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Count Iggula takes the fight to New Democrats

No wonder it seems the Conservatives are headed for a majority; the Liberals are too busy taking on the NDP to worry about Harper:

Help Ignatieff find Tories


Ignatieff's itininerary for the first three days of the campaign:

Day 1: Ottawa Centre (NDP)

Day 2: Outremont (NDP), Ahuntsic (BQ)

Day 3: Trinity-Spadina (NDP)


Jack's Itinerary:

Day 1: Edmonton Centre (CON)

Day 2: Surrey North (CON)

Day 3: Palliser (CON), Regina-Qu'Appelle (CON)


If I hear another Liberal admonish the NDP for "helping Harper" I think I will lose it!


Big Rally with Jack Layton in Toronto

Mar 30, 2011
Wychwood Barn
601 Christie St
M6G 4C7 Toronto
43° 40' 46.92" N, 79° 25' 26.76" W
Rally in Toronto with Jack Layton, Peggy Nash, Andrew Cash and the GTA New Democrat team.
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Reject the election. Don’t mark your ballot!

Canadians go to the polls, again.

Are you a disaffected and angry voter? Planning to pass on election day? Unwilling to play ‘party games' again? Shouldn't an election be about hope and renewal?

There is one alternative. Reject your ballot on election day! Make the election a referendum on our political system!!

It is hard for people to express dissatisfaction with our politics other than not voting. But not voting does nothing to fix our political system.

In the 2008 federal election 94,733 ballots were reported as rejected. A Rejected Ballot is one that cannot be counted because it is improperly marked. The easiest way is to make no mark or select two or more choices. Elections Canada reports the number of Rejected Ballots.

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NDP battleground seats

Ok fine, battleground is a silly over used term.  Point is, what do people think are close ridings that could go NDP if the ground game and organization is there. I'm thinking it might be best to keep it short and sweet. Name the riding and why it's in play,etc.

I'll start with a couple:


*Dartmouth- Cole Harbour (NS)

2 way race

Lib - Mike Savage (Incumbent) vs. NDP Robert Chisholm

Why? Savage has held the riding since Wendy Lill NDP retired, but Chisholm is well known as a former leader of the provincial ndp. Last election Brad Pye lost by 3800 votes. Chisholm knows how to bring the ground game.


*Parkdale-High Park (ON)

2 way race

Lib - Gerard Kennedy (Incumbent) vs NDP Peggy Nash

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Dana Larsen will answer your questions

Hello to the good folks of Babble,

I used to post here fairly often but it's been a long time since I have been by.

Since I am running for the Leadership of the BC NDP, I thought I'd drop in and see if there's any questions that people here want to ask me about my campaign and my goals in this Leadership bid.

My leadership campaign is based upon four pillars: Democracy, Sustainability, Social Justice and Smart on Crime.

I have a pretty comprehensive set of policies and ideas at my website here: http://www.VoteDana.ca/platform

I'll do my best to check in over the remainder of the campaign and answer any questions anyone might have for me.


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BDS campaign against China for its appalling treatment of and contempt for Tibetans?

In light of this week's events in which China once again pressured Nepal to foil attempts by refugee Tibetans to hold an election to choose a new Prime Minister for the government-in-exile (apparently democracy is seditious), I would like to ask a serious if naive question.

Why is there not on this board call for a BDS campaign against China for its treatment of Tibetans?


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