Sep 2, 2014

Naomi Klein speaks to the Peoples' Social Forum

Needs No Introduction
Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, author and one of the most influential voices on our political and cultural environment. She spoke to the Peoples' Social Forum August 21, 2014 in Ottawa.
Sep 1, 2014

Twelve Canadians: The Nashwaak

The Green Planet Monitor
Four New Brunswickers speak of their love of New Brunswick's lovely Nashwaak River, and guide us to her top.
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New Toronto streetcars

Finally some modern trams as I've had the pleasure to ride across the pond.

You can see the benefits for people in wheelchairs (and those who simply have trouble climbing stairs), parents pushing strollers, cyclists etc.


But there are problems with the new sliding doors (because of the arrogance of local drivers) and an odd lack of legroom, given that people tend to be taller now.


I sure wish we could get them (back) here!

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Mt. Polley mine disaster -- Imperial Metals tailings pond rupture

It's been bugging me that no thread has been started here on this.  Things developed quickly and I think those of who would have posted were busy following it on other media. This is just an explanation for a lack of chronology for people who may read back on this at some other time.

Rabble has been covering it. Here's one of the first articles.


And a recent one by David Suzuki:


Weirdly, no comments on either.


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