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Statement on review of Meghan Murphy petitions | May 14 2015 | rabble.ca | Follow up to rabble's earlier statement on the complaints against Meghan Murphy and calls for the site to fire her.
Disagree with Meghan Murphy? Call her out, don't call for her head. | May 14 2015 | Antonia Zerbisias | As feminists, we might disagree, but to stay in the game we need to use progressive spaces to speak out about our rights and our lives, not shout to silence the folks who disagree.
Photo: flickr/ Don Voaklander
Women of The War Room: The Alberta NDP | May 13 2015 | Sally Houser | Lots has been said about Rachel Notley's NDP victory in Alberta. What is important to note right away is that the central campaign staff were also made up of well over half women.
'She's Beautiful When She's Angry': Birth of the Women's Liberation Movement | May 13 2015 | The F Word | Carissa Ropponen interviews Mary Dore about "She's Beautiful When She's Angry," a documentary that tells the story of the birth of the Women's Liberation Movement in the 1960s.
Histories of women in the labour movement | May 13 2015 | Scott Neigh | Joey Hartman, a labour activist and a proponent of movement-based grassroots history, talks about the history of women in the labour movement.
Reyna Tejada with Mark Hancock (CUPE BC President) at the CUPE BC convention in
Conditions in Canadian-owned factories the worst in Honduras | May 13 2015 | Julia Smith | Conditions in Canadian-owned factories are among the worst in Honduras. CODEMUH, along with Canadian unions, is advocating for workers' rights and to strengthen occupational health and safety laws.
UK: NIA demonstrations for justice for women's self-defense
Male privilege to kill | May 11 2015 | Frieda Werden | Three interviews explore how societies react to men who kill women and women who kill men.
The rights of Asian and migrant sex workers | May 8 2015 | The F Word | Pragya Sharma interviews Elene Lam, founder of the organization Butterfly, which provides support to, and advocates for, the rights of Asian and migrant sex workers.
Vote YES for women in Metro Vancouver’s Transit Referendum | May 7 2015 | Kaity Cooper | With only three weeks left to vote in the Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation Referendum few have cast their ballots. Here is my take on the Referendum, from a feminist perspective.
What do moms really need? | May 7 2015 | Maya Bhullar | Affordable and quality child care, equal pay, a debate on women's issues...
Statement on the change.org petitions regarding Meghan Murphy | May 5 2015 | rabble.ca | A petition was published last week demanding that rabble dissociate from writer Meghan Murphy, following the publication of a piece on her Feminist Current website. A response from rabble.ca.
Photo: flickr/ Jamie McCaffrey
P.E.I. election breaking new ground with a third party and abortion in the picture | May 4 2015 | Tracy Glynn | The P.E.I. election has been difficult to predict especially considering the current scandals involving the Liberals. What else is up for debate? Abortion access, online gambling and food security.

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National Union of Public and General Employees
National action plan to address violence against women voted down in Parliament
A motion to create a national plan to address the rising problem of violence against women was introduced in the House of Commons on May 28 by NDP member of Parliament Niki Ashton.

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