Sep 10, 2019
Image: Used with permission of Wa Ni Sak Tan: an alliance of hydro-impacted communities.

Challenging the harms of hydroelectricity projects

Talking Radical Radio
Hydro isn't as sustainable an energy source as it might look. Ramona Neckoway and Stephane McLachlan talk about the work of Wa Ni Ska Tan: An alliance of hydro-impacted Indigenous communities.
Sep 10, 2019
Antheia's garden. Image: Doreen Nicoll

Eco-unfriendly Burlington cuts down naturalized garden

Doreen Nicoll
On August 16, while a resident worked to save her plants, the City of Burlington cut down six feet of her naturalized garden to less than an inch in height. No plants were spared, including milkweed.


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