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How Ford won the campaign on the ground, and not in the media

Why the media got it wrong

Mr. Granatstein also agreed with Ryerson University journalism professor April Lindgren's suggestion that, with polls handy, anecdotal evidence often gets short shrift.

"I think reporters have gotten away from trusting what they hear on the street because it's considered unscientific," Ms. Lindgren said.

But even the subtler signals of public intentions proved hard to read. Mr. Ford's overt decision not to court the mainstream media, and in some cases to shut writers out entirely, obscured what is often the best litmus test: the body language inside a leading campaign team.

Oct 26, 2010

Tips for citizen journalists covering elections

Ian Capstick
I've reported on a number of municipal or provincial election campaigns in my previous life doing radio news, so it was a pleasure to be reporting again for #OttVote -- albeit in much different way.
Oct 27, 2010

So, Rob Ford is mayor! What do we do now?

Tonya Surman
The creativity, energy, activism of Toronto hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, it is challenge and adversary that breeds innovation and action. Oh, I can feel the anger turning into action already.
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Have you driven a Ford lately? Toronto after the election

Just because if we're going to have four years of Mayor Ford we might as well brace ourselves for impact.

So what can we expect from Mayor Ford and how do we build an opposition to him after the election (assuming the E-Day opposition falls short)



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