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Should Dal's whistleblowing dental student be suspended or thanked? | Jan 28 2015 | Stephen Kimber | We have a complicated relationship with those who blow whistles on bad behaviour: think Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning… and, now, Dalhousie dental student Ryan Millet.
UVic anti-choice club defeated in B.C. Supreme Court ruling | Jan 27 2015 | Jessica Prupas | Youth Protecting Youth will no longer be able to carry out its abusive events on campus.
New York Magazine discusses how hard it is to be a white man, is boring. | Jan 27 2015 | Anne Theriault | Anne Theriault dismantles the Sad Progressive White Dude Manifesto.
A bold vision for Canada's future | Jan 22 2015 | Jessie Housty | Imagine Canada's future. What does it look like? In this excerpt, we read what Jessie Housty, an Indigenous community leader from the Heiltsuk First Nation, envisions for Canada.
After 44 years, The Sun drops Page Three | Jan 21 2015 | Meghan Murphy | The No More Page Three campaign has been lobbying the editor of The Sun, David Dinsmore, to remove images of topless models from "Page Three" since 2012.
Lynn Gehl: Centring Indigenous knowledge | Jan 21 2015 | Scott Neigh | Lynn Gehl talks about her journey of struggle as an Algonquin Anishnabe woman, and the importance of centring Indigenous knowledge.
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Service restored: New abortion clinic opens in Fredericton | Jan 20 2015 | Tracy Glynn | Abortion services are returning to Fredericton with the opening of Clinic 554, which will provide the province with a range of health care services, especially for underserved communities.
WINGS #39-14: Feminist Lens Chicago | Jan 20 2015 | Frieda Werden | This feminist viewpoint program based on a live on-stage event discusses the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that religious rights of corporations trump reproductive rights of women.
GroundWire | January 19, 2015: Charlie Hebdo, punk accessibility, Dalhousie dentistry | Jan 19 2015 | GroundWire | This week's episode of Groundwire covers Charlie Hebdo, accessibility in the Ottawa punk scene, and the Dalhousie dentistry scandal.
All-women’s college, Mount Holyoke, deems vaginas ‘exclusionary’ | Jan 16 2015 | Meghan Murphy | A women's college has decided to retire its production of The Vagina Monologues because it excludes people who don't have vaginas.
UOttawa lawsuit reminds us who pays the price of sexual violence | Jan 15 2015 | Lucia Lorenzi | News of a lawsuit against the University of Ottawa brings up an important question: what is the cost of sexual violence in our communities, and who is entitled to compensation?

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Kathleen Wynne looking for a new human rights watchdog. Should Olivia Chow apply? terrytowel said... btw I just send Kathleen Wynne a tweet urging her to consider Olivia, and posted the same on Olivia...
Former NDP Staffer assaulted by candidate Pondering said... Ratelle has heard her alleged aggressor is seeking to become an NDP candidate in the 2015 federal...
Liberals investigation: Allegations of harassment of MPs on Parliament Hill NorthReport said... Sorry for the typo (ie allegations) above - would the mods please correct it and thank you in
CBC cuts Jian Ghomeshi loose NorthReport said... CBC cuts ties with Jian Ghomeshi after receiving “information” about Q hostPublic broadcaster has...
MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend 6079_Smith_W said... Also disgusting that his lawyer played the "wouldn't do well in prison" card that is always used...
The oppression of women in Canada lagatta said... Hi Pondering, what happened to your post? in
Former CCF leader & feminist Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award Renamed PM Award alan smithee said... Megalomaniac? Check. Empororer? Check. Asshole? Huge gaping one. in
Peter MacKay says women's bond with children prevents their becoming judges fortunate said... Well, is anyone surprised?    in
Liberation feminism Pondering said... Quote:“Feminists’ arguments have never historically stood only on their own,” she said. “They’ve...

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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
Gender Matters: A virtual discussion on violence against women
The YWCA is partnering with the National Film Board of Canada to host a one-hour panel discussion on this and the current state of gender equality in North America.

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