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Broader access to safe abortion soon available in Canada, if you can clear the hurdles | May 25 2016 | Kylie Kendall | The abortion drug Mifepristone will soon be available in Canada. However prohibitive restrictions from Health Canada may temper the drug's overall effectiveness and use.
Palestinians sweep Manara awards for gender equality initiatives in Middle East | May 24 2016 | Yusur Al Bahrahni | Despite the challenges that Palestinian participants face, Palestinian women all came together to break the barriers of discrimination against women and gender inequality.
Cover of The language of MA the primal mother: The evolution of the female image
'Demoting Venus': Archaeologists disagree about prehistoric female figurines | May 22 2016 | Mindy Ran | Was the Willendorf Venus pornography, portrait, or something else?
'Dietland' author Sarai Walker talks fat, fuckability and liberation | May 19 2016 | Meghan Murphy | In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Sarai Walker, author of a new feminist novel called "Dietland."
It's not a story here but back home it is | May 19 2016 | Gilad Cohen | Journalist Zahra Haider talks about her VICE article on having premarital sex in Pakistan.
UN women's commission a daunting and enlightening experience | May 18 2016 | Marney Cuff | Reporting on my experience at the UN CSW60 has proven to be a most daunting, yet enlightening, experience.
Mary Beth Rogers signs book for Linda Jann Lewis at Texas Democratic Women's Con
Texas women fight the Right | May 17 2016 | Frieda Werden | Women Democrats are strategizing against a Republican stranglehold on Texas. Producer Frieda Werden hears from women in multiple spheres of action.
New York Times' 'sex work' story plays far too loose with facts and human lives | May 13 2016 | Meghan Murphy | "The things she's said about decriminalization in New Zealand are absolute falsehood."
Image: PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
If Ottawa wants more women in politics, there's an easy solution | May 11 2016 | Jeanette Ashe, Marjorie Griffin Cohen | Canada has a terrible record with electing women to the House of Commons. This fairly simple tool ought to fix that immediately.
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Attack on Canada's only surgery clinic for trans people elicits 'zero reaction' | May 10 2016 | Laura Brightwell | Last Monday, an arsonist attacked Canada's only sex reassignment surgery provider, and no one is talking about it.
'Women should be at the centre': Summit proves worth of gender equality in politics worldwide | May 9 2016 | Yusur Al Bahrahni | In a country surrounded by tensions and conflicts, more than 400 women Members of Parliaments and governments from more than 80 countries found a safe space in Amman to meet, network and discuss their
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#BlackLivesMatter: Beyond Tent City part 1 | May 6 2016 | A. Splawinski | An interview with Janaya Khan, an organizer with BLMTO, about how they address criticism, how activism differs in Canada vs. the U.S. and how diverse tactics are necessary to achieve Black liberation.

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Rethinking sexual assault laws in Canada kropotkin1951 said... I am really tired of the debate in the other thread so I am opening a new thread that is not...
Ghomeshi lawyer says Tom Mulcair is shopping for votes by exploiting his case for political gain terrytowel said... After the Ghomeshi verdict NDP leader Tom Mulcair tweeted Today, and every day, #Ibelievesurvivors...
"A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness" wins best documentary short Oscar mark_alfred said... A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness wins best documentary short Oscar.  Quote:...
Bill C-237 Gender Equity Act mark_alfred said... ETA:  Error on my part.  The thread should be titled "Candidate Gender Equity Act". The...
Chatelaine Magazine Names Rachel Notley Woman of the Year! terrytowel said... There are actually 30 women who have been singled out by Chatelaine magazine as women of the year...
Husband of the Chief of Staff to PM Justin Trudeau Gives Up His Career To Support Hers terrytowel said... Katie Telford is only the second woman to be Chief of Staff to a Prime Minister in Canada (the...
NDP candidate said he is personally against same sex marriage and abortion takeitslowly said... “If I win, it will be easier. As a group, when we tell them, they definitely have to listen,”...
City o Vancouver Sex Work Guidelines...YAY!!! mark_alfred said... Good to hear. in
Struggle against "masculinistes" / "mens' rights" activists kropotkin1951 said... lagatta wrote: The terms Masculist and Masculinist have also been used in English, in part to...
Green Party promises to update 'anti-feminist,' inaccurate platform mark_alfred said... From the Metro article, Green Party promises to update 'anti-feminist,' inaccurate platform: Quote:...

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