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Occupy | Cecily McMillan released after serving 58 days from an Occupy arrest that turned violent at the hands of the NYPD | Jul 8 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | On March 17, 2012, she got caught up in a violent arrest by the New York Police Department (NYPD).
Image: Twitter
Politics in Canada | Alberta Health Service execs make out like bandits while Neala Barton demurs | Jul 8 2014 | Susan Wright | Who deserves a severance package: Ms. Neala Barton or the Alberta Health Services executives?
Volunteers have planted a garden in the courtyard of the burned St. Mary’s Churc
World | Now-liberated Syrian 'capital of the revolution' wants return to peace | Jul 8 2014 | Eva Bartlett | Homs, Syria's third-largest city and dubbed "capital of the revolution," suffered nearly three years of insurgents and the Syrian Army. Now, they reconsider that mantle.
World | Antiwar conference in Crimea resolves to fight Ukraine gov't war in eastern Ukraine | Jul 8 2014 | Roger Annis | The signing of an economic association agreement of the government in Kyiv with the European Union on June 30 became the launching point of a new round of Kyiv's murderous war in the southeast.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Polymer Dance | Jul 7 2014 | The F Word | The F Word speaks to members of Polymer Dance -- a Vancouver-based contemporary dance performing group and class about public space, accessibility in movement and the democratization of dance.
Arts & Culture | Good News | Media Matters | Political Action | Ottawa launch: The Best of rabble 2014 | Jul 7 2014 | Victoria Fenner | The sounds, music and voices of's book launch at Parliament Pub in Ottawa, June 17, 2014.
Civil Liberties Watch | Media Matters | Egypt must release journalists and protect freedom of expression | Jul 7 2014 | Send a message to Minister of Justice Nayer Abdel-Moneim Othman calling on the Egyptian authorities to release Mohamed Fahmy and his Al Jazeera colleagues immediately and unconditionally.
Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Politics in Canada | We need a new approach to tackle Canada's growing privacy deficit | Jul 7 2014 | David Christopher, Steve Anderson | The government has mismanaged the privacy rights of Canadians and it's time for a new approach.
Image: Flickr/OntarioNDP
Elections | Politics in Canada | Amnesia conveniently breaks out among Ontario party leaders | Jul 7 2014 | Gerry Caplan | A strange case of amnesia has afflicted the provincial political parties in Ontario. Some attribute the malady to a common virus for which there is no known antidote: acute political opportunism.
Adam Vaughan won the Toronto by-election
Elections | Politics in Canada | Reading the tea leaves of the latest byelections | Jul 7 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Exceptionally low voter turnout in the recent four byelections masked doubled vote percentage for the Liberals.
Photo: Travel Manitoba/flickr
Environment | Food & Health | The bigger picture on food safety regulations in Manitoba | Jul 7 2014 | Colin Anderson | The growing popular interest in local, sustainable food is prompting Manitoba to take a second look at supporting local food systems to improve economy, health and food security.
Photo: Flickr/Colin J. McMechan
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Looking to the future: Tsilhqot'in vs. British Columbia | Jul 7 2014 | Christina Gray | The Tsilhqot'in decision is going to change the way the courts look at Crown lands and Land Claims. In this article Christina Gray sets out what we can expect and why.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Guatemalan government moves to expel witnesses to police violence at U.S.-Canadian mine site | Jul 7 2014 | Jennifer Moore | Last week, Guatemalan authorities informed two Peace Brigades International (PBI) volunteers who had witnessed a violent eviction that their temporary residence permits were cancelled.
Indigenous Rights | The Tsilhqot'in decision: Time for provinces and industry to accept consent as new standard | Jul 7 2014 | Ramsey Hart | On June 26 the Supreme Court of Canada released a much anticipated decision in Tsilhqot'in Nation v. B.C. The core issue in the case is the extent and nature of Aboriginal title to lands.
Joe Anglin
Politics in Canada | Wildrose 'fires' MLA Joe Anglin, who continues to sit as Wildrose MLA | Jul 7 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Having been dumped as candidate in his own riding by members of his own party, Wildrose MLA Joe Anglin is considering his options. Is the Alberta Party in his future?