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The Council of Mothers stand with federal ministers at the Radisson Hotel in Ric
Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Federal ministers hold face-to-face meeting with Occupy INAC protesters in Vancouver | Jun 21 2016 | Sophie Woodrooffe | Carolyn Bennett and Mélanie Joly met with the Council of Mothers to discuss funding opportunities for Indigenous youth and languages on May 24.
Circle Dance at Mass KAIROS Blanket Exercise in Edmonton
Indigenous Rights | Honour National Aboriginal Day by supporting the Education for Reconciliation Initiative | Jun 21 2016 | Shannon Neufeldt | On National Aboriginal Day, we encourage you to sign the petition, urging your province to fully implement TRC Call 62.i.
Photo: flickr/Enrico Petrarolo
Indigenous Rights | Labour | National Aboriginal Day: Building bonds between Indigenous communities and the labour movement | Jun 21 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Today marks National Aboriginal Day in Canada. Teuila Fuatai speaks to Métis Nation member and union activist Michael Desautels about his work in Indigenous communities and the labour movement.
Image: Flickr/Danny James Ford
Politics in Canada | Explaining how the right-wing echo chamber operates: The Strange Case of the CPP | Jun 21 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Improvement of the CPP is not "a solution in search of a problem." It's a solution to a very real, very urgent problem affecting a very large number of Canadians.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
US Politics | Without Bernie Nation, Hillary will get Trumped | Jun 21 2016 | Gerry Caplan | Bernie has considerable leverage here and he must use it. In return for ending his candidacy and endorsing Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party must formally adopt some of Mr. Sanders's key policies.
Marcie Hume on her new film Magicians and The Power of Film for Social Change
Arts & Culture | Marcie Hume on 'Magicians' and the power of film for social change | Jun 20 2016 | Face2Face | Marcie and I talk about empathy and others, magic, a shift in perspective, the power of film for social change and a "real sense of belonging."
Activism In The Age Of Terror
Environment | LGBTIQ | World | Activism in the age of terror | Jun 20 2016 | Daryn Caister | Peabody Energy is a massive coal company that recently filed for bankruptcy revealing the monumental degree to which they funded science denial. Also... terrorism.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | LGBTIQ | GroundWire | Ottawa Sacred Walk, Pulse nightclub vigil, Save Crab Park | Jun 20 2016 | GroundWire | This episode of GroundWire was produced in part at the annual national campus and community radio conference, held this year in Ottawa on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory.
Image: Facebook/Local Xpress
Labour | Media Matters | Striking Herald workers up pressure on bosses as rival publication grows | Jun 20 2016 | Errol Salamon | The union requires the 57 Herald workers to spend at least 20 hours of their time per week supporting the strike effort to earn strike pay.
Image: Twitter
Politics in Canada | Time for the Canadian right to deal with the violent extremists in its midst | Jun 20 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | This isn't just about incivility any more. Speaking up about it isn't mere "political correctness."
Lisa Raitt
Economy | Politics in Canada | When the Tories and the Fraser Institute team up to attack plans to improve the CPP, you know it needs fixing! | Jun 19 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Seniors living in poverty may suit Conservatives, the Fraser Institute and the media. It shouldn't suit Canadians.
Environment | After Paris summit, climate change denial is alive and well | Jun 19 2016 | Dennis Gruending | A recent column in the Sun newspaper chain shows that climate change deniers are still at it, both in Canada and south of the border.
Céline Hervieux-Payette
Politics in Canada | Gun lobby press release begs Canadians not to blame the gun used in Orlando massacre | Jun 18 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | We can persuade the government of Canada to introduce sensible restrictions on gun ownership because Canadians who favour such laws vastly outnumber the country's noisy gun lobby.
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | US Politics | Muhammad Ali leaves behind response to Islamaphobia in his funeral | Jun 17 2016 | Rick Salutin | One great thing about Muhammad Ali's funeral a week ago is that it responded to the hateful Trumpian garbage that got spewed after the Orlando slaughter and did so pre-emptively.
Photo: Andy Piper/flickr
Anti-Racism | Media Matters | Why newsroom diversity still matters | Jun 17 2016 | John Miller | News media are increasingly giving us a skewed picture of Canada.