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Environment | Media Matters | The Oil Industry's advouflage | Jul 1 2014 | Scott Vrooman | Canadian advertising standards have lowered the bar to pipeline depth.
Environment | It's time to save the bees and ban neonic pesticides | Jul 1 2014 | David Suzuki | A comprehensive new study offers conclusive proof that neonicotinoid insecticides are killing pollinators, which will affect us all. So why are they still being approved?
Labour | Political Action | Honour workers who lost their lives building the World Cup stadium | Jul 1 2014 | Demand a memorial to workers be put up at the World Cup stadium.
Media Matters | Download the Best of rabble 2014 Edition on iTunes! | Jul 1 2014 | rabble staff | With hours of extra multimedia content, the Best of rabble 2014 comes to life on iTunes!
NDP | Video: NDP and the crisis of social democracy | Jul 1 2014 | Nadine MacKinnon Media | Founding rabble publisher Judy Rebick spoke on a panel The NDP and the crisis of social democracy.
Happy Canada Day, Canadians!
Politics in Canada | Happy Canada Day from the PM and the premier of Alberta, channeled by Perfesser Dave | Jul 1 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Both Steve and Dave would want you to have so much fun today that you don't even remember your own name or where you live when you wake up on Wednesday…
Episode 156 - Celebratory Activism
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Media Matters | Episode 156 -- Celebratory Activism | Jun 30 2014 | Victoria Fenner | In this podcast, we look at the role that art plays in activism.
Photo: flickr/The U.S. Army
Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | World | On the escalating Iraq Crisis | Jun 30 2014 | Waleed Ahmed | Iraq is witnessing similar events to the insurgency of 2003, but this time led by ISIS. The UN has warned that military strikes might be counterproductive. Can the U.S. curb its imperial puppeteering?
Civil Liberties Watch | G8-G20 | Occupy | Political Action | Join for a screening and discussion on the politics of policing dissent | Jun 30 2014 | rabble staff | is excited to be screening the open source collaborative documentary Preempting Dissent
Photo 2014 Tar Sands Healing Walk.  Source: Twitter @FrankWaln
Economy | Environment | Good News | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Imagine another future: Taking on the fossil fuel empire | Jun 30 2014 | Murray Dobbin | As the world struggles with how to deal with the slow motion apocalypse of global climate change it becomes more and more apparent that we are trapped in "the kind of thinking" that got us here.
Photo: flickr/Teacher In Classroom
Education | Labour | Education's cost-benefit equation doesn't add up | Jun 30 2014 | Ralph Surette | Education is in growing turmoil across Canada over both results and cost. How come education spending is ballooning while clientele is shrinking dramatically?
Photo: flickr/Rod Raglin
Environment | Politics in Canada | 'No More Pipelines' shouldn't be a pipe dream | Jun 30 2014 | Hilary Angus | As a society, we need to re-frame the debate over fossil fuels. The Northern Gateway pipeline approval was not a great day for Canada, and we need to make sure everyone knows that.
G8-G20 | Occupy | Political Action | G20 Four Years Later: Interview With Alex Hundert | Jun 30 2014 | Alex Hundert, Dan Kellar | We speak with former AW@L Radio host and long time activist Alex Hundert about what he is doing 4 years after the Toronto G20. Hint: same thing as before, but more...
Kyle Harrietha
Politics in Canada | Big byelection in Fort McMurray? Naw, as goes Macleod, so goes Alberta… | Jun 30 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | As goes Macleod, so goes Alberta. And if Stephen Harper sent an airfleet of F-35s to drop atomic bombs on Macleod, the survivors would crawl out of the rubble and vote Conservative.
F-35 fighter jet
Politics in Canada | F-35 fighters not what Canada needs | Jun 30 2014 | Geoff Stevens | Common sense says the government should develop policy about what Canada needs before it goes shopping for expensive -- $45 billion -- aircraft.