the...
Tales from the trenches: Campaign 2015 sherpa-finn said... In my local riding, the NDP incumbent is generally well appreciated and given the regional polling...
Trouncing Harper in Three Easy Steps Pondering said... Strategic voting only works at the riding level. Currently that means voting NDP in all the ridings...
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Four issues to consider in this election
According to recent polls, the Harper Conservatives are suffering as a result of Canada's stumbling economy and the scandalous revelations emerging from the Mike Duffy trial.

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