Aug 19, 2010

Learning from nature's design

Tragedy poses the basic questions: What is life really all about? Is nature trying to tell us something? Biomimicry is based on a deep biological read of exactly these two questions.
Aug 19, 2010

Does the war against Aboriginal women begin at home?

Rick Harp
While giving credit to the terrible conditions that create these problems, we often overlook the dysfunctional community life that can drive Aboriginal women off their home reserves and into danger.
Aug 19, 2010
Organized and led by Indigenous people and welcome to everyone, roughly a 100 walkers trekked through a 13-kilometre loop that could be called the Ground Zero of Alberta's dirty oil industry. Photo: Jason Franson.

A healing walk around the tar sands dead zone

Rita Wong
I felt incapable of addressing the huge, overwhelming scale of the destruction. Yet, on this walk, the sick feeling co-existed with a quietly hopeful one, invoked by the efforts of my co-walkers.
Aug 14, 2010

Open Data in agriculture

Melanie Redman
The Open Everything movement has found a home in farming -- enter Open Data in agriculture.


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