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The 'Pink Viagra' myth | Jun 15 2015 | Frieda Werden | Should the women's movement buy into sex drugs? Dr. Leonore Tiefer speaks at a conference on the medicalization of sex.
Photo: flickr/K. Kendall
Who's unionized? Demographic shift shows changes in the job market | Jun 12 2015 | Ella Bedard | In the age of globalization, with a shrinking manufacturing industry, teachers, nurses and civil servants are the new faces of labour.
The no platforming of radical feminists: A talk by Julie Bindel | Jun 11 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Julie Bindel spoke at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield, South Yorkshire recently, about the way that feminists are increasingly being silenced.
Choice Feminism on The Talk | Jun 11 2015 | Meghan Murphy | A Las Vegas strip club is recruiting high school graduates. Aisha Tyler, host of The Talk, says it their right to "choose?"
'Hot Girls Wanted'... For a month or two | Jun 4 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Rashida Jones' new documentary, "Hot Girls Wanted," explores the chew 'em up and spit 'em out world of amateur porn.
Amber Dawn connects luxury and logic between body and soul | Jun 4 2015 | Tiana Reid | Amber Dawn's first book of poems 'Where the Words End and My Body Begins' is infused with literary technique, emotional logic and luxurious desire.
If you want to have an opinion, forget likability | Jun 3 2015 | Meghan Murphy | In a speech, acclaimed Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said women should "forget likability."
Book: 'The Sweet Sixteen' | Jun 3 2015 | Redeye Collective | Linda Kay thought she was a pioneer as the first woman to write sports for the Chicago Tribune. Then she discovered that a woman was writing sports for the Globe and Mail in the 1930s.
Photo: flickr/David Crane
Uniform discrimination: City of Toronto lifeguards demand equality in work gear | Jun 2 2015 | Ella Bedard | Petition says a City of Toronto policy provides a two-piece uniform adequate for male lifeguards only: women and trans people are getting short shrift.
Image: Flickr/Niki Ashton
To the Conservatives who voted down a national plan to end violence against women | May 31 2015 | Lucia Lorenzi | The Conservatives' refusal to pass a bill regarding violence against women is a symptom of a system that continues to fail survivors.
Image: pixabay/kheinz46
When talking about women's underwear, why the hell would we include men? | May 29 2015 | Raluca Bejan | Apparently women's lingerie is still the path to feminist liberation. Only this time thongs are out and full-bottomed underwear is in.
Austerity agenda is detrimental towards women | May 29 2015 | Ali Hamandi | The Harper government's deep spending cuts have left women facing a harsh triad of impacts: declines in labour force, persisting pay gap and weakened public services.

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End federal tax on tampons/pads, says NDP MP Irene Mathyssen mark_alfred said... Good initiative by the NDP.  NDP MP Irene Mathyssen has tabled C-282 An Act to amend the...
Kathleen Wynne looking for a new human rights watchdog. Should Olivia Chow apply? terrytowel said... btw I just send Kathleen Wynne a tweet urging her to consider Olivia, and posted the same on Olivia...
Former NDP Staffer assaulted by candidate Pondering said... Ratelle has heard her alleged aggressor is seeking to become an NDP candidate in the 2015 federal...
Liberals investigation: Allegations of harassment of MPs on Parliament Hill NorthReport said... Sorry for the typo (ie allegations) above - would the mods please correct it and thank you in
CBC cuts Jian Ghomeshi loose NorthReport said... CBC cuts ties with Jian Ghomeshi after receiving “information” about Q hostPublic broadcaster has...
MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend 6079_Smith_W said... Also disgusting that his lawyer played the "wouldn't do well in prison" card that is always used...
The oppression of women in Canada lagatta said... Hi Pondering, what happened to your post? in
Former CCF leader & feminist Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award Renamed PM Award alan smithee said... Megalomaniac? Check. Empororer? Check. Asshole? Huge gaping one. in
Peter MacKay says women's bond with children prevents their becoming judges fortunate said... Well, is anyone surprised?    in

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National Union of Public and General Employees
National action plan to address violence against women voted down in Parliament
A motion to create a national plan to address the rising problem of violence against women was introduced in the House of Commons on May 28 by NDP member of Parliament Niki Ashton.

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