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Image: Taran Rampersad/flickr
Environment | Marking the start of the Anthropocene -- the age of humans | Mar 27 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | Is human impact on Earth sufficient to leave a permanent mark on the geological record? The term "Anthropocene" has already come into widespread use for our new human-dominated geological epoch.
Indigenous Rights | No answers yet concerning 2.7 million litre spill on Lubicon Lake Nation territory | Mar 27 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | Lubicon First Nation community members are still awaiting answers regarding the short- and long-term impacts of a 2.7 million litre oil and gas condensate spill.
Anglican mission school, La Ronge, Sask. LAC photo
Indigenous Rights | Truth and Reconciliation Commission: churches plan supportive events | Mar 27 2015 | Dennis Gruending | The Truth and Reconciliation Commission into Indian residential schools will report on June 2, 2015. The ecumenical organization KAIROS is planning supportive events to look at the way ahead.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Media Matters | Technology | Why the Crull controversy is a symptom of Bell Media's bad bundles bet | Mar 27 2015 | Michael Geist | The furor over Bell Media President Kevin Crull's banning of CRTC Chair Jean Pierre Blais from CTV news coverage following the pick-and-pay decision made for a remarkable news day yesterday.
Media Matters | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Ed Broadbent on 'Building a Better Canada' and Progress Summit 2015 | Mar 27 2015 | Ed Broadbent | On Friday March 27, Ed Broadbent delivered this opening address to the Progress Summit 2015.
Alberta Finance Minister Robin Campbell
Politics in Canada | Bold and transformative it's not, but budget may still resuscitate Alberta Tory dynasty | Mar 27 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | The budget chickens will eventually come home to roost, but if Alberta voters are inattentive, the clucking won't be audible until after the election.
Politics in Canada | Expanding Harper's new war in Iraq is an immoral misadventure by any measure | Mar 27 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Looking at Canada's expanded war in Iraq, what are the lessons of past Western interventions? Indisputably, Gerry Caplan argues, this war will be a disaster.
Photo: flickr/Rick
Politics in Canada | CCPA argues for tax hikes, and some politicians may be listening | Mar 27 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The NDP's Tom Mulcair has just promised to eliminate the tax break on stock options. That is a CCPA proposal in its Alternate Federal Budget (AFB). There is much more in the AFB.
Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: jamesomalley, The U.S. Army, Eddi
Afghanistan | US Politics | World | We need to take responsibility for the true cost of war | Mar 26 2015 | Amy Goodman | A new report asserts that up to 1.3 million people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the first 10 years of the so-called war on terror.
Photo: mtsrs/flickr
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | RCMP stop another suspected terrorist... without C-51 | Mar 26 2015 | Stuart Trew | The Charlottetown Guardian reports the RCMP has arrested a Prince Edward Island man they suspect might carry out a terrorist offence. It's somewhat awkward for the government.
Arts & Culture | Sex, drugs and pyromania: 'The Green Hotel' exposes Toronto's underbelly | Mar 26 2015 | Lauren Scott | Jesse Gilmour explores the father-son relationship in the most extreme of terms. What will a father do for a son, and what will a son ask of a father?
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Stand up against Bill C-51 | Mar 26 2015 | Act now and, on May 30th, head to Ottawa.
Photo: flickr/OFL Communications Department
Education | Labour | Could U of T implement unilateral changes to course evaluations without consent? | Mar 26 2015 | Cristina D'Amico | Make no mistake: academic continuity can guarantee completion of the school year only by robbing students of meaningful learning experiences.
Image: Proposed Squamish LNG Plant on the Howe Sound's western shore. Image borr
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Why the Woodfibre LNG terminal in B.C. must be stopped | Mar 26 2015 | Emma Lui | On Monday, the Council of Canadians made a submission to the B.C. Environment Assessment Office calling on the B.C. government to reject the Woodfibre LNG project.
Feminism | Judy Rebick on gender politics | Mar 26 2015 | David Swanson | Former CBC host and founder of speaks with David Swanson about feminism in the age of Occupy, the evolution of gender rights and the importance of International Women's Day.