May 12, 2010

The unfairness of Bill 94 unveiled

Dana Olwan
The story of Naema Ahmed's expulsion from a French-language class in Quebec over her refusal to remove her niqab has stirred a political and media frenzy.
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Gen Y's biological clock talk taboo

The luxury (and make no mistake, it is born of privilege) of a quarter-life crisis or simply a period in one's twenties where you're unsure of how you will earn a living for the next 30 or 40 years is not equally afforded to women of child-bearing years and child-bearing inclination. While advances in birth control have given us unprecedented control over our reproductive lives, we still haven't come to the point were we can outsmart mother nature on a mass scale. Women have only a finite period in which to get pregnant and give birth to children without (barring existing fertility issues) medical intervention and these years typically coincide with the time during which we're attempting to launch and establish our careers. This is reality, people.

May 9, 2010

How alternative media builds social movements

Michelle Langlois
A Mother's Day reflection about the way alternative media, rabble in particular, not only reports on social movements but helps to build them as well.
May 5, 2010

So when does an issue become feminist?

There have been several excellent feminist responses to the situation in Arizona by way of intersecting the impacts to women and children, sexuality and even religion.


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