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McGill's handling of sexual assault a bureaucratic nightmare | May 6 2016 | Paniz Khosroshahy | A brave McGill student has recounted the countless ways she was re-victimized by a heartless university bureaucracy and the nuts and bolts of rape culture.
Voices-Voix is launching actions to rebuild after Harper | May 5 2016 | Join the thunderclap on May 14 to make the government take action!
This Mother's Day make the time to see 'The Apology' -- and yes, take your mother | May 5 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | 'The Apology' showcases the strength, love, beauty, power, resilience and quiet determination of women who survived a living hell on earth and triumphed despite being blamed.
The revolution will be led by women with wooden legs | May 5 2016 | Clarissa Fortin | In Ramprend, women come of age and lose one leg to a saw. Why? Delve into Huey Helene Alcaro's dystopian world of religious fervor and gender roles run amok.
#WeBelieveSurvivors: Challenging rape culture after the Ghomeshi case | May 4 2016 | Scott Neigh | Erin Crickett talks about supporting survivors of sexual violence and challenging rape culture, beyond legal system reform.
Michelle Rempel is a feminist. The mainstream media? Not so much. | May 3 2016 | Nora Loreto | What is lost in our discourse when the mainstream press marginalizes progressive and critical voices?
#OccupyINAC Vancouver declares victory after ministers agree to meeting | Apr 29 2016 | Lenée Son | The Council of Mothers and its supporters have ended their occupation of INAC Vancouver after Carolyn Bennett and Mélanie Joly agreed to meet with the group and discuss their demands.
Their bodies, themselves: Provocative new doc showcases real beauty of yesteryear's burlesque legends | Apr 28 2016 | Aalya Ahmad | 'League of Exotique Dancers' follows women who, decades ago, worked as burlesque dancers, and takes the taboo step of depicting aging women as sensual beings.
B.C. publisher Dagger Editions makes queer women writers a priority | Apr 28 2016 | Clarissa Fortin | Dagger Editions is a new imprint of Caitlin Press which publishes stories by and about queer women. Enjoy this Q&A with publisher Vici Johnstone.
Doctors still won't let women choose sterilization as a permanent birth control method | Apr 27 2016 | Meghan Murphy | Brie Ripley and Jocelyn Macdonald explore the challenges women face accessing tubal ligation.
Asra Nomani outside her childhood mosque, where sex segregation was imposed when
Saving Islam for women | Apr 24 2016 | Melinda Tuhus | An American Muslim feminist's campaign to reclaim women's place.
Photo: Morgan/flickr
This Equal Pay Day, let's mobilize for change | Apr 19 2016 | Angella MacEwen | This will be the third year that the Ontario provincial government officially recognizes Equal Pay Day, but this year there is cause to be hopeful that change is in the works.

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How to deal with a macho comrade Misfit said... Lagatta, I am very sorry you had to experience this harrassment and abuse. What he did to you was...
The client dichotomy. Struggling said... Actually, this leads me to a few more questions: how should a self-described "hobbyist's" support...
Conservatives vote against ending violence against women mark_alfred said... Conservatives voted down M-444, A National Action Plan to End Violence against Women. The bill’s...
Québec Bread and Roses march - 20 years already! lagatta said... I guess if I were talking about Slutwalk or Girl Power it would be important. Fighting poverty and...
"Ni una menos" acting against femicide in Argentina quizzical said... something like this has to happen here. i'm so sick of hearing the news and hearing another woman...
The late Pam Barrett would have been so PROUD today terrytowel said... It's kind of sad that the late Pam Barrett is not around to see this historic win. Nicknamed "...
Femen - Is a topless protest an effective form of dissent? terrytowel said... Femen is an international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the...

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