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Arts and science fair May 8th Toronto Harbourfront center

Tell me what it is like if you happen to be there and to be interested in the border between art and science.

Its free. 



Saturday May 8, 12pm – 4pm
Harbourfront Centre
235 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto
Free, open to the public

The Too Cool For School Art & Science Fair was invented to turn the spotlight on the unexpected feats of imagination and exploration that are happening all around us (an exhibition will follow in November).

50 exibits

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Energy Concerns

Gravely concerned with energy privatization in Ontario

Ontarians are paying private corporations to privatize our energy.
Yet, private energy providers have cut many of our fellow citizens from accessing energy, leaving them behind in the dark and in the cold. People have been brought down to the level where they are begging for some energy in welfare offices.

Private energy has taken away from us our ability to decide as a community about the future of our energy, a life – or- extinction issue in the times of global warming.


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Canada to open Arctic for oil drilling

Canada is apparently in consultation with major energy companies to open up the arctic for deep sea oil well exploitation, by "relaxing" our environmental safeguards and regulations.  I haven't even heard of this prior to this column in the globe, and i read several papers a day.  Not surprising, like the europe trade agreement, SPP, etc.

from the globe:

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Wind Turbines - Green or Greenwashing? What should NDP position be?

This week 300 protesters traveled to Queen's Park to voice their concerns over industrial wind projects. These people were dismissed as Not-In-My-Back-Yarders... maybe crazy. Because who in their right mind would say wind turbines are not green? It's a given... isn't it?

Lately, I have been attending kitchen-table meetings in regards to industrial wind turbines and I'm no longer convinced that wind turbines are "green" bullet we've been waiting for. 

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Ontario Energy Policy What Should it be?

Does Ontario have a formalized energy policy? If so Ontario's so called energy policy is very much in dispute with many different kinds of interests claiming that elusive policy as their own. Take Nuclear Power in Canada - Appendix 1 for example:http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf49ai_Ontario_Energy_Policy.html Or consider the following:Excerpted from: What Went Wrong with Ontario's Energy Policy? Compiled for Central Bruce-Grey Wind Concerns Ontario By Keith Stelling, MA, (McMaster) MNIMH, Dip. Phyt., MCPP (England), 10 April, 2010 http://windconcernsontario.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/what-went-wrong-w...

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Wind Farm Projects Contested in Ontario


Wind Conerns Ontario seems to be commenting on every wind farm and or wind turbine project in Ontario.

At first I thought this group were advocates promoting wind power as an alternative source of energy. In fact, it seems as if Wind Concerns are concentrating on everything that either has or can go wrong with the development of wind power in Ontario.  

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40 day low carbon lunch challenge

Hey all, I just posted an In Cahoots article from TakingITGlobal, and thought babblers might be interested in this 40 day low carbon lunch challenge.

Personally, I'm horrible at bringing lunches from home to begin with, so I always end up buying lunch at work.  Which is not only hard on my pocketbook but also on the environment.

So I'm thinking seriously about signing up for this challenge.  Anyone want to sign up with me?

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Letter to my Nimby

People unite! = not in anyone's backyard : coal, gas, nuclear.

 Current energy system comes at the expense of water. We absolutely cannot afford this. We absolutely need water. And we absolutely need energy.

 We all can absolutely have both - and more!

Our communities will not be pitted against each other. No matter how much one wants to be a NIMBY, and push their woes onto other communities or disregard the plight of other communities created through our lack of energy sufficiency, what looks like an isolated struggle is the struggle for the whole earth.

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Wind power works


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With strong breezes blowing early Sunday afternoon in West Texas, wind-power generation hit a record 6,242 megawatts on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas' grid, which serves most of the state.

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wild bee sex

Just a shout out for slowing down and paying attention.  I almost missed the fact that the hills are alive with the sound of wild bee sex...and even when I was sitting there with my camera pointing at it, people who were walking be asked me if I was documenting soil erosion.

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Ontario and Quebec abandon their climate change position from Copenhagen conference

Ontario, Quebec sing different oilsands tune when cash beckons


  By Jason Fekete, Calgary HeraldMarch 23, 2010    

EDMONTON - After months of publicly denouncing the oilsands for its environmental footprint, the Quebec and Ontario governments are in Alberta this week with entrepreneurs looking to land supplier contracts with companies developing the resource.

The Quebec government asked businesses from that province to participate in the economic mission to Edmonton this week for the National Buyer/Seller Forum - a conference dedicated to oilsands investment - saying the projects in northern Alberta provide la belle province with "good business opportunities."

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Sprawl in the Rust Belt


Sprawl in the Rust Belt

By Frank Liberto

Anti-gentrification work in Hamilton is important, yet there are many potential pitfalls in it. The template comes from such "world city" locales as New York, London and Toronto, where the concentration of corporate and financial command functions have seriously altered the class composition in favour of upper-middle and ruling classes.


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