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World | Most Ukrainians want a negotiated settlement to the war in eastern Ukraine | May 4 2015 | Roger Annis | A survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology shows 70 per cent of Ukrainians want a negotiated end to the settlement. Why is Western mainstream press silent about such a finding?
Woman in handcuffs
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | The battered woman's defence | May 3 2015 | Frieda Werden | Why would she kill her abuser? Excerpts from mock-trial testimony by psychologist Dr. Lenore Walker.
Edmonton Businessmen John Cameron, Paul Verhesen, Doug Goss, Ashif Mawji and Tim
Elections | Politics in Canada | Zombie Confidence Fairy finally rears its head in 2015 Alberta Campaign of Fear | May 2 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Albertans contemplating voting NDP should remember, as FDR advised Americans at a moment far more dire than this: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Photo: Alan Weir/flickr
Arts & Culture | World | Charlie Hebdo, free speech and the problem with writer celebrity | May 1 2015 | Rick Salutin | Why are writers exercising their imaginations on being at a glam dinner in a glam venue and having their standing O scrutinized by an imagined audience?
Photo: flickr/ Jim, the Photographer
Arts & Culture | Good News | Feel Good Friday: Happy birthday Harper edition | May 1 2015 | Kaitlin McNabb | It was Stephen Harper's birthday yesterday. In other news, here are some positive things for Feel Good Friday.
Photo: Tania Liu/flickr
Coalition | Elections | NDP | Politics in Canada | A coalition may be our best chance at democracy | May 1 2015 | Murray Dobbin | Recent polls have already seen the NDP draining support from the Liberals and show growing support for a coalition to supplant the Conservatives. The two results may well be connected.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Not Rex: Joe Oliver's magic budget balancing act | May 1 2015 | Humberto DaSilva | Joe Oliver magically balanced the budget even though bitumen bottomed out! Where did he get his secret powers? Let's find out.
Bad luck, iron.
Economy | Politics in Canada | In Conservative budget, sexism and spending work hand in glove | May 1 2015 | Toby Sanger | The Conservative government's budgets and spending priorities heavily focused spending in male-dominated sectors of the economy, while largely ignoring sectors where women predominate.
Supreme Court of Canada
Education | Labour | The courts will not deliver smaller class sizes to B.C. | May 1 2015 | Tara Ehrcke | The recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling against teachers is a disappointment, but we should not rely on the courts to deliver smaller classes. They never will.
Image: Tigana/flickr
Elections | Feminism | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | The backwater of P.E.I. abortion politics | May 1 2015 | Joyce Arthur | How is it possible that in the year 2015, some Canadians still can't access abortion in their own province and are being forced to risk their health and safety? It's anti-choice politics all the way.
Rachel Notley
Elections | Politics in Canada | A vote for the NDP is a vote for change; a vote for the Wildrose Party is a vote for the same old Tory dynasty | May 1 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Never mind the emerging "fright-wig campaign." It's time for voters to push the NDP lead in the polls into a majority in the only poll that really matters.
Environment | Food & Health | World | rabble radio episode 164: Get growing -- food production on land and sea | May 1 2015 | Victoria Fenner | The family farm, community-supported agriculture and agriculture without multinationals in Honduras.
Photo: flickr/Confédération des syndicats nationaux
Labour | Politics in Canada | May Day 2015: Quebec unions upping the ante against austerity | May 1 2015 | David Gray-Donald | Unions in Quebec are mobilizing today on May Day against austerity. Why? Because enough is enough and it's time to stand up against austerity.
Photo: Flickr/State Library Victoria Collections
Labour | Political Action | World | The legacy and lessons in May Day, with Stephanie Ross | May 1 2015 | Ella Bedard | The legacy and lessons of May Day, with Stephanie Ross, co-director of the Global Research Centre at York University.
Photo: Flickr/Robert Cudmore
Labour | Political Action | This week in labour: May Day madness | May 1 2015 | Ella Bedard | Before you go take to the streets, find out what's up in the labour movement this week.