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How to really help Manitoba families: Build a universal child-care system | Jan 5 2017 | Susan Prentice | Manitoba's child-care system is staggering to meet the needs of parents and children, and recent signs give little confidence the new provincial government will respond effectively.
Engaging men in the fight against sexual violence | Jan 4 2017 | Scott Neigh | Danielle Aubry and Joe McGuire talk about getting men active in working against sexual violence.
Dr. Dawn Memee Lavelle-Harvard.  Photo via queensu.ca
Native women's multi-generational struggles in Canada | Jan 4 2017 | Frieda Werden | A talk by Dr. Dawn Memee Lavelle-Harvard, past president of the Native Women's Association of Canada.
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The terror at home that Canada will not name | Dec 21 2016 | Matthew Behrens | Despite the daily barrage of patriarchal terrorism in our own neighbourhoods, the self-styled feminist government of Justin Trudeau acts in a manner inconsistent with the extent of the crisis.
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Revolutionary program empowers girls with media literacy and activism skills | Dec 20 2016 | Tania Ehret | #HerDigitalVisions is an afterschool program that works with self-identified girls, building media literacy skills in order to better establish power in an online world.
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My gift this holiday season? Advice on how to save a woman's life in 2017 | Dec 18 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | The majority of femicides are preventable. It's a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. So, my gift to you this holiday season is the ability to save a woman's life in 2017.
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The hormone replacement scam | Dec 13 2016 | Stacy Pettigrew | Two American women's health experts have another perspective on the claims that big pharma makes about hormone replacement therapy.
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When will we address Canada's sexual assault problem? | Dec 6 2016 | Kate McInturff | Every December 6, we remember the women who lost their lives in the brutal and targeted attack at École Polytechnique. Have we learned from the past?
Erin Wunker's debut book a powerful account of feminism in 2016 | Dec 6 2016 | Christina Turner | "Notes from a Feminist Killjoy" is an answer to what is needed now -- a self-consciously contingent rejoinder to the question of "who needs feminism?"
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While mourning École Polytechnique we must remember Canada's largest, ongoing femicide | Dec 6 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | Aboriginal women and girls have been victims of large-scale femicide for the past 150 years.
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New campus sex assault policies show Canadian universities still aren't listening to survivors | Dec 6 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Student activists and survivors of sexual violence have led the fight for policy development on Canadian campuses for decades. They've won important victories, but the fight continues.
The fight against gender-based violence must include women and girls with disabilities too | Nov 30 2016 | Bonnie Brayton | There are still no resources to speak of for girls with disabilities facing violence, even though they experience violence at higher rates and more frequently than any other group.

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Liberal MNA Gerry Sklavounos alleged to have sexually assaulted young woman in Québec City lagatta said... Sorry for the self-reply, but here is another report, in French, about alleged inappropriate...
Hooters set to open in downtown Mtl - fight misogyny! bagkitty said... I was wondering where in downtown Montreal... then I followed the link - Crescent Street, all is...
Rethinking sexual assault laws in Canada kropotkin1951 said... I am really tired of the debate in the other thread so I am opening a new thread that is not...
Ghomeshi lawyer says Tom Mulcair is shopping for votes by exploiting his case for political gain terrytowel said... After the Ghomeshi verdict NDP leader Tom Mulcair tweeted Today, and every day, #Ibelievesurvivors...
"A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness" wins best documentary short Oscar mark_alfred said... A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness wins best documentary short Oscar.  Quote:...
Bill C-237 Gender Equity Act mark_alfred said... ETA:  Error on my part.  The thread should be titled "Candidate Gender Equity Act". The...
Chatelaine Magazine Names Rachel Notley Woman of the Year! terrytowel said... There are actually 30 women who have been singled out by Chatelaine magazine as women of the year...
Husband of the Chief of Staff to PM Justin Trudeau Gives Up His Career To Support Hers terrytowel said... Katie Telford is only the second woman to be Chief of Staff to a Prime Minister in Canada (the...
NDP candidate said he is personally against same sex marriage and abortion takeitslowly said... “If I win, it will be easier. As a group, when we tell them, they definitely have to listen,”...
City o Vancouver Sex Work Guidelines...YAY!!! mark_alfred said... Good to hear. in

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