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Who's doing what about poverty reduction in Manitoba? | Mar 30 2016 | Shauna MacKinnon | For Manitobans concerned about poverty, there will be much to consider when sorting through political party platforms and promises in search of a meaningful poverty reduction plan.
Divest McGill occupies administration office over decision to keep fossil fuel investments | Mar 29 2016 | David Gray-Donald | Last week McGill decided not to divest from fossil fuels and has received much criticism from Divest McGill and other supporters. Now, Divest McGill has staged a sit-in and camp-out.
Proportional representation is the only way to make every vote count | Mar 29 2016 | rabble staff | Justin Trudeau promised electoral reform in Canada, but all voting systems are not created equal. rabble's new series hopes to inform the conversation on PR and why Canada needs it.
Image: Flickr/United Church
The smearjob on Wab Kinew shows reconciliation still isn't taken seriously | Mar 28 2016 | Shauna MacKinnon, Tina Keeper | Wab Kinew sends an important message to Indigenous youth. That they mustn't give up. If we won't forgive Kinew, then what hope do they have?
Manmeet Bhullar
Whatever the outcome, today's Calgary-Greenway byelection is sure to be a spinner's dream | Mar 22 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Sometimes a byelection is only a byelection.
Regulating fringe banking in Manitoba: A work in progress | Mar 17 2016 | SEED Winnipeg | Since 2007 the Manitoba government has undertaken a series of steps to regulate fringe banks like payday lenders and cheque-cashers, but there is still more to be done.
Photo: Mark Hill/flickr
Treating voters as citizens -- and other lessons from my time in politics | Mar 17 2016 | Linda McQuaig | Looking back on her foray into politics, Linda McQuaig questions if we're well served by a conventional wisdom that has reduced the voter to a simple-minded consumer who's only out for themselves.
Photo: Sean_Marshall/flickr
Hamilton city byelection puts living wage policy in the spotlight | Mar 15 2016 | Tom Cooper | Hamilton City Council will be debating whether to make Hamilton a living wage municipality this spring and it seems many Ward 7 candidates are making the living wage a key part of their platforms.
Image: Flickr/T.J. Hawk
The mysteries of the U.S. presidential race still run thick as thieves | Mar 15 2016 | Gerry Caplan | Do yourself a favour -- binge on House of Cards instead until it's all over.
Manitoba's pension record sets the bar for 2016 provincial election | Mar 11 2016 | Paul Moist | Pensions and the retirement security concerns of Canadians have been in the news in a big way in recent years. Going into the April election, Manitoba brings a strong record of supporting workers.
Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group/flickr
Imagine a U.S. election without polls | Mar 10 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Why should pollsters' predictions matter to the U.S. electorate? Let each person make his or her decision on how to vote not on polling numbers, but on the positions staked out by the candidates.
Pushing back against privatization and keeping Manitoba's home care public | Mar 10 2016 | Pete Hudson | Manitoba's home care program is publicly funded and publicly delivered. The elephant in the room in the upcoming election will be privatization.

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Conservative Campaign Manager Admits HUGE Mistake Going After NDP With Niqab Issue terrytowel said... Conservative campaign manager Jenni Byrne went into the election full of confidence. Ms. Byrne,...
Cheri DiNovo on Tom Mulcair Leadership Shortcomings "I don't have a lot of time for that BS" terrytowel said... Cheri DiNovo prays for NDP redemption Highlights “I was a supporter of Tom. He’s a man with...
Megan Leslie "100% Surprised" Totally Caught Off Guard By Lost terrytowel said... Megan Leslie gives an exclusive interview to Peter Mansbridge on her election loss. http://www.cbc....
Undecided Vote Takes 2nd Place In Preferred Prime Minister Poll terrytowel said... From Nanos Research (The only polling firm to accurately predict the election results says Nick...
Chatelaine Magazine Names Rachel Notley Woman of the Year! terrytowel said... There are actually 30 women who have been singled out by Chatelaine magazine as women of the year...
Forming a new party on the left - how to do it not whether to do it Sean in Ottawa said... It is a new year and we will have to move forward. Clearly there are a lot of people in the NDP who...
NDP Cheri DiNovo On Elxn42 "Blaming media & Liberals strategists is a like farmers blaming the weather" terrytowel said... The NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park says the federal New Democrats’ setback in the October...
How Elxn15 results would look using Proportional Rep & Preferential Ballot terrytowel said... See link for more info http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-preferential-ballot-1.3332566 in
Tom Mulcair To Embark On Cross Canada Listening Tour terrytowel said... Tom Mulcair appeared on both CBC & CTV yesterday and announced he is embarking on a listening...
If Mulcair drops scripted talking points next time & is just his natural self, a win is assured mark_alfred said... I've been reading with some amusement various people's call for Tom Mulcair to play nice and then...
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Ranked ballot is not a voting system
The Liberal Party platform stated that they will make every vote count and they will consider proportional representation and ranked ballots. Only proportional systems can make every vote count.

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