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Arts & Culture | Environment | Book: How Bad Are Bananas? | Dec 21 2014 | Redeye Collective | Author Mike Berners-Lee figured out the carbon footprint of more than a hundred things, from sending an email or installing solar panels to starting a war.
Image: Flickr/Joe Haupt
Civil Liberties Watch | Technology | Sony should go back to making transistor radios | Dec 21 2014 | Bob Chandler | Sony has a long history of sloppy Internet security and of abusing customers. Sony hopes we've all forgotten this.
Brian Mason
Politics in Canada | Blogger Brian Mason explains why Jim Prentice, 'Alberta's first Wildrose premier,' is preparing to call a snap election | Dec 21 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Diary’s prediction: Premier Jim Prentice will call the general election in late January 2015. Albertans will go to the polls in February. Low oil prices will provide the cover.
Photo: niXerKG/flickr
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Environment | What does #BlackLivesMatter mean for climate change? Everything. | Dec 19 2014 | Naomi Klein | The reality of an economic order built on white supremacy is the whispered subtext of our entire response to the climate crisis, and it badly needs to be dragged into the light.
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Not Rex: The lethal over-policing problem | Dec 19 2014 | Humberto DaSilva | Why are police forces expanding and militarizing while crime is at its lowest in decades?
Photo: Tim Reckmann/flickr
Arts & Culture | Media Matters | World | The Interview: When other weapons fail, send in the media | Dec 19 2014 | Rick Salutin | The film "The Interview" represents the latest skirmish on the media front. Instead of hitting the other side with drones or economic blackmail, you settle things through duelling movies.
Civil Liberties Watch | The time has come to start policing Canada's police | Dec 19 2014 | Michael Laxer | Many police officers and departments across the country act as if they are above the law and answer to no one. When is anyone with any political power or authority going to do something about it?
Civil Liberties Watch | Police dogs leading cause of injury by police in B.C. | Dec 19 2014 | Redeye Collective | Last month new provincial regulations were established to help reduce the incidents and severity of police dog bites. Pivot Legal has been gathering statistics on police dog injuries for some time.
Photo: No One Is Illegal facebook page
Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Harper government continues to ignore dangers in Mexico | Dec 19 2014 | Francella Fiallos | On Dec. 18, International Migrants Day, No One Is Illegal demanded the Canadian government remove Mexico from the Designated Countries of Origin refugee list due to the growing concerns of crime.
Economy | Feminism | Canada-EU trade deal: A bad trade for women | Dec 19 2014 | Amy Wood | The government boasts that CETA will benefit all Canadians. Generous projections aside, does the government even know how the agreement will affect Canadian men and women? The answer is "no."
Education | Food & Health | A culture of memes and private suffering: Mental health in Canadian universities | Dec 19 2014 | Jessica Prupas | We need a more nuanced approach when talking about anxiety in an academic context.
Environment | Enbridge Line 4 spills 1,350 barrels of oil in Regina | Dec 19 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Enbridge Line 4 pipeline, a 796,000 barrels per day pipeline from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, has spilled 1,350 barrels of oil at a pumping station in Regina.
Photo by Climate Justice Montreal
Environment | Good News | Politics in Canada | Communities 3, fracking industry 0: Celebrating victories against fracking | Dec 19 2014 | Emma Lui | Communities are celebrating three victories against fracking this week. Quebec, New York and New Brunswick all rejected fracking after years of opposition from communities.
Image: Flickr/aye_shamus
Feminism | Something like a bronomicon: A taxonomy of dude-bros | Dec 19 2014 | Anne Theriault | Dudebros have evolved and mutated in such complex ways that our current vocabulary is no longer bro-sufficient. Anne Thériault comes to our rescue.
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Cyber-misogyny: The new frontier for hate | Dec 19 2014 | Kaity Cooper | Last week, I started a series about the different ways sexism is impacting girls and women today and how feminism can be utilized to help them. This post is about cyber-misogyny.