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The divide isn't between 'sex negative' and 'sex positive' feminists -- it's between liberal and radical feminism | Apr 11 2014 | Meghan Murphy | If you're talking about 'sex negative feminism,' you're not getting it.
Photo: Trevor Coultart/flickr
Why the job market still looks pink and blue | Apr 10 2014 | Kate McInturff | Over the past 20 years more women have gone to university and more women have entered the paid workforce. So why does the job market still look pink and blue?
Video: Law Union of Ontario 'A Sex Worker Perspective' | Apr 9 2014 | rabble staff | The Law Union of Ontario held a panel discussion "A Sex Worker Perspective" to discuss the future of sex work legislation in Canada.
From he-cession to precarious she-covery: How systemic problems keep women's wages low | Apr 9 2014 | Angella MacEwen | On #EqualPayDay2014, we need to recognize the gross unfairness of women's wages and call for pay equity legislation and living wages to address increasing inequality.
Waterloo activist fights rape culture with consent-positive panties | Apr 8 2014 | Steffanie Pinch | With problematic messages commonly found on women's underwear, a new campaign is offering a consent-based alternative.
Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow Part 2 | Apr 7 2014 | The F Word | WARNING: This show contains swearing and sexual content. The F Word airs performances from the queer feminist spoken word and performance art collective Sister Spit's Ramblin Roadshow.
Femen in Ukraine/Image: Wikimedia Commons
Feminism is the new misogyny: On 'Belle Knox feminism' and the new backlash | Apr 7 2014 | Meghan Murphy | It seems popular to paint feminists as the real oppressors of women -- even among some feminists -- but it's all part of the backlash. Don't fall for it.
Killjoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House | Apr 6 2014 | The F Word | Ellie Gordon-Moershel's story on Toronto's Killjoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House. Explicit content.
Surviving sexual assault: Part 1 | Apr 6 2014 | The F Word | Nicole Deagan interviews Wendy Potter, the Education and Outreach Co-ordinator with the Sexual Assault Service, a B.C. Women's Hospital-based program.
Being working class | Apr 6 2014 | The F Word | Carissa Ropponen speaks with Jenna MacKay about being working class, coming into a class consciousness, and struggles accessing university as working-class women.
Patriarchal values dominate the sex work debate | Apr 4 2014 | Joyce Arthur | The question should be: how best can we ensure the safety and rights of sex workers? But the battle has become about how best to control sex work under the guise of "protecting" sex workers.
Youth Activist Toolkit | Apr 3 2014 | A toolkit for young people advocating for sexual education and reproductive health choices/resources

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Why men need to read Hegel before going out on a date | lagatta said... Well, having read Hegel sounds like criteria I might insist on, but little as I like marriage and...

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Ontario Public Service Employees Union
Wear red on Equal Pay Day, April 16
The Ontario gender pay gap has now increased to 31% which is one of the biggest reported gaps in the world. To close the gap and bring women out of the "red" and into the "black" we ask you wear red.

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