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The Conservatives are morphing into the Gestapo! Harper's beginning to look more and more like Colonel Schultz from Stalag 13!

I think people are beginning to figure out why Harper and the Conservatives were the first government ever in the Commonwealth to be held in contempt of Parliament.

After this incident, the voters should hold the Conservatives in contempt of Canada.

This is just bizarre:

Harper under fire for tossing Londoners out of Tory rally


A spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered an apology Monday to a local teen who claims she was turfed from Harper’s London rally over her Facebook picture with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

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Is deciding on competence the right way to pick political leaders? If not, what is?

What follows is an essay I wrote earlier and edited this morning following the CBC's The Current (April 5, 8:35 am) which discussed choosing competence by a glance at a face. I have chosen to start a new thread because the issue I am raising in this essay was not covered in the CBC radio program and I believe merits its own thread. As well my post is long and I don't want to derail that discussion with this one. Since I rarely start threads -- Mods please indulge this one. If you look beyond the superficial you will see that the substance I raise is only indirectly related to either the current discussion on the Vote Compass and The Current program. I hope you will conclude it is worthy of a thread on a more general topic of what we need to look for in a candidate.


Day for democracy rally

Apr 6, 2011
Human Rights Monument
Elgin and Lisgar Streets
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 41.6592" N, 75° 41' 53.4984" W
Ontario CA
Short speeches recapping the Government of Canada’s serious ethical violations in recent years -- attacks on individuals, attacks on groups and attacks on dissent, then a rally.
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If Cons win most seats but no majority: Not Harper.

Anyone interested in a "Not Harper" campaign to convince the Governor General that he should not appoint Harper as PM should Cons have the most seats, but not a majority?

I could be a Cons lead coalition but not Harper as PM.


If Harper does not win a majority, I don't think he should be PM even if Cons get most seats for the following reasons:

1. His government was held in comtempt of Paliament

2. Elections senanigans.

3. Prorogation.

4. Eroding parliamentary democracy.

5. He has been PM twice and the level of discourse has grown worse.



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The need to vote strategically

We can only hope that Stephen Harper's coalition scare tactic will backfire, as it is likely that he is the one most worried that the majority of Canadians might see a coalition as a better choice than his jets, prisons and corporate tax cuts. Most other multi-party, parliamentary countries have coalition governments that serve their population very well, and it would be great to see political parties working together for the good of this country. Since Canada lacks a tradition of coalition governments, the only way for the majority of Canadians to ensure the next government best represents their issues is to vote for the candidate that has the best chance of winning.

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Canadian Astroturfing, 2011 Edition

Craigslist advert seeks jolly right-wing trolls to help conservative message during election campaign

Trolltastic! Calling all rightwing trolls! This afternoon a jobs vacancy advertisement appeared on the Toronto version of Craigslist....


It comes from an unnamed social media company seeking neo-con news junkies to "help balance the left-wing bias of the major media outlets" by writing attack responses to comments, forums, Facebook and more. Ability to use humour, sarcasm and personal insults are considered a definite bonus.

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What percentage of Canadians won't vote this time?

I look forward with great interest to see the percentage of the Canadian population that will choose to vote, or more accurately, the percentage that will prefer to stay home.

My hunch is that with another election in so few years there is a very real chance non-turnout will only increase again.

I myself will not vote; none of the parties have communicated a platform that inspires me.


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