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NDP Picking-Up Steam in Montreal?

I just got home from an NDP nomination.  It was the second such ievent I'd been at in a few months where the candidates seemed impressive and there was some magic.  Although I'm not really a political junkie, I have some interest in progressive agendas and intriguing candidates.

I just came from Tyrone Benskin's event in the southwest Montreal riding of Jeanne LeBer.  He is an actor and, I believe , executive from ACTRA.  He's fairly charismatic and spoke a lot about Can-content and cultural issues.  He seems to be a natural.  These issues could resonate well in urban Quebec.


Catch 22 - Vancouver area meeting

Jan 17, 2011 to Jan 18, 2011
TBD - Likely somewhere in Gastown Vancouver , BC
49° 14' 54.6828" N, 123° 6' 31.68" W
British Columbia CA
Catch 22 Harper Conservatives will be holding a get-together for supporters and interested parties to provide a campaign update and hear from you.
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How Ford won the campaign on the ground, and not in the media

Why the media got it wrong

Mr. Granatstein also agreed with Ryerson University journalism professor April Lindgren's suggestion that, with polls handy, anecdotal evidence often gets short shrift.

"I think reporters have gotten away from trusting what they hear on the street because it's considered unscientific," Ms. Lindgren said.

But even the subtler signals of public intentions proved hard to read. Mr. Ford's overt decision not to court the mainstream media, and in some cases to shut writers out entirely, obscured what is often the best litmus test: the body language inside a leading campaign team.

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Have you driven a Ford lately? Toronto after the election

Just because if we're going to have four years of Mayor Ford we might as well brace ourselves for impact.

So what can we expect from Mayor Ford and how do we build an opposition to him after the election (assuming the E-Day opposition falls short)

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Is Scott Moffatt fear mongering out of desperation?

Scott Moffatt = Instilling fear for votes and not getting mine

Talking to a few friends at the Marlborough in North Gower and whenever I see people that I know around the area, the only reason why anyone says that they will vote for Scott is because he has told them that a vote for him is the only way that the voters can knock Glenn Brooks out. When I ask them, what part of the platform do they like of his, their response is, "Well, I don't actually really like him at all, he has become very arrogant, but we need to get Glenn out and Scott said that if there is a vote split, Glenn will get back in."

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I am really disheartened by the muncipal elections in Toronto...I cannot stand my local councillor and I hate all the mayoral candidates...WTF can I not vote for:


by crossing out all the names and if 51% did so...the parties (elites) would have to give a whole new slate of candidates...  As I am tired of the media circus and also the ineptitude  and ignorance that seemingly abound...this time around.

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Hamilton municipal election

Anyone here with news from on the ground in Hamilton? I've been following the election in my former hometown from abroad, through the [url=http://www.thespec.com/news/elections]Hamilton Spectator election website[/url].


I see that Larry DiIanni has put a poll out now suggesting he's ahead.


Hamilton Spectator: [url=http://www.thespec.com/news/elections/article/266686--di-ianni-poll-puts... Ianni poll puts him in front in mayoral race[/url]

A leaked poll from Larry Di Ianni's campaign suggests he is set to retake the mayor's job he lost to incumbent Fred Eisenberger in 2006.

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Ford vs Smitherman vs Pantalone

I think its time for a new generic thread about the Toronto mayoralty race. The news today is that Adam Vaughan has grudgingly endorsed Smitherman, while damning him with faint praise:


"“I like Joe and I consider him a friend, but you have to fight the election you’re dealt, not the one you want,” Vaughan said in an interview Friday morning.

“The only way to deal with Rob Ford is George Smitherman. I’m prepared to work with George Smitherman,” he said.

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Ottawa municipal election

I know that it is hardly as exciting as the Toronto race, but our nation's capital does have an election too. I find it interesting that will all the talk of the Tea Party sweaping north with Ford in Toronto, that Jim Watson, who is probably the most anti-tea party politician you could think of (moderate, lots of governmental experience, generally seen as being one of the more polite politicos out there) looks like an almost sure lock to win.

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Ottawa-West Nepean Liberal Nomination

The inside scoop is that the Liberal Party of Canada is looking for "star" candidate to replace David Pratt to take on John B. 

There are three unimpressive local candidates running, but they have been fighting for this nomination tooth and nail and yet the Liberal party has absolutely no intention of letting any of them be on the ballot come election time.

I hear that, apparently, the party is forcing the riding association to delay the nomination until they can find a star candidate and will then force the other nominees to drop out.

Very interesting. 

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We Need Perpetual Democracy

Rick Salutin writing about the politics of hope and fear, recognizs that "This is partly due to our political system: We get to vote occasionally for leaders, then leave it all in their hands, leading to excessive reliance on "them," and turning on them when things don't gel. A political culture of blame and rage is the upshot, rather than shared responsibility and the will to keep going. What could change that? Something more ongoingly, truly democratic, perhaps."

Once we realize that too much political power in the hands of a few politicians will inherently corrupt, we must look for an alternative form of governance.



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