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Indigenous Rights | Ontario Pow Wow Schedule for July 2014 | Jul 5 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Hey all, I am pleased to bring you so much awesomeness smooshed into one month.
Labour | Intensified Israeli attack on Palestine | Jul 5 2014 | Diana Beaumont, Jiselle Hanna | This episode features an interview about the intensified attacks on the West Bank and Gaza by Israeli armed forces, with Melbourne-based Palestinian activist Reem Yunis.
Photo: flickr/Mark Hillary
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Cuts to Interim Federal Health Program ruled 'cruel and unusual' | Jul 4 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | The Federal Court has given the government four months to change cuts to health care coverage for refugees or that the cuts may be struck down.
Photo: flickr/Angelica
Arts & Culture | Good News | Feel Good Friday roundup: Get your laugh on edition | Jul 4 2014 | Kaitlin McNabb, Meagan Perry | Ready to get your laugh on? WELL GOOD. Because it is Feel Good Friday, and we've got all the positive news and funny things you can handle.
Photo: flickr/Roland Tanglao
Arts & Culture | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | This year in foolishness: News vs. entertainment fallacy guides CBC cuts | Jul 4 2014 | Rick Salutin | Does CBC management really think news is separate from entertainment? Everyone knows news is entertainment, too.
Photo: flickr/Géry Parent
Civil Liberties Watch | Environment | Allegations of violence at Guatemala mine filed in Canadian court | Jul 4 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | A group of men is suing a Canadian mining company, Tahoe Resources Inc., over injuries they received while protesting at a silver mine in Guatemala.
Economy | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Peoples' Social Forum will build a better Canada | Jul 4 2014 | Ricardo Acuña | The country is at a crossroads. With out-of-control inequality and increasing consolidation of wealth and power there is a choice to make: succumb to undemocratic government or fight back.
Photo: flickr/Erin Rikard
Environment | Food & Health | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Reflecting on the last healing walk, organizers see hope | Jul 4 2014 | Eriel Deranger, Melina Laboucan-Massimo | People from across Alberta, Canada and the world took part in the final tar sands healing walk this June. Five years after the first walk, two organizers reflect on what the action has accomplished.
Photo: flickr/
Environment | US Politics | Drinking petrodollars: Community on the frontlines of extreme oil | Jul 4 2014 | Christine Geovanis | At the foot of BP Whiting's tar sands refinery sits the Indiana community of Marktown. It inconveniently lies directly within a potential blast zone should the plant experience a catastrophic failure.
Image: Flickr/obstreperously
Environment | Politics in Canada | Together, we can stop Enbridge's pipelines and tankers | Jul 4 2014 | Elizabeth May | Those of us who wish to protect our climate, our coast lines, our whales and our salmon and respect First Nations, recognizing that we live on their territories -- we will prevail.
Photo: flickr/jacinta lluch valero
Environment | Labour | Political Action | If Only… a response to Brad Hornick | Jul 4 2014 | Sam Gindin | Environmentalists have admirably studied and publicized the threats we face. The really difficult challenge is building the structures to give people collective confidence that change is possible.
Photo: flickr/Silviya Rankova
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Prostitution bill poisoned by sexist ideology | Jul 4 2014 | Joyce Arthur | The new prostitution bill introduced in June by Injustice Minister Peter MacKay is blatantly unconstitutional and will result in more dead women.
Photo: flickr/Karen Stintz
Feminism | Politics in Canada | Are johns the new 'fags' because of Bill C-36? | Jul 4 2014 | Alice Klein | While Toronto celebrated Pride beauty, the federal government was busy unleashing a new moral panic in the form of Bill C-36.
Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Federal Court rejects bogus cuts to refugee health | Jul 4 2014 | Jesse McLaren | Two years of mobilizing have won a Federal Court decision, but continued mobilizing will be necessary to reverse the cuts
Media Matters | Politics in Canada | Technology | The TPP goes on tour | Jul 4 2014 | Meghan Sali | Only a week before the upcoming Canadian round of TPP negotiations in begin, organizers quietly switched the venue from Vancouver to Ottawa.