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Saudi Arabia Smarter Than Canada?
Economy | Environment | World | Is Saudi Arabia smarter than Canada? | Apr 18 2016 | Daryn Caister | Angela Bischoff from the OCAA joins us at the top of the show to discuss some news and also talk about the complete waste of money (not to mention huge public safety hazard) Pickering nuclear plant.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Environment | Politics in Canada | Leap if you must, Canada, but do it without bullet trains | Apr 18 2016 | Ryan Katz-Rosene | The ecological benefits of high-speed rail are marginal at best and bullet trains contradict the social principles of the Leap Manifesto.
Image: Flickr/Jon S
Media Matters | I cancelled my newspaper subscriptions cold. And everything's just fine. | Apr 18 2016 | Rafe Mair | The short conclusion is that the Sun and the Province don't really cover politics in a meaningful way anymore and they never were any hell on other news anyway.
NDP | Politics in Canada | There was no NDP Leap | Apr 18 2016 | Michael Laxer | All the hyperbole to the contrary, the NDP did not adopt the Leap Manifesto in Edmonton. Not even close.
Politics in Canada | Scott Vrooman becomes a proud member of the landed gentry (a.k.a. the Senate) | Apr 18 2016 | Scott Vrooman | In order to qualify for the upcoming open application for the Senate that Trudeau's government has promised, Scott is honoured to announce he's officially a member of the landed gentry
Canada's government and some churches promise to implement TRC recommendations
Indigenous Rights | The TRC recommendations: There's hope, but it's a marathon | Apr 16 2016 | Dennis Gruending | The Canadian government and a number of churches say they accept and will attempt to implement recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Screenshot: Emergency Parliament Debate
Civil Liberties Watch | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | MPs vow to act on Attawapiskat, but will their resolve last? | Apr 15 2016 | Karl Nerenberg | Once again there is a national prise de conscience on the desperate state of Indigenous Canada, but how soon will it all fade from the public mind?
Photo: flickr/PROKenny Louie
Economy | Education | Labour | Politics in Canada | Painful austerity budget for Newfoundland and Labrador | Apr 15 2016 | Cory Collins | Sweeping cuts by the Liberal government will have a deep impact across the province's entire society.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Economy | Politics in Canada | World | From Enron to the Panama Papers: How many financial scandals will it take to change the rules? | Apr 15 2016 | Monia Mazigh | Financial opacity isn't just a disease attacking Russia, China or the Gulf monarchies; it is a global reality. As shown by the Panama Papers leak, even Canada isn't immune from this virus.
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
Environment | NDP | Politics in Canada | Rather than fearing the Leap Manifesto, let's bring on the debate | Apr 15 2016 | Linda McQuaig | That silly Leap Manifesto -- giving itself away right in the subtitle, which calls for "a Canada based on caring for the Earth and one another." No wonder it provoked fury and outrage.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Liberals veto national pharmacare while more Canadians can't fill their prescriptions | Apr 15 2016 | Michael Butler | It came as a major disappointment this week that Canada's Health Minister, Jane Philpott, indicated pharmacare is not part of her mandate.
Image: Flickr/amy dame
Indigenous Rights | Don't partake in celebrations over new Supreme Court ruling on Métis just yet | Apr 15 2016 | Pamela Palmater | The Supreme Court ruling on Daniels vs. Canada does not bolster Métis claims, but instead confuses them. Pam Palmater clarifies the decision and what it does and does not say.
Amber Slegtenhorst stands out in black while rallying for workers' rights. Suppl
Labour | Political Action | 'It's been a real struggle': Workers across Canada fight for $15 and fairness | Apr 15 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Teuila Fuatai spoke with minimum-wage workers across Canada about their job conditions and the fight for $15 and fairness in Canada.
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
NDP | Politics in Canada | In a bold move, NDP delegates save their party | Apr 15 2016 | Murray Dobbin | In the aftermath of Tom Mulcair's crushing repudiation at the NDP's convention, the party enters a period of self-reflection and reinvention that it has never experienced before.
Joe Ceci
Politics in Canada | If you were secretly relieved by yesterday's NDP Alberta budget, you weren't alone | Apr 15 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Many Albertans, even conservatives, must feel on reading Budget 2016 secretly relieved the province doesn’t have to face a Wild Rose apocalypse just now.