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Counting dead women and the Femicide Census | Mar 23 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with Karen Ingala Smith about her work tracking and profiling women killed by men.
If men want women to have better body image, maybe they should stop focusing so much on our bodies | Mar 20 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Dr. Aric Sigman believes that if boys tell girls they like curvier bodies, girls won't have so many body issues. We're not buying it.
The shitty things we do to each other in activist communities | Mar 19 2015 | Laura Brightwell | How call-out culture verges on the abusive and the language we use around conflict enables us to push out members of our communities at will.
Image: Pivot
Chris Hedges should speak with sex workers, not for them | Mar 19 2015 | Brenda Belak | Chris Hedges recently visited Vancouver's Downtown Eastside but instead of listening to sex workers, he used them as props to support his belief that sex work is part of the capitalist machine.
Radical Brownies of East Oakland | Mar 19 2015 | Redeye Collective | The Radical Brownies are a troop of 8- to 12-year-old girls in the Bay Area who earn badges for units like radical beauty and environmental justice. Anayvette Martinez is one of the founders.
International Women's Day: Oppression and resistance | Mar 19 2015 | The F Word | Sarah Jo and Carissa Roponnen honour International Women's Day by airing clips from Dr. Sunera Thobani and Dr. Vikki Reynolds about women's oppression and resistance.
Campaign to end tampon tax takes aim at economic discrimination | Mar 18 2015 | Jill Piebiak, Kathleen Fraser | Menstruation products are subject to GST even though they are essential for many Canadians. This underlines the fact that many Canadians who menstruate already face systemic economic disadvantages.
Global ambassadors for peace | Mar 18 2015 | Yusur Al-Bahrani | While women share their struggles everywhere, each struggle is unique. Whether in Canada or Congo, women peace-builders are striving for a change that will make world a better place to be.
A Dangerous Disconnect: Multiple court proceedings and intimate partner violence | Mar 18 2015 | The F Word | A lecture given by former B.C. Supreme Court justice Donna Martinson at the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies at UBC on domestic violence in the justice system.
Hollaback! | Mar 16 2015 | CJSF-FM's Intravenus Collective | Women all over the world are sick of street harassment and they are hollering back online as well as organizing local chapters of Hollaback!
Photo: Kamyar Adl/flickr
Once again the bodies of Muslim women are used to justify wars | Mar 13 2015 | Monia Mazigh | Harper is decrying the "poor status" of Muslim women abroad while disregarding calls for women's rights at home. These political tactics have a long history of justifying colonization and imperialism.
Image: JonoWinnel
Terry Pratchett's Anathema Device is feminist, fearless and just perfect | Mar 13 2015 | Anne Theriault | Anathema, at age eight, is described as being "a bright child, with a pale face, and black eyes and hair." By 19, she is a witch and she has her PhD. I literally defy you to create a better character.

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