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Mixed-race/hybrid-identity and organizing | Feb 23 2015 | The F Word | Adrienne and guests discuss how critical understandings of race are significant to developing a feminist politics and praxis.
Feminism and the Media in 2014 | Feb 23 2015 | The F Word | From Ghomeshi to Gamergate, a panel conversation about Feminism and the Media in 2014, recorded live at BARtalk as part of the University of British Columbia's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
Marchers during Feb 14 Strawberry Ceremony
On this World Day of Social Justice, call for 'No More Silence' | Feb 20 2015 | Audrey Huntley | Today is the World Day of Social Justice. You likely didn't know that. For me, every day is this one. Every day I invite Canadians to see how the settler colonial project impacts Indigenous peoples.
Image: Flickr/Mexindian
The gender divide is the real 'Two Solitudes' of Canadian politics | Feb 18 2015 | Larry Haiven | There's a breathtaking difference in political and social attitudes between Canadian men and Canadian women. So much so that perhaps it's time women think seriously about separation.
'Because it is not African': Conversations about gender identity with Africans | Feb 17 2015 | Sharon O Nyangweso | Sharon O Nyangweso reflects on her identity as an African feminist and what it means in terms of the fluid history of her ancestors.
GroundWire | February 17, 2015: #ShutDownCanada, Women's Memorial March | Feb 17 2015 | GroundWire | On this week's GroundWire: responses to Winnipeg's status as most racist city, Audrey Siegl physically attacked by police at #ShutDownCanada Vancouver, Women's Memorial March.
Biological clock cartoon
On being 32, queer and not pregnant | Feb 16 2015 | Laura Brightwell | Why being a grown-up is hard, being a grown-up queer woman is harder, and my feelings on discovering my brother is pregnant.
The mother of motherhood studies | Feb 15 2015 | Frieda Werden | In the early 21st century, Dr. Andrea O'Reilly began writing, editing, publishing, and organizing around the study of mothering and brought it forward as a new academic discipline.
A roundtable on gendered colonial violence: Part two | Feb 13 2015 | Harsha Walia | Harsha Walia hosted a roundtable with four Indigenous women leaders who have been taking action against colonial gendered violence for decades. Here is the second part of that conversation.
Law and Order SVU's GamerGate-inspired episode: Are real-life victims fair game? | Feb 12 2015 | Lucia Lorenzi | When it comes to stories "ripped from the headlines," do crime shows go too far in exploiting the stories of real-life victims?
Photo: yaokcool/flickr
'This system hasn't killed me yet': A roundtable on gendered colonial violence | Feb 11 2015 | Harsha Walia | In advance of this year's 25th Women's Memorial March, Harsha Walia hosted a roundtable with four Indigenous women leaders who have been taking action against colonial gendered violence for decades.
'Male allies': Still a problem | Feb 11 2015 | Meghan Murphy | If men working to end violence against women aren't accountable to the feminist movement, who are they accountable to?

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Helen Kennedy joins Liberal party Unionist said... Of course she's a turncoat. A traitor. What's so hard to understand? Next baiting thread, please. in
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Gone Home - A story exploration video game Catchfire said... And finally, you will need to believe in these possibilities. That maybe you aren’t human....

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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
Gender Matters: A virtual discussion on violence against women
The YWCA is partnering with the National Film Board of Canada to host a one-hour panel discussion on this and the current state of gender equality in North America.

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