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It's time to heed warnings about humanity's collision course | Jan 4 2017 | David Suzuki | Like Pope Francis's 2015 encyclical, the "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity" was an attempt to galvanize the world to recognize the implications of humanity's path and the urgent need for change.
Photo: Julia Kilpatrick, Pembina Institute/flickr
Canada-China FTA talks could have massive implications for water use | Jan 4 2017 | Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government says talks toward a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement could begin as early as February 2017.
Don MacIntyre
Alberta's carbon tax: Science is political when it doesn't suit Wildrose agenda; politics is scientific when it does | Jan 3 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's conservative parties are so mired in their market fundamentalist ideology that, ironically, they have no time for the marketplace of ideas.
Photo: JMacPherson/flickr
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to challenge Enbridge Line 3 pipeline approval in Federal Court | Jan 3 2017 | Brent Patterson | On the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, he also announced his government's approval of the lesser-known Enbridge Line 3 pipeline.
Desmoging Journalism
Desmogging journalism | Jan 2 2017 | Daryn Caister | The incoming Trump administration *shudder* has put a sooty fog over the climate movement, but let's not stop paying attention to the areas where we can do some good.
Putting a climate lens on infrastructure spending | Dec 26 2016 | Redeye Collective | The Liberal government passed a private member's bill giving funding priority to green infrastructure projects. Eric Doherty say this could mean tens of billions of dollars more for public transit.
Unpacking Kinder Morgan's employment promises | Dec 24 2016 | Marc Lee | Assumptions regarding the economic benefits of the Trans Mountain expansion lead to exaggerated numbers that are simply too good to be true.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Ingolfson
Car-centric landscape, not tolls, harm the poor | Dec 23 2016 | Yves Engler | Structuring transport and urban landscapes around the private auto entrenches class and wealth divisions and negatively impacts poor people.
Fracking the Bakken Formation in North Dakota
US EPA finds that fracking can have a major impact on the quality of water | Dec 23 2016 | Final report is a useful tool for those of us fighting against fracking
Photo: Steph Wechsler
Capturing this turbulent year: 16 stories of 2016 | Dec 23 2016 | Miriam Katawazi | It was a turbulent year for Canada and the rest of the world. Read rabble.ca's top picks for 2016 that encapsulate the year.
The year in your ear | Dec 22 2016 | Victoria Fenner | World Social Forum, a steampunk mystery and getting in a good headspace for the new year. Some highlights from the rabble podcast network in 2016.
Federal EA review
Last chance to give input to federal environmental assessment review | Dec 22 2016 | Redeye Collective | The federal government launched a wide-ranging review of its environmental assessment process in June 2016. It's wrapping up soon but there still time to make your views known.

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Environmental Defence rates the parties on climate change mark_alfred said... From the site: Quote:The scorecard shows that the NDP is promising the most ambitious carbon...

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Mining Watch
Mount Polley Disaster Stunner: Federal Government Moves To Stop MiningWatch Presenting Evidence To Court
The 2014 Mount Polley Mine disaster had a huge ecological impact. The Crown announced that it is moving to stay Mining Watch’s charges against the B.C. government and Mount Polley. Take action.

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