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The Swan Song
Food & Health | Youth suicide in Canada | Aug 6 2014 | David Swanson | Dr. Michael Markwick discusses how insufficient clinical services funding for youth has impacted youth suicide rates.
Gaza | Political Action | Boycott SodaStream | Aug 6 2014 | Stop supporting companies with facilities on illegal Israeli settlements!
Photo: Darren Ell
Gaza | NDP | Politics in Canada | World | Dear NDP: Stop apologizing for war crimes and breaches of human rights | Aug 6 2014 | various | There seems to be little that actually distinguishes Mulcair's party line about the Israel-Gaza conflict from the position of the Harper government. Here is a list of what the NDP need to address.
Photo: flickr/Joe Catron
Gaza | US Politics | World | Noam Chomsky: Nightmare in Gaza | Aug 6 2014 | Noam Chomsky | Amid all the horrors unfolding in the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza, Israel's goal is simple: quiet-for-quiet, a return to the norm.
Gaza | World | Hamas and the left | Aug 6 2014 | David Bush | Those who seek to reduce the Palestinian struggle in Gaza to the desires of Hamas make the same basic mistake of those who try to separate the good Palestinian civilians from the Hamas terrorists.
Photo: Hades2k/flickr
Media Matters | Join our team! is seeking volunteer Beat Editors | Aug 6 2014 | rabble staff | is currently seeking volunteer Beat Editors to assist with developing our coverage in regions across the country.
Political Action | Islam and social justice at Toronto's Noor Cultural Centre | Aug 6 2014 | Scott Neigh | Samira Kanji and Azeezah Kanji talk about the work for social justice at the Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto.
Alison Redford
Politics in Canada | The scary thing about Alison Redford's resignation today: It just might work for the decrepit Alberta PCs! | Aug 6 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's Tories will work hard over the next two years under whichever leader they select to use the natural advantage of power to ensure they slip back into power one more time.
Graves of Canadian war dead near Vimy, France. Dennis Gruending photo
Politics in Canada | World | Canadian churches and World War I | Aug 6 2014 | Dennis Gruending | The First World War is now being celebrated as being about democracy and the rule of law. Actually, it was about competing empires in Europe. Sadly, Canadian preachers exhorted young men to enlist.
Photo: remediate.this/flickr
Technology | Photographs and the illusion of the frozen moment | Aug 6 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | The frozen moment is a centuries-old illusion, or even as old as vision itself. Why? Because today's camera sensors work like our own eye/brain partnership when it comes to making sense of the world.
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | Indigenous Rights | Book review: Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition | Aug 5 2014 | Daniel Tseghay | Primitive accumulation, through violent dispossession, has since given way to quieter, less visible, structures of constant displacement.
Arts & Culture | Indie Inside: Karl Sanden | Aug 5 2014 | rabble staff | Eclectic song-writing troubadour Karl Sanden's latest project is a seven-track album, "Fort Madeline," which was released digitally July 21.
Photo: Mothers and Families for Gaza
Civil Liberties Watch | Gaza | NDP | Political Action | Politics in Canada | World | Mothers and children occupy NDP office to support Gazans | Aug 5 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | On Tuesday, a group of mothers and families occupied NDP MP Don Davies' Vancouver office to advocate for Palestinian children who have died as a result of Israel's actions in Gaza.
Civil Liberties Watch | World | Dispatches from Syria: Waiting for aid during conflict | Aug 5 2014 | Brandon Gray | Brandon Gray recently returned from Northern Syria where he spoke with people he met in refugee camps.
Photo: Skipology/flickr
Economy | Education | A number is never just a number: Child-care costs vs. university tuition | Aug 5 2014 | Hennessy's Index | Which costs more in Canada: child care or university tuition? Without a universally affordable Canadian child-care plan in place, the numbers across the majority of provinces may surprise you.