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Photo: flickr/ Kathryn Decker
Civil Liberties Watch | Labour | I came to Canada for asylum, but I still feel lost here | Jun 2 2015 | Viji Murugaiyah | The Harper government has been spending millions on employment services, while hypocritically devaluing and underfunding support systems for immigrants and migrant workers in Canada.
Civil Liberties Watch | Technology | World | The future of the Internet is on the line | Jun 2 2015 | Digital Freedom Update, Meghan Sali | The Internet enables us to transcend our physical restrictions and travel the world. But now lobbyists for old media conglomerates have a plan to restrict where we travel online, by censoring links.
Photo: Eric L/flickr
Economy | It's counterintuitive, but tax the rich, not the poor | Jun 2 2015 | Duncan Cameron | In Canada, the small amount of income redistributed to the poor has long been a matter of public debate. Today, accepting that the rich should pay a fair share of taxes would constitute progress.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Harper presides over the growth of precarious work in Canada | Jun 2 2015 | Brent Patterson | As much as the Harper government wants to position itself as "able fiscal managers," it is not delivering an economy that offers secure employment.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Okay Harper, you get all the credit for Canada's 'democracy' | Jun 2 2015 | Richard Tindal | The Harper government has accelerated its assault on Canada's democracy recently with the misuse of taxpayer money and abusing the rule of law.
Photo: piknic/flickr
Environment | On World Oceans Day let's learn to treat the seas better | Jun 2 2015 | David Suzuki | This World Oceans Day, let's honour our coastal waters and all the creatures that depend on them -- including ourselves.
Photo: flickr/David Crane
Feminism | Labour | LGBTIQ | Uniform discrimination: City of Toronto lifeguards demand equality in work gear | Jun 2 2015 | Ella Bedard | Petition says a City of Toronto policy provides a two-piece uniform adequate for male lifeguards only: women and trans people are getting short shrift.
Photo: flickr/Ben Powless
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Harper's record belies any pledge to 'reconciliation' with First Nations | Jun 2 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports on Tuesday June 2. There will be solemn promises of action. But Harper's high-handed approach to Indigenous needs should make Canadians skeptical.
Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Photos: Thousands gather for Truth and Reconciliation Commission's closing events | Jun 2 2015 | Ben Powless | Final presentation and events of the Truth and Reconciliation, in Ottawa, between May 3 and June 3, 2015.
Participant of the Walk for Reconciliation
Indigenous Rights | Time for Reconciliation | Jun 2 2015 | Cheryl McNamara | Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples joined powerful conversations during a series of events, sponsored by KAIROS Canada, leading up to the close of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Photo: flickr/Phil Tomlinson
Labour | Political Action | Crown Holdings strikers call on Ontario government for help | Jun 2 2015 | Ella Bedard | Strikers say the government needs to act fast to bring about a fair resolution to their 21-month-long strike.
Photo: Benjamin J. DeLong/flickr
Politics in Canada | Goodbye and see you soon, Peter MacKay | Jun 2 2015 | Stephen Kimber | While it may be premature to pen Peter MacKay's political obituary, it's never too early to assess his accomplishments -- and otherwise -- to date.
World | Latest Amnesty International Ukraine war crimes report fails the test | Jun 2 2015 | Roger Annis | Are war crimes happening on an equal scale by the two sides in the civil war in Ukraine? Amnesty International thinks not. Does the gov't have an extra duty to protect rights? Apparently not.
Photo: flickr/Mike Gifford
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Have you Reddit? A Conservative MP's letter on C-51 'concerning' | Jun 1 2015 | Megan Devlin | A letter from Conservative MP Lois Brown explaining the reasons why she voted in support of Bill C-51 causes concern with "Jihadi terrorist" references.
Anti-Racism | Gaza | Kathleen Wynne: Please refuse 'honour' from Israel lobby group | Jun 1 2015 | various | A group of activists, organizers and community representatives are concerned about the award the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is bestowing upon Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.