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Empowering women: we can do it! | Mar 24 2014 | Yusur Al Bahrani | It was my second time attending UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). For the second time, I was one of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) delegates. However, this time was different. I w
Angela Lytle on the 'comfort women' of Japan | Mar 23 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with Angela Lytle about the women who were forced into sexual slavery in Japan during World War II.
Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement
#ItEndsHere: Refuse to live quietly! | Mar 21 2014 | Jana-Rae Yerxa | Jana-Rae Yerxa states that in honour of Indigenous women lost to violence, she will continue to use her voice, not be shamed into silence and refuse to live quietly.
Femininity is no joke: On the #nomakeupselfie and #‎manupandmakeup‬ | Mar 21 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Two cancer awareness campaigns in the UK make use of selfies in what turns out to be a decidedly nonradical way
Photo: flickr/PJ Starr
To help or to hinder? Sex work legislation and HIV prevention | Mar 21 2014 | Julia Smith | The Canadian government has one year to draft new sex work legislation and must consider the risk of HIV infection in this decision. Which model for sex worker legislation is best for preventing HIV?
Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement
#ItEndsHere: We live in the spirit of our ancestors | Mar 20 2014 | Tasha Beeds | Tasha Beeds' devastatingly beautiful piece on the history of violence against Indigenous people and the colonization of Indigenous territories.
In prostitution, 'race, class and sex intersect in the worst of ways to subjugate Native women' | Mar 20 2014 | Meghan Murphy | A short documentary which aired on CTV last month looks at Indigenous women and prostitution in Canada.
Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement
Outrage to radical love: Will you stand with #ItEndsHere? | Mar 19 2014 | Siku Allooloo | Siku Allooloo passionately states that it is time to step up, take a stand together and create a line to put an end to gender violence and stop violence against Indigenous women.
Photo: flickr/shioshvili
Is multiculturalism bad for women in Canada? | Mar 18 2014 | Azeezah Kanji | Controversial author Irshad Manji claims multiculturalism is a policy that prevents interrogation of misogynistic cultural practices, endangering women's lives and well-being. Do you agree?
Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement
#ItEndsHere: Rebelling against colonial gender violence | Mar 18 2014 | Leanne Simpson | In the wake of Loretta Saunders' death, Leanne Simpson discusses gender violence as a core resurgence project, a core decolonization project, a core of any Indigenous mobilization.
Graphic: Indigenous Nationhood Movement
Loretta Saunders, I am accountable to you | Mar 17 2014 | Sarah Hunt | Sarah Hunt's impassioned discussion about Loretta Saunders, violence against Indigenous women and the limitations of Canadian law urges us to be accountable to these women and demand real change.

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Guard under Investigation for Sexual Assault Returns to Work at Grand Valley Women's Prison | Catchfire said... This is an astonishing and completely disgusting story. Thanks for your take, ajt. And welcome to...
Barber refuses haircut to woman on religious grounds | Mr.Tea said... I'd be curious to hear what other people think of this. Personally, I'm with the barber. http://www...
James Bond is a sexist, misogynist dinosaur | 6079_Smith_W said... And then there's this: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/why-do-bond-villains-need-fa......
Women's bodies are public property | Bacchus said... This has expanded far beyond the capability of most parents to even know it happens (until its too...
Moms who don't want their kids | lagatta said... Catchfire, I was so thrilled and relieved to read this. Firstly, because I have never wanted to be...
Men's Rights Movement (sic) | dacckon said... While there is discrimination against males in society, these men's right groups seem like a bunch...
Paul Ryan is bad for women | Caissa said... He is a subset of the truism: Republicans are bad for women." The more light shone on his anti-...
Rape Culture | Caissa said... thread drift/Typo in the title/end thread drift in
Straw Feminists | Rebecca West said... I really get annoyed when feminism is presented as a violently anti-male monolithic culture. ...
In Sweden, Apparently it's not Rape if it happens to a Trans Woman | kropotkin1951 said... It seems that the Swedish have not learned that rape laws are a bad way to deal with sexual assault...

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Wear red on Equal Pay Day, April 16
The Ontario gender pay gap has now increased to 31% which is one of the biggest reported gaps in the world. To close the gap and bring women out of the "red" and into the "black" we ask you wear red.

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