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Media Matters | Political Action | World | Help the brave women of Ukraine to be heard via a documentary film! | Sep 8 2014 | Support the courageous women of the Ukraine as they tell their story
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | Cabinet-making in a shallow talent pool: What's Alberta's Jim Prentice going to do? | Sep 8 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | What's Alberta's new PC leader to do? He can hardly throw the old crowd under the bus at the same time as he's putting some of them back in the cabinet driver's seat.
Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP leader
Politics in Canada | Three (un)safe political bets: Harper, Horwath and Ford | Sep 8 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Nobel for Harper, Horwath's out, and Rob Ford is still a wild card -- but not a 14-year wild card.
Anti-Racism | Feminism | How 9/11 changed the lives of Muslim women | Sep 7 2014 | The F Word | A rebroadcast of an interview originally aired last September by Ellie Gordon-Moershel, created as part of Pacifica Radio's 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | LGBTIQ | Q&A from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival: Kate Bornstein | Sep 7 2014 | The F Word | The F Word airs a Q&A from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival that followed a screening of the portrait film: Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger.
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | Alberta politics: How many PC memberships were given away? | Sep 7 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | If the PCs won't say how many memberships the Jim Prentice campaign gave away, it's fair to conclude that, notwithstanding claims to the contrary, it's Tory business as usual in Alberta.
Imagined Portrait of Alison Redford
Arts & Culture | Politics in Canada | That Portrait of a Certain Lady: A bargain at $12,000? Or not? | Sep 6 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | If we chose other examples of public art -- say large sculptures in front of a major public building -- the way we choose the portraits of Alberta's premiers, it would legitimately be a scandal.
Feminism | Labour | The issues facing women workers in Malaysia | Sep 6 2014 | Piergiorgio Moro | Interview with Irene Xavier, Sahabat Wanita, on women workers in Malaysia, and regional labour updates.
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | Prentice in a walk -- but the low Alberta PC voter turnout tells the real story | Sep 6 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Frontrunner Jim Prentice won easily, but low voter turnout in the Alberta PC leadership election counted this evening says clearly Albertans no longer see the PCs as their Natural Governing Party.
Photo: flickr/Shannon Badiee
Arts & Culture | Good News | Feel Good Friday roundup: A case of the grumps edition | Sep 5 2014 | Kaitlin McNabb | Got a case of the grumps? Feel Good Friday is just the medicine you need.
Photo: flickr/peasap
Arts & Culture | Economy | Media Matters | US Politics | World | Now Playing: Meltdown -- The secret history of the global financial crisis | Sep 5 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | Here's a fantastic documentary series produced by CBC's Doc Zone and worth viewing as we mark the sixth anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis that hit global markets in August of that year.
Civil Liberties Watch | Bill C-585 could strip social assistance benefits from those without permanent status in Canada | Sep 5 2014 | John Bonnar | If passed, the bill would allow provinces to restrict access to social assistance benefits by imposing minimum residency requirements for eligibility.
Economy | Indigenous Rights | Labour | The value of labour market data for Indigenous workers | Sep 5 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Whenever we're talking about labour market strategies and good jobs, it's important to keep in mind that for some workers there are systemic barriers that need to be addressed.
Photo: feck_aRt_post/flickr
Economy | Elections | Indigenous Rights | A vote for austerity is a vote for more suffering | Sep 5 2014 | Lynne Fernandez | We all need to understand austerity and its implications before we decide who to vote for in the upcoming municipal election, and further ahead in the federal and provincial elections.
Photo: flickr/Caelie_Frampton
Education | Labour | Political Action | Families in B.C. organize to support teachers | Sep 5 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | As the labour action continues and schools remain closed, a number of fundraising campaigns and demonstrations have sprung up to show solidarity with B.C. teachers.