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Indigenous Rights | It's time to stop waiting for a full government inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women | Aug 22 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | If we're not pulling dead bodies from rivers, then people are trying to burn them alive.
Labour | Media Matters | Join our team! Announcing 2014/2015 labour beat reporting position at | Aug 22 2014 | rabble staff | In partnership with Unifor, is pleased to announce our third annual Labour Beat Internship!
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | Term limits on Alberta MLAs? 'I think Jim Prentice is trying to lose…' | Aug 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice roared: "We can take back our party, and we can set it right, my friends!" All around me, the room was full of the same old Tory hacks.
Photo: peoplesworld/flickr
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | Dred Scott's struggles persist on the streets of Ferguson | Aug 21 2014 | Amy Goodman | The ghost of Dred Scott haunts the streets of Ferguson. Miles from his final resting place, the echoes of his life and his struggles persist, amidst clouds of tear gas.
Photo: flickr/Jorene Rene
Anti-Racism | Political Action | US Politics | World | If organizing is the weapon of the oppressed, why are we stuck on mobilizing? | Aug 21 2014 | Ajamu Nangwaya | Mobilization is one thing, organization is another. We need to do more than temporarily mobilize people around a cause - we need to link ourselves to organizations that meet progressive goals.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Quirky? No way! Montreal is bordering on bizarre | Aug 21 2014 | Shannon Tien | Love short stories? Love Montreal? This collection is for you! Anna Leventhal moves past romanticizing her city to produce fiction that goes beyond the "quirky" to the screwed up and utterly strange.
Civil Liberties Watch | Technology | Nearly half of Canada's lowest-income earners don't have broadband access | Aug 21 2014 | John Bonnar | ACORN Canada members are calling on the federal government and the CRTC to ensure home broadband prices are affordable for low-income families.
CommonCauses | Media Matters | Political Action | Alternative Media Assembly publication now out! | Aug 21 2014 | rabble staff | The Alternative Media Assembly takes place Saturday at the Peoples' Social Forum and online via livestream. Check out this publication covering some of the issues to be addressed at the Assembly.
CommonCauses | Political Action | Forum social des peuples: l'histoire en marche | Aug 21 2014 | Michel Lambert | Le tout premier Forum social des peuples (FSP) se présente à la fois comme «historique» de par ses racines et fondamentalement «révolutionnaire» de par ses ambitions.
CommonCauses | Political Action | Politics in Canada | The Peoples' Social Forum: The first day | Aug 21 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Highlights from the first day of a gathering of activists, journalists, artists and thinkers in Ottawa from across Canada.
Photo: flickr/net_efekt
Economy | Political Action | World | 'Responsible Capitalism' makes no sense: The Left must offer a real alternative | Aug 21 2014 | Leo Panitch | We need to abandon the idea of "responsible capitalism." It sounds clunky and doesn't resonate with voters, because it is a contradiction in terms, says Leo Panitch.
"On to Ottawa" trekkers disembarked at this spot
Education | Crossing the Prairies with the 'On to Ottawa' caravan | Aug 21 2014 | John Haggerty | The third and fourth days of the "On to Ottawa" caravan were spent crossing the vast Prairie provinces.
Photo: Dave Vasey
Environment | Food & Health | Political Action | World | Despite NEB approval of Line 9, opposition continues | Aug 21 2014 | Dave Vasey | The NEB approved the Line 9B reversal project, but that doesn't mean the campaign against it is over. This article provides an overview.
Photo: helga tawil souri/flickr
Gaza | World | Gaza: The dictates of conscience or dictated conscience | Aug 21 2014 | Mehdi Rizvi | Are we following the dictates of conscience or dictated conscience? This is the question that arises when we try to apply the principles in the Declaration of Human Rights to the situation in Gaza.
Politics in Canada | Albertans have a right to ask questions about the integrity and preservation of their government's records | Aug 21 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | With an election looming, Albertans may be right to worry about a fleet of shredder trucks descending on the Legislature between now and election day.