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Stephen Carter
Politics in Canada | Master of survey spinning takes potshot at poll showing Jim Prentice far ahead in Tory leadership race | Jun 3 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Notwithstanding the imperfect methodology of the ThinkHQ poll, it was probably a pretty accurate reflection of the state of the great minds of the Tory Party when it was taken two weeks ago.
Photo: Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo/Secretary of Defense/flickr
Politics in Canada | Questions and more questions about Canadian politics | Jun 3 2014 | Stephen Kimber | We begin June as we ended May. With more questions than answers when it comes to federal and Nova Scotia politics.
World | 'They want to start a religious war. We want to extinguish it.': Toward a homegrown resolution in Syria | Jun 3 2014 | Eva Bartlett | Most news accounts of Syria paint a desolate, sectarian country where people, above all, want to see Bashar al-Assad gone. Eva Bartlett finds this to be nowhere close to the whole story.
Arts & Culture | Economy | Piketty's 'Capital' is important, but why doesn't he challenge capitalism? | Jun 2 2014 | Gary Engler | Contrary to what you might assume based on the attacks from certain quarters, Thomas Piketty's new en vogue book does not advocate socialism.
Photo: Michelle Weinroth
Arts & Culture | Civil Liberties Watch | Gaza | World | Palestinian art exhibit under siege seeks free expression | Jun 2 2014 | Michelle Weinroth | Rehab Nazzal held an art exhibit titled "Invisible" which offers an artistic perspective on the legacy of Israel's occupation of Palestine. However, some believe it reflects "a culture of hate."
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Stephen Harper attacks the 'evils of communism.' But what of the victims of capitalism? | Jun 2 2014 | rabble staff | In a speech in Toronto this weekend, Stephen Harper attacks the "evils of communism," and raises money to build a memorial for its "victims" in Ottawa.
Photo: Sharon Drummond/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Starving ourselves to dystopia through tax cuts | Jun 2 2014 | Murray Dobbin | A recent report from the PBO declared that thanks to the generosity of the federal government, "Canadians" have an extra $30 billion in their pockets -- money "saved" due to Conservative tax cuts.
Photo: Denis Mihailov/flickr
Education | Life is more than math: Don't narrow our public education curriculum | Jun 2 2014 | Ben Sichel | What is our public education system for? To judge by much of the talk from politicians and business, education is a matter of preparing students to be workers in a vaguely defined "new economy."
Photo: bcndp/flickr
Elections | NDP | Politics in Canada | Note to Andrea Horwath: Forget being coy and list the benefits of voting NDP | Jun 2 2014 | Ish Theilheimer | Rather than play coy about which party she would support in a minority setting, Andrea Horwath can and should state directly what program she would insist upon in any government.
Photo: Dennis Jarvis/flickr
Environment | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Harper government holds up UN guidelines protecting small-scale fisheries | Jun 2 2014 | Ralph Surette | The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has drafted guidelines to promote small-scale fisheries worldwide. Of nearly 100 countries involved, guess which is the only one not signing?
Photo: flickr/World Economic Forum
Environment | Politics in Canada | The Rockefeller Files: Alison Redford and the power and energy sector | Jun 2 2014 | Joyce Nelson | The Harper Cabinet appointed Bruce Carson to hold business conferences on "cheap, clean" power in Canada. In the U.S., a forum on energy had been scheduled in secrecy and Alison Redford attended.
Feminism | Political Action | Revolution 101: Feminist solutions to gender-based violence | Jun 2 2014 | Megan Stacey | Megan Stacey discusses strategies and tactics with grassroots feminists to strengthen the movement against gender-based violence.
Indigenous Rights | Book: Racialized Policing | Jun 2 2014 | Redeye Collective | Sociologist Elizabeth Comack interviewed nearly 80 Aboriginal people in Winnipeg in her research for this book. They reported experiences that were overwhelmingly negative.
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | A gift from Chief Justice McLachlin: The Tsilhqot'in decision on Aboriginal rights | Jun 2 2014 | Susan Wright | By forcing government and industry to respect Aboriginal title to ancestral lands the Supreme Court of Canada reined in the relentless drive for economic development at the expense of everything else.
"Friends of Science" billboard in Calgary
Politics in Canada | Don't let any 'celebrities' tell you different, we've got friends of science here in Alberta | Jun 2 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | The "Friends of Science" is an interesting group, another part of the vast, intricate and well-funded network of loony-right fronts linked back to the "Calgary School."