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Photo: Flickr/Adam Scotti
Targeting vote suppression calls in the 2011 telephone fraud | Oct 7 2015 | Michael Keefer | This entry shows that the calls were targeted and that Elections Canada was aware of their source.
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Should Canada have completed a trade deal in the middle of an election? | Oct 7 2015 | Scott Sinclair | Striking the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal during the election flies in the face of democratic convention and the government's own promises of openness.
High-quality national child care needs a workforce to match | Oct 7 2015 | Rachel Langford, Shani Halfon | Last week, the Vote Child Care 2015 campaign released its guide outlining the federal parties' child-care platforms. And there it was. The child care workforce was "not referred to."
Fact check: If the TPP is good for the auto sector, why is Harper promising $1B to save it? | Oct 7 2015 | David Molenhuis | The Claim: The Conservative Party says "We believe that this deal [the TPP] offers enormous benefits for the automobile sector." Is this true?
WATCH: How do we get Canadians to care about climate change? Radicalize it. | Oct 7 2015 | Scott Vrooman | If nothing is done to stop Islamic Climate Change, our children may be the ones who suffer the most.
Islamophobia, the niqab and dog-whistle racism in the Canadian election | Oct 6 2015 | Michael Laxer | Our government and our government officials are using the niqab to create a climate of fear and loathing that will help them back to power.
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Harper trumpets Canada's international role even as our reputation declines | Oct 6 2015 | Ralph Surette | We are becoming a ship of fools adrift on international waters, and not only is that obscured by Harper's doubletalk, but the opposition parties have failed to bring any of this to light.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Harper's climate claims: Taking credit where it's not due | Oct 6 2015 | Marc Lee | Stephen Harper's emissions claims are very much a case of taking credit where it is not due, from a prime minister who is only pretending to care about the issue amid the spotlight of the election.
Image: Flickr/rabble.ca
The environment platforms of all federal parties amount to climate change denial | Oct 6 2015 | Roger Annis | The federal parties are more wedded to preserving the capitalist system of endless expansion than they are to speaking the truth about the climate crisis.
Image: Rosaura Ochoa/flickr
Social media gives a limited picture of political candidates | Oct 6 2015 | Stephen Kimber | Is it past time for a statute of limitations on social media stupidity? Or at least for a more nuanced understanding than what may have been expressed in the heat of a long-gone 140-character moment?
Photo: GlobalTradeWatch/flickr
Trans-Pacific Partnership: No time-outs allowed in the class struggle | Oct 6 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The power of giant corporations to protect and advance ownership rights over jobs, wages and labour rights has been enshrined in trade deals. This is how the class struggle is waged from above.
Conrad Black to Bay Street: Justin can be trusted | Oct 6 2015 | Linda McQuaig | There's every indication that Justin Trudeau, notwithstanding his progressive talk, would continue the longstanding Liberal tradition of letting Bay Street call the economic shots.

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The NDP should have an endorsement show... mark_alfred said... Harper's meeting with Gretzky was kind of interesting.  It made him likeable, and showed he...
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