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Image: Flickr/MattysFlicks
Feminism | Tinder fearmongering won't erase the underlying problem of porn culture | Aug 10 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Until liberal feminism addresses objectification as a problem, women will continue not to have power in heterosexual courtship.
Civil Liberties Watch | Elections | Ten years later: Does Maclean's still think homelessness is 'Canada's gangrene'? | Aug 9 2015 | Cathy Crowe | Homelessness and housing is sadly missing from the Maclean's list of issues for this election. In a 2005 Maclean's article called "Canada's gangrene," John Ralston Saul outlined the problem.
Artwork: Fanny Aïshaa. Original photography of Amanda Polshies (Elsipogtog): Oss
Elections | Indigenous Rights | The power of Indigenous peoples has never come from voting in federal elections | Aug 9 2015 | Pamela Palmater | Our greatest source of power has always been and always will be in our people.
Jason Kenney
Elections | Politics in Canada | When propaganda becomes memory: Pierre Trudeau and the National Energy Program | Aug 9 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Jason Kenney tells Canadians that Pierre Trudeau single-handedly destroyed the energy economy of Alberta. He was only 13 at the time, so he may even believe it!
Elections | Environment | NDP | Liberals' 'evidence-based policy' routine more style than substance | Aug 9 2015 | J. Baglow | Liberals once cried aloud for the supremacy of evidence over ideology. But over crass political opportunism? Not so much.
Linda McQuaig, campaigning in Toronto, 2013
Elections | Environment | Linda McQuaig is right: Leave the oil in the soil | Aug 9 2015 | Jesse McLaren | The NDP should be a megaphone for the climate justice movement.
US Politics | There is nothing funny about Donald Trump. And he is dangerous as hell. | Aug 9 2015 | Michael Laxer | While many are seeing his run as the joke that just keeps giving up new punchlines, his run for Presidential office should be taken deadly seriously for the tremendous danger it represents.
Economy | Elections | Harper to economy: 'You're a liar!' | Aug 7 2015 | James Bunting | Canada's system of production and consumption of goods and services was put on the defensive at the Maclean's National Leaders Debate when Stephen Harper accused it of misleading Canadians.
Image: Flickr/Cannabis Culture
Economy | Elections | Labour | NDP | Liberals try to create confusion on a federal minimum wage | Aug 7 2015 | Scott Piatkowski | The Liberals abolished the federal minimum wage. Now they can't figure out where they stand on bringing it back.
Image: Flickr/Premier of Ontario
Economy | Labour | Still waiting for Ontario's manufacturing employment recovery | Aug 7 2015 | Kaylie Tiessen | Ontario's labour market is still treading water. This morning's July jobs numbers showed zero (yes, zero) new jobs in Ontario.
Education | Feminism | US Politics | Contraceptive controversy | Aug 7 2015 | Melinda Tuhus | Looking at the history of the struggle for reproductive rights in America.
Image: Flickr/Joseph Morris
Elections | A $15 federal minimum wage is an election issue. Here's why. | Aug 7 2015 | Pam Frache | Voters already know that the minimum wage is a federal election issue. It's time to let the candidates know this, too.
Photo: Charles Williams/flickr
Elections | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | The Conservatives won't deliver pharmacare. Is there a party that will? | Aug 7 2015 | Murray Dobbin | The Harper government is more at odds with Canadians over public health care than they are on any other issue. And pharmacare demonstrates this in spades.
Image: Flickr/miss_millions
Elections | Politics in Canada | Five myths about the tough-on-crime agenda | Aug 7 2015 | Paula Mallea | The Conservatives swear their crime policies have made Canadians safer. On the contrary: it's the one area we can safely say Canadians are less safe and paying too much for the privilege.
Image: Flickr/macwagen
Elections | Feminism | Feds need to address deadbeat dads who breach court orders | Aug 7 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | We need a federal government that will give the provincial bodies that collect child support payments access to the tax returns of deadbeat dads.