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Dana Larsen will answer your questions

Hello to the good folks of Babble,

I used to post here fairly often but it's been a long time since I have been by.

Since I am running for the Leadership of the BC NDP, I thought I'd drop in and see if there's any questions that people here want to ask me about my campaign and my goals in this Leadership bid.

My leadership campaign is based upon four pillars: Democracy, Sustainability, Social Justice and Smart on Crime.

I have a pretty comprehensive set of policies and ideas at my website here: http://www.VoteDana.ca/platform

I'll do my best to check in over the remainder of the campaign and answer any questions anyone might have for me.


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BDS campaign against China for its appalling treatment of and contempt for Tibetans?

In light of this week's events in which China once again pressured Nepal to foil attempts by refugee Tibetans to hold an election to choose a new Prime Minister for the government-in-exile (apparently democracy is seditious), I would like to ask a serious if naive question.

Why is there not on this board call for a BDS campaign against China for its treatment of Tibetans?

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Hey all, I've read rabble several times but never really participated here. I once considdered myself a PC, but now find the Green Party is closest to my own ideoligy in most ways. The current Conservative Party with no Progressive component is a true tragedy.

I'm hoping for a spring election for many reasons. My frustration with the current government has been building for many years, and I can no longer keep track of all the issues and scandals so I've made a parody site for my own cathartic purposes which I like to share.





Coalition of Progressive Electors winter gala

Feb 26, 2011 to Feb 27, 2011
Museum of Vancouver
1100 Chesnut Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 33.6468" N, 123° 8' 46.2624" W
British Columbia CA
Join the Coalition of Progressive Electors for their winter gala at the Vancouver Museum.
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NDP Picking-Up Steam in Montreal?

I just got home from an NDP nomination.  It was the second such ievent I'd been at in a few months where the candidates seemed impressive and there was some magic.  Although I'm not really a political junkie, I have some interest in progressive agendas and intriguing candidates.

I just came from Tyrone Benskin's event in the southwest Montreal riding of Jeanne LeBer.  He is an actor and, I believe , executive from ACTRA.  He's fairly charismatic and spoke a lot about Can-content and cultural issues.  He seems to be a natural.  These issues could resonate well in urban Quebec.


Catch 22 - Vancouver area meeting

Jan 17, 2011 to Jan 18, 2011
TBD - Likely somewhere in Gastown Vancouver , BC
49° 14' 54.6828" N, 123° 6' 31.68" W
British Columbia CA
Catch 22 Harper Conservatives will be holding a get-together for supporters and interested parties to provide a campaign update and hear from you.


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