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The NDP's queasy opposition on the niqab | Nov 3 2015 | Sarah Beuhler, Tristan Markle | Many say it was the NDP's principled stand on the "niqab ban" that did them in. However, it was actually their lack of a focused attack against Harper and his "fear and loathing" campaign.
Fixing what Harper broke, part two: The toxic culture in our House of Commons must end | Nov 2 2015 | Elizabeth May | The first to-do list focussed on changes to policy and legislation brought in under the Harper administration. But the damage was not confined to omnibus laws and brutal ideologically motivated cuts.
Photo: flickr/ David Topping
Why Canadians should be worried if Trudeau appoints Bill Blair to cabinet | Nov 2 2015 | David Gray-Donald | Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair was elected in his Ontario riding to the Liberal government. There is speculation Trudeau will appoint him to his cabinet. Should Canadians be worried?
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Want democratic reform? Let's start with newspapers. | Oct 30 2015 | Murray Dobbin | When we talk about democratic reform, as we will be talking in the months and years ahead as a result of this landmark election, we absolutely must include the reform of the newspaper in Canada.
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This should be our last first-past-the-post election | Oct 30 2015 | Rick Salutin | This country's electoral system is an insult to Canadians and a humiliation before the world, most of which doesn't use it. The first order of our new government should be to kill it.
Not Rex: Canada's vote for change feels like more of the same | Oct 30 2015 | Humberto DaSilva | Canadians voted for change. What they got was more of the same, but different.
Election 2015: The triumph of voter engagement | Oct 30 2015 | Christopher Majka | The key to electoral success in 2015 was voter engagement. Had turnout not increased, Stephen Harper's voter suppression strategy would have triumphed yet again. 2015 marks a victory for democracy.
Join rabble.ca to ask WTF? What's the future for progressive movements in Canada | Oct 30 2015 | rabble staff | What's the Future? Join Avi Lewis, Pam Palmater, Amira Elghawaby, Kim Stanton, Eric Pineault, David Climenhaga and Libby Davies to plan some progressive next steps.
Photo: flickr/ Andrew Bates
'Anything but first-past-the-post' is not the answer to Canada's electoral problem | Oct 30 2015 | Stuart Parker | Surely anything but first-past-the-post is better, right? Nope. We need proportional representation to truly have equal and fair voting.
What the court decision on the niqab ban was really about | Oct 29 2015 | Pro Bono, Shelina Ali | During the election, Harper created a polarized debate around the niqab which focussed on Canadian values, women's rights and religious freedom, but the court challenge was about none of these issues.
What could a Liberal majority mean for Indigenous communities? | Oct 29 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with Pamela Palmater about what impact the recent Liberal victory could have on Indigenous rights in Canada.
Fixing what Harper broke: A to-do list for the incoming government | Oct 29 2015 | Elizabeth May | Some of what the Harper administration broke will be easy to fix; much will be very hard indeed. But we must insist the damage be reversed.

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Stephen Harper Still Has Not Resigned terrytowel said... At the moment, it doesn’t appear that Harper has formally served notice to Governor General David...
Outgoing Immigration Minister Chris Alexander blames literally everyone but himself terrytowel said... “Suddenly we ended up in a campaign talking about second-class citizens? That concept does not...
NDP Fave Joy Taylor's Take On The Election terrytowel said... 89 Year-Young NDP party stalwart Joy Taylor IS BACK! She knew Tommy Douglas. Here are her thoughts...
NDP Furious @ Trudeau - NDP Did All The Work In HOC & Trudeau Is Getting The Reward terrytowel said... Party members are not taking the Trudeau win well. “It sucks; to be honest Trudeau barely showed up...
National Campaign Director Anne McGrath To Lead Campaign Post Mortem terrytowel said... Thomas Mulcair has announced that he’s asked National Campaign Director Anne McGrath to form a...
I Predicted 3 Yrs Ago Megan Leslie Would Be Defeated terrytowel said... So why didn't anyone believe me? http://rabble.ca/babble/election-2015/liberal-mpp-laurel-broten-to...
Potential Joe Cressy Candidacy for Leadership terrytowel said... I think he could be a good choice.That's if/when Mulcair steps down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
Brian Masse Is Now The Longest Tenured MP In The NDP Caucus terrytowel said... Elected in a by-election in 2002, who would have thought he would have that much senority at this...
NDP Even Failed To Connect With Young People In Elxn42 terrytowel said... Here are the national results for Student Vote 2015. Nearly 900,000 students cast a ballot. in
I can't help but feel betrayed by those who usually vote NDP and instead voted Liberal. takeitslowly said... It only takes a few minutes to find out the harper cons wont win even a minority according to all...
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