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Thirty years since the Charter's equality provisions and LEAF's founding, where is equality now? | Apr 17 2015 | Elizabeth Shilton | The Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) began working toward equality 30 years ago today. Time to look at what's been done and what still needs doing.
The Perfect Victim | Apr 17 2015 | Meghan Murphy | A new documentary follows the cases of four women, given extremely severe sentences for killing their abusive husbands.
"Do Muslim women need saving?" book jacket
Do Muslim women need saving? | Apr 16 2015 | Monia Mazigh | This is the question author Lila Abu-Lughod poses in her book exploring the lives of Muslim women. The answer isn't as obvious as some would like us to believe.
#BeenRapedNeverReported | Apr 16 2015 | Victoria Fenner | A talk at Carleton University by Sue Montgomery on Thurs. February 26, 2015
Reclaiming our justice system and media: Lessons from Cindy Gladue | Apr 16 2015 | Taylor S.J. | We are not entitled to know the explicit details of Cindy Gladue's passing. What we ought to find out is how the justice system could further dehumanize the sacred life of an Indigenous woman.
Madonna’s ‘sexuality’ should be more advanced than a 20-year-old’s | Apr 15 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Madonna's Drake kiss had nothing to do with "sexuality" and everything to do with performance.
Edmonton-based blog calls out sexism in food service industry | Apr 13 2015 | Redeye Collective | Wear a shorter skirt. Dye your hair. Flirt with the regulars. Women who work in bars and restaurants have heard it all. Now they're telling their stories on a new blog about sexism in the industry.
'A change is gonna come': Selma offers hope for world without violence | Apr 12 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | It's time to not only continue, but to redouble our efforts to make the oppression of women as repulsive and socially unacceptable as the oppression of African Americans.
Watch: Canada remove the GST on menstruation products. Now! | Apr 10 2015 | Canadian Menstruators | Did you know that households across Canada are paying GST on menstrual hygiene products?
Tell your story: Women of Colour in Grad Schools in North America | Apr 9 2015 | We Are Deliberate is building an anthology of university experiences
Watch: Support #NoTaxOnTampons campaign | Apr 9 2015 | Operation Maple | The tax on menstruation products is discriminatory. Period. Sign the petition now!
The problem is the media, not false rape accusations | Apr 9 2015 | Meghan Murphy | When journalists are pressured to 'find a good story,' you end up with coverage that decontextualizes issues like sexual assault.

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Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing girlfriend 6079_Smith_W said... Also disgusting that his lawyer played the "wouldn't do well in prison" card that is always used...
The oppression of women in Canada lagatta said... Hi Pondering, what happened to your post? in
Former CCF leader & feminist Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award Renamed PM Award alan smithee said... Megalomaniac? Check. Empororer? Check. Asshole? Huge gaping one. in
Peter MacKay says women's bond with children prevents their becoming judges fortunate said... Well, is anyone surprised?    in
Liberation feminism Pondering said... Quote:“Feminists’ arguments have never historically stood only on their own,” she said. “They’ve...
#NotAllMen and derailing feminist conversations Pondering said... I was led to this a topic through an article relating to notallmen, but it also pertained to other...
Nordic Model - Claimed successes and Documented Effects susan davis said... no comments? about the swedish governments admited failures...? surprise suprise......just because...
Rape and conjugal violence jokes from (my neighbourhood) Montréal bar Otavano said... lagatta wrote: This place is in my neighbourhood - right next to Nutranimo pet food shop and across...
The "Nordic Model" of prostitution law is a myth.... susan davis said... because this article meant nothing...these people are wrong...right abolitionist faithful? all the...
Hi from an american with a question bagkitty said... Welcome squeezeplay. strangely enough I think the first place you might want to look is the...

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