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Kenney and Alexander answer questions about Temporary Foreign Workers Program ch
Refugee crisis gives Conservatives a well-earned black eye | Sep 3 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | It is a horror that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander did nothing to help a desperate Syrian family, who had relatives in Canada. But that indifference is not new.
Photo: flickr/ Siebuhr
Why so few federal election debates on women's issues? | Sep 3 2015 | Samantha C. Thrift | Political parties' reticence (or refusal, as the case may be) to participate in women's issues debates is part of a decades-old neoliberal chill put on women's advocacy work in Canada.
Photo: Wayne Chu
Abuse and barriers increase under new caregiver program regulations | Sep 3 2015 | Ethel Tungohan | Chris Alexander promised the Filipino and migrant communities that changes to the Live-In Caregiver Program would protect them and quicken processing times. The opposite has occurred.
The great Canadian debate: Should we reform the Senate? | Sep 3 2015 | Roshini Nair | Author-activist Helen Forsey shares her vision for a better-functioning Senate from her book "A People's Senate for Canada" and reviews the candidates' ideas for Senate reform in this interview.
Election 2015: Apathy is Boring helps to reach out to youth | Sep 2 2015 | Tools from a youth led, youth focused get out the vote organization
Documenting cases of stiffled dissent | Sep 2 2015 | The Voices-voix.ca is providing details and stories about courageous dissenters
2015 election needs to focus on our digital future | Sep 2 2015 | Digital Freedom Update, Laura Tribe | This election represents our best chance to shape Canada's digital future. It's our chance to safeguard our privacy, encourage affordable access to Internet services, and protect our free expression.
Prasad Panda
Will Wildrose Leader Brian Jean repudiate Calgary-Foothills candidate's 'communist' characterization of NDP? | Sep 2 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Wildrose Leader Brian Jean owes it to Albertans to actively repudiate his candidate's language in the strongest terms possible.
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
Recession is just the tip of Canada's economic iceberg | Sep 2 2015 | David Macdonald | Does the fact that we're in recession mean we can finally focus on the non-recovery of the job market or the fact that jobs are far more precarious than they have been in years? Let's hope so.
Image: Flickr/YoungDoo M. Carey
Four decades later, parents still carry most of the responsibility for child care | Sep 2 2015 | Martha Friendly | It's pretty stunning to recognize that Canadian family life has experienced massive social change but that things haven't really changed when it comes to responsibility for child care.
Image: Facebook/Ryan Leef
Conservative Yukon candidate dresses up like a ninja, handcuffs woman defacing his campaign sign in dead of night | Sep 2 2015 | Lewis Rifkind | Ryan Leef, the incumbent Conservative Party MP for the Yukon, performed a citizen's arrest on a Yukoner who was vandalizing his re-election signs.
Photo: flickr/ Canada 2020
Fact-checking French Trudeau: Will Mulcair usher in austerity? | Sep 2 2015 | Nora Loreto | Was the use of the word "austerity" in French but not in English indicative of the Liberals' campaign strategy in Quebec?

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FTQ union federation no longer endorses Bloc, calls for defeating Conservatives swallow said... Quote:Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he wasn’t surprised that an “organization that is openly...
Federal election thread -- August 4, 2015 socialdemocraticmiddle said... In response to this comment:  ... here's Mulcair's event in Montreal today. Wish the Q&A...
2015 babble election round-up Slumberjack said... Why not?  There's this thread.  My blurb's a bit terse...consisting only of those five...
Maclean's national leaders debate: Thursday, August 6 -- 74 days before the election NorthReport said... Two things come to mind about this debate: 1 - 74 days, or over 10 weeks before Election Day, may...
FNs: Don't Vote For Canada! Mr. Magoo said... I'm not here to tell FNs what they should or shouldn't do.  But it's also hard to see how...
Harper to call election as early as Sunday jerrym said... With Harper calling the election early (probably Sunday), the Cons will be able to spend a lot more...
August 6 leaders debate sherpa-finn said... So next week will be the first leaders debate, effectively kicking off the 2015 Election Campaign....
Is the Liberal Party progressive? Misfit said... The Liberals are definitely not progressive IMO. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives are backed...
Tom Mulcair's Wife Has Decided to Take Her Husband's Surname For Elxn Campaign terrytowel said... When Catherine Pinhas married Thomas Mulcair she decided to keep her maiden name. She is a woman of...
L'actualité interview with Tom Mulcair on Energy East NorthReport said... Mulcair on Energy East: ‘We are against that pipeline’ Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have finally...
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